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What telematic are you? 
Vehicles and trucks alike are now connected and the shipping industry 
will soon be entering the ...
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Telematics quiz part 1/2


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Telematics quiz part 1/2

Published in: Automotive
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Telematics quiz part 1/2

  1. 1. What telematic are you? Vehicles and trucks alike are now connected and the shipping industry will soon be entering the age of telematics, big data and smart trucks, roads and infrastructures. Is your fleet connected? It goes without saying that this will change how your fleet and crews operate. Are you ready for it? It's not easy to generate the most value from a telematics system. Quiz WITH 10 questions We have prepared a quiz with 10 questions to determine your profile. For each question below, choose the answer that best describes you. I want to install a program that controls the key parameters of my business. 2/ Have you estimated the return on investment for your telematics system? No, it's basically a consumable. Yes, my installer's study confirmed it is profitable. Yes, I estimated the projected return myself. 3/ Do you know the costs of telematics? I have itemized all the costs: the telematics on-board unit, installation, downtime, subscriptions, international GSM coverage, hotline, insurance, maintenance, training, even the cost of hiring an analyst, etc. My installer gave me a turn-key package, which is a total estimate. Yes, it is a monthly subscription per vehicle. Yes, I have drawn up an installation plan to manage it and make it as quick as possible so the investment is profitable. It is a turn-key solution, our suppliers take care of it. They generate our data and issue reports. I hired a specialist to expertly process the data and give us customized reports. 7/ Do you check the quality of the data and the analyses? I have someone who analyses the data and verifies them. In my case, it's part of the package being provided, so I trust it. No, why would there be any problems with the data? 8/ What do you do if it breaks down or there is a problem? I prefer to handle that side internally so it goes faster. Support and repairs are part of the contract, kind of like insurance. The supplier takes care of it, that is why I did it through them. I don't see why it would break down, it's extremely reliable. Yes, that's the whole idea behind telematics. Sources: Internal experts ? € ? The quiz! 1/ Why does your fleet need a telematics system or why might it need one? The tractors are delivered already equipped with telematics. There are simple turn-key solutions that meet my need to track vehicles. 4/ Have you calculated (estimated) the installation time for your entire fleet? I do not need to because it depends on the trucks we buy. The installer comes in when the trucks are available, it takes time to do the entire fleet. 5/ Are your vehicles all equipped with the same units (or will they be)? It is not my choice, it depends on the brand of tractor. I think so, it should be part of the telematics provider’s package. I am installing them myself so I can have the same units and a centralized command system. 6/ What do you do with the data generated by your telematics system? I honestly do not have time to look at the data. 9/ Does telematics help create value for your company? No, it's mostly an expense, a monthly fee. Yes, and I estimated the expected value myself. 10/ Have you planned to outsource your data analysis and telematics? Sure, if it completely simplifies the system. Yes, that is the point of turn-key solutions, I don't have to do anything. Outsourcing that part and not being able to control it is out of the question.