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Adobe/eConsultancy 2018 Digital Trends Infographic

Companies that have committed to the customer experience—factoring in the people, processes, technology, and organizational structure required to facilitate it—are outperforming their peers, according to new research from Adobe,’s parent company.

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Adobe/eConsultancy 2018 Digital Trends Infographic

  1. 1. © 2018 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved. What you need today. Download the full report to find out how top-performing organisations are planning to optimise the customer experience in 2018. Download now A focus on customer experience across the organisation. Organisations with a cross-team approach—with the customer at the heart of all initiatives—are nearly twice as likely to have exceeded their business goals by a significant margin. Cross-team approach20% Traditional11% Artificial intelligence is an exciting newcomer. Top-performing organisations are more than 2x as likely to be using AI for marketing. 2x Percentage of respondents planning to invest in AI in the next 12 months. 31% You can’t have a great customer experience without great tech. Top-performing companies are almost 3x as likely to have invested in a highly-integrated, cloud-based technology stack. Organisations that combine digital marketing skills with technology are nearly 2x as likely to surpass business goals by a significant margin. 3x 2x Brands that are design-driven are more likely to have exceeded their business goals by a significant margin. Differentiate your brand by design. Design-driven22% Traditional13% of companies are investing in design to differentiate their brands. 73% Organisations rank the following digital-related priorities among their top three. Content and experience management45% Analytics 32% Audience and data management31% Nearly 13,000 marketing, creative and IT professionals worldwide told us what’s trending in digital marketing. 2018 Digital Trends In association with What respondents say is the most exciting opportunity in 2018. Optimising the customer experience Applying data-driven marketing that focuses on the individual Creating compelling content for digital experiences 19% 16% 14% And the primary focus is… of organisations state that content and experience management is number one. 20%