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You Suck! Prevent & Address Negative Customer Feedback

This presentation is from Affiliate Summit West 2015 (January 18-20, 2015 in Las Vegas, NV). Session description: Customers air frustrations publicly via social media, reviews, etc. Mishandling them hurts your reputation. Gain tips to prevent & address issues, turning negative experiences into positive outcomes!

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You Suck! Prevent & Address Negative Customer Feedback

  1. 1. You Suck! Prevent & Address Negative Customer Feedback
  2. 2. James Thompson | @jtgraphic Sean Steinmarc | @Steinmarc Nathan Smith | @CoffeeNate Bhavik Modi | @bhavik_modi
  3. 3. Bacon Backlash at Sneakers @Sneakers_Bistro @jtgraphic @steinmarc @coffeenate @bhavik_modi | #asw15
  4. 4. Hawke & Co… A New Tweet @hawkeandco @jtgraphic @steinmarc @coffeenate @bhavik_modi | #asw15
  5. 5. Hawke & Co Pt.2 - The Tweet Strikes Back Executive Producer of Big Bang Theory sees, retweets… and social media backlashes. @jtgraphic @steinmarc @coffeenate @bhavik_modi | #asw15
  6. 6. Hawke & Co Pt. 3 - Return of the Tweet Damage Control in effect… and failing. @jtgraphic @steinmarc @coffeenate @bhavik_modi | #asw15
  7. 7. Play-Doh “phallacy” Shape of toy causes uproar amongst parents… with posts of the objects to Facebook being deleted quickly. @playdoh @jtgraphic @steinmarc @coffeenate @bhavik_modi | #asw15
  8. 8. Airlines’ use of Twitter @alaskaair @deltassist @jtgraphic @steinmarc @coffeenate @bhavik_modi | #asw15
  9. 9. The Hard to Please Customers @americanair @jtgraphic @steinmarc @coffeenate @bhavik_modi | #asw15
  10. 10. Amy’s Baking Company ...what else needs to be said? @bouzagloabc @jtgraphic @steinmarc @coffeenate @bhavik_modi | #asw15
  11. 11. Edelman vs. Sichuan Garden Ben Edelman gets “overcharged” $4, and it quickly escalated to threatening legal action against Ran Duan, owner of Sichuan Garden. @jtgraphic @steinmarc @coffeenate @bhavik_modi | #asw15
  12. 12. Sears… poor handling of warranty issue @jtgraphic @steinmarc @coffeenate @bhavik_modi | #asw15
  13. 13. Couple fined for bad hotel review @jtgraphic @steinmarc @coffeenate @bhavik_modi | #asw15
  14. 14. Avis’ Use of Twitter for Complaints @jtgraphic @steinmarc @coffeenate @bhavik_modi | #asw15