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Case Studies of Awesome Growth Hacks

This is what I created back in 2013. I am publishing this because I am still being asked to present these great case studies recently. I hope you like them. :)

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Case Studies of Awesome Growth Hacks

  1. 1. Case Studies of Awesome Growth Hacks Brought to you by Supported by AppSocially
  2. 2. "P.S. I love you. Get a free email account." on Hotmail Hotmail AcquisitionTag: * Hotmail added a footer on every single email sent via Hotmail. Brought to you by
  3. 3. "Tagging friends on photos" on Facebook Facebook, Inc. EngagementTag: Facebook's growth team figured out "tagging friends on photos" works most for engagement (and even resurrection). Brought to you by
  4. 4. "Twitter's landing page optimization" on Twitter, Inc. ActivationTag: * 15% conversion rate 3 years ago * 10%+ 1.5 years ago * 6%+ now; "Less is more." There are only "sign in" and "sign up". 3 years ago 1.5 years ago now Brought to you by
  5. 5. "Congratulations! You are top 5%!" on LinkedIn LinkedIn RetentionTag: * Translate the number of users to "attractive" number for engaged users. LinkedIn's focuses on making engaged users more engaged, not making in-active users understand its value. Brought to you by
  6. 6. "Find Friends" on Path - (iOS) Path, Inc. ViralityTag: * "Suggestions" are selected based on direct suggestion by friends and # of mutual friends. If the invitee is unknown, Add message with voice; text App invitation Message * Friends on Facebook and AddressBook are categorized into "Friends/Content on Path" and "All (other) Friends." Brought to you by
  7. 7. "Invite a Friend" on Path - (iOS) Path, Inc. ViralityTag: * "Top Friends" are selected based on same "Family Names" and interaction on Facebook. * "All Friends" are all of your friends on both Facebook and AddressBook. If the invitee is unknown, Add message with voice; text App invitation Message Brought to you by
  8. 8. "Promote" on Path - (iOS) Path, Inc. ViralityTag: Brought to you by
  9. 9. "Send link to your mobile device" on Path - (iOS) Path, Inc. AcquisitionTag: Desktop Mobile Path User Potential Path User * Track activation by specifying why new user started using Path. Download * Input your mobile phone number into your "Setting" New Path User Existing Path User * Phone # input on Inviter's landing page. * Phone # of new user. * Track acquision. Brought to you by
  10. 10. "Sign up form added on landing page (though it's mobile-fisrt app" on Path - (iOS) Path, Inc. ActivationTag: Previously Now Dave Morrin's Answer on Quora: Brought to you by
  11. 11. "Import your AddressBooks" after being connected with someone - (Web) LinkedIn ViralityTag: When successfully connected with someone, LinkedIn asks you to import AddressBooks from many social (emailing products). Brought to you by
  12. 12. Engage to take action by "social-actioned" message - (Email) LinkedIn RetentionTag: Send message when your connection have event to engage and make the user take action for this social-actioned event. Brought to you by
  13. 13. Start tracking before signing-up - (Landing Page) Intercom ActivationTag: Make installation easy and start tracking before signing-up. This helps activation rates much bigger. Brought to you by
  14. 14. Make sharing quote easy- (Web) Quora ReferralTag: Make sharing to social media easy to make more traction. Brought to you by
  15. 15. "#CrowdFundCanada" by Everlane - (Web) Everlane ViralityTag: Before launching Everlane in Canada, it launched "kickstarter'-like crowd funding campaign on its own site and measured if it's needed with actual local customers. Monetization Brought to you by