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Adobe Digital Insights -- Connected Car 2019


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As we becomes ever more connected to the digital world, the cars we drive are no exception. With the rise in demand for hybrid/electric cars, consumers are looking for more ways to elevate their driving experiences (ie. voice assistants, WiFi capabilities, self-driving)

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Adobe Digital Insights -- Connected Car 2019

  2. 2. Connected Cars: Key Findings CONNECTED CAR | Oct 2019 • Interest in Connected Car Features is rising and traffic to Connected Car pages is making up a larger share of visits to car manufacturer sites • Drivers that have Voice control or Voice Assistant support are making strong use of the technology; half of all drivers are wanting more connected car features and support, so they can be less reliant on smartphones • Voice Assistants and self-driving features like park/lane assist are emerging as key buying factors, when making car purchases • A Third of Gas Powered Car drivers are considering an Electric or Hybrid Car, as their next car purchase • The majority of drivers have concerns about self-driving cars, due in part to news about public malfunctions, in recent years; electric/hybrid car drivers are much more supportive of self-driving cars
  3. 3. Interest for Connected Car Info is on the Rise • Visits to pages containing connected car information have increased 35% since January 2019 while non- connected car pages have only seen a 5% growth in the same time period. • Additionally, connected car pages are now contributing 12% more to overall car website traffic than in January 2019. CONNECTED CAR | Oct 2019
  4. 4. State Interest in Connected Car Features • When controlling for population, drivers in certain states with stricter distracted driving laws are showing more interested in connected car features and support. CONNECTED CAR | Oct 2019
  5. 5. Car Voice Assistants Boast Strong Utilization • 1 in 4 drivers say that the car they drive has some type of built-in voice control functionality. • 39% claim to use their car voice assistant daily. • 1 in 3 drivers say a built-in voice assistant is a factor in their car buying decision. CONNECTED CAR | Oct 2019
  6. 6. Gas vs. Electric/Hybrid Car Owners CONNECTED CAR | Oct 2019 • Electric car owners are 50% more likely to use the built-in voice assistant in their car daily, than Gas Powered car drivers • 1 in 3 Gas powered car drivers say they are considering an electric or hybrid vehicle, as their next purchase • Electric/Hybrid car drivers are twice as likely to feel comfortable getting picked up by a self-driving car than Gas-powered car drivers • Almost half of the electric/hybrid car owners are Millennials, while gas cars are distributed normally across age groups • 60% of gas powered car drivers say they would be more willing to purchase an electric car if charging stations were more available, had a longer range, and were more affordable.
  7. 7. Self Driving Car Interest • 40% of drivers are in favor of self- driving cars being available for purchase. • Top activities of interest while being driven in a self-driving car include eating and drinking, sending messages, doing work, and sleeping. • 44% of drivers say having a car with self-driving features, i.e. lane assist, parking assist, etc. is a factor in their car buying decision. CONNECTED CAR | Oct 2019
  8. 8. Self Driving Car Concerns • Electric or hybrid car drivers are twice as likely to feel comfortable getting picked up by a self-driving car than gas powered car drivers. • Electric or Hybrid car owners are far more in favor of self-driving cars. CONNECTED CAR | Oct 2019
  9. 9. Visit our website: Sign up for email alerts: Follow us: @adobeinsights Methodology and Glossary CONNECTED CAR | Oct 2019 • Between September 24th-30th, 2019 1,040 U.S. adults aged 18+ completed a survey about connected car features, self-driving cars. All respondents were required to have a US license and own a smartphone. • Adobe’s “Connected Car” report used Adobe Analytics to analyze over 1 trillion visits to websites, including many of the world’s leading automotive sites, to better understand how consumers research car options on digital channels, for purchase.