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2009 AIKCU Annual Report


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The 2009 Annual Report of the Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges & Universities (AIKCU), a 501(c)3 serving Kentucky's 20 independent, nonprofit, 4-year colleges and universities.

Published in: Education
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2009 AIKCU Annual Report

  1. 1. 2009 Partners for the Commonwealth Annual Report The Association ofIndependent Kentucky Colleges and Universities
  2. 2. The Association of IndependentKentucky Colleges and Universities
  3. 3. Sector Overview 2Affordability 6Profiles 10Funding Partners 18Business Partners 20Collaboration 22 484 Chenault Rd. • Frankfort, Kentucky 40601 • (502) 695-5007 AIKCU is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization funded primarily by member dues. The Association also receives some support from revenue generated by business services activities. AIKCU is governed by a board of directors comprised of the presidents of its member institutions and representatives from the Kentucky business community.
  4. 4. sectoroverview 20 Independent colleges and universities. All accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and meet the same rigorous quality standards as KY’s public colleges and universities. Less than 4 percentof total Kentucky postsecondary spending AIKCU by goes to financial aid for AIKCU students. the numbers:Kentucky’s nonprofit, independent colleges and universities provide a huge return on a small state investment. More than 1 in 5 undergraduates is 25 years old or older.2 Learn More. Visit
  5. 5. Enroll 1 in 4 transfers from Kentucky Community and Technical Colleges (KCTCS) to 4 year institutions in Kentucky.Enroll more than30,000 $0 students. 3 in state money to import more than of 7,000 out of state 4 students are students. Kentucky residents. Almost 9 percent of students are minorities22% Produce (7.1% African-American students) - essentially the same as Kentucky’s public institutions. of Kentucky’s bachelor’s degrees. Learn More. Visit 3
  6. 6. sectoroverview AIKCU by the numbers:Kentucky’s nonprofit, independent colleges and universities provide a huge return on a small state investment.4 Learn More. Visit
  7. 7. AIKCU Total Headcount Fall Enrollment. 1999-2008 40,000 30,000 30,411 29,041 26,908 27,440 25,252 25,532 26,151 23,836 24,764 23,206 20,000 10,000 0 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Source: CPE Comprehensive DatabaseKentucky’s independent colleges and Kentucky cities The total combined student and faculty staff populations at AIKCU campuses rank 6th among Kentucky’s largest cities [Not shown: 1. Louisville Metro (557.224) 2. Lexington-Fayette (282.114)] Owensboro 55,516 Bowling Green 55,097 Covington 43,245 AIKCU 34,810 Richmond 32,895 Hopkinsville 32,076 Henderson 27,933 Florence 27,745 Frankfort 27,322 0 7,500 15,000 22,500 30,000 37,500 45,000 52,500 60,000 Sources: 2008 city populations from Kentucky State Data Center. F07 AIKCU faculty/staff data from IPEDS, student data from CPE Comprehensive Database Learn More. Visit 5
  8. 8. affordability Scholarships make dreams possible for Thomas More student. Brian Muse puts the student in student-athlete. A pre-engineering major at Thomas More College as well as a member of the basketball team, Brian Muse chose to attend Thomas More because of the financial aid the college made available and its reputation for preparing students for graduate studies and research. “I was looking for a school strong in physics where I would have a chance to pursue my other dreams of playing NCAA basketball,” says Muse. “When I visited Thomas More I immediately loved it. Although the tuition was higher than some of the state schools I was considering, I decided to give it a try. Scholarship funds helped make this decision a possibility, and what a great decision!” Muse plans to obtain a Thomas More physics degree as well as an engineering degree through the college’s 3/2 engineering partnership before moving on to graduate school. “Scholarships helped me afford a great education,” he said. “Scholarships helped me afford a great education.” Brian Muse Thomas More College ‘11 Physics/Pre-Engineering Major6 Learn More. Visit
  9. 9. Average 2008-09 Independent College Published Tuition and Fees (Note: very few students at independent colleges actually pay this “sticker price” after financial aid is factored in.) $30,000 $25,000 $25,143 $20,000 $21,773 $17,256 $15,000 $10,000 $5,000 $0 Kentucky South National Source: AIKCU 2008 Tuition Survey; College Board’s Trends in College Pricing 2008 Average Kentucky independent college costs and financial aid awards by source, 2006-07 AIKCU Average total 2006-07 costs = $21,285 (Average tuition = $15,245; Estimated average room/board = $6,040) $25,000 $20,000 $6,217 $15,000 $3,503 $10,000 $3,868 $5,000 $7,697 $0 Avg. Institutional aid Avg. State aid Avg. Federal aid Avg. Student share Sources: Aid Data: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), 2006-07. First-time, full-time student cohort; Tuition: AIKCU 2006-07 Tuition/Fees Survey; Room/board: IPEDS, 7 campuses reporting an average of $6040. Learn More. Visit 7
  10. 10. affordability 4 in 10 undergraduates receive Pell grants, indicating high levels of financial need. More than $161 million in institutional grants and scholarships (2006-07) Tuitions 1/3 less than national private college average and 1/4 less than Southern average.8 Learn More. Visit
  11. 11. State financial aid to independent college students, 1998-2008 State financial aid to AIKCU students through Kentucky’s “big three” aid programs $60,000,000 $50,000,000 $40,000,000 $30,000,000 $20,000,000 $10,000,000 $0 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 KTG CAP KEES Source: KHEAA Kentucky’s Investment In AIKCU studentsis less than 4% of total state postsecondary spending Annual Economic Impact of Kentucky’s Independent AIKCU student aid: $53.4 million Colleges and Universities = more than $1.48 billion (Aikcu KTG: $28 million, or 2.2% Total economic impact (in millions), by spending category 3.9% Direct Indirect Non-AIKCU student aid: $127.5 million 800 700 9.4% 600 500 400 300 Other postsecondary spending: 200 $1.17 billion 100 86.7% 0 Institutional Expenditures Capital Expenditures Sources: Private Colleges, Public Benefits: The Economic and Community Impact of Kentucky’s Independent Colleges and Universities on the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Human Capital Research Corporation, 2006. wp-content/uploads/2007/08/Private%20Colleges,%20Public%20Benefits%20-20%AIKCU%2011-1-06.pdfSources: 2007-08 postsecondary budget data - CPE2007-08 KY Student aid lottery funded program (CAP,KTG,KEES) data - KHEAA Learn More. Visit 9
  12. 12. profiles Berea grad created his own major, now hopes to create a sustainable business in the mountains Nathan Hall ’09 didn’t come to Berea College right after graduation from high school. Instead, he left the mountains to live in Louisville. When he returned, he worked with an underground coal mining operation in Knott County. Mining, though, was primarily a way to make enough money to open a business focusing on biodiesel production and innovative mountain agriculture. Nathan soon found that his interests did not lie in business management, but rather in agriculture and technology. “I realized that I was going to have to make up my own curriculum,” he said. His agriculture professor helped him to create his independent major in Sustainable Agriculture and Industrial Management. His labor positions, likewise, gave Nathan a chance to pursue his interests in alternative energies. He retooled the Berea Bikes program and later helped to generate biodiesel fuel for two tractors at the College Farm. Nathan plans to return to Floyd County to run a larger scale biodiesel business after graduation. “After growing up in the mountains, and not liking it as a teenager, I moved away to other places, only to find out — to have an epiphany — that I really did belong in the mountains. And that that was the only place that I really want to be.”10 Learn More. Visit
  13. 13. First Georgetown College Bishop Scholar accepted at Oxford Stella Brown, a rising senior from San Leandro, CA, is the first Bishop Scholar to be accepted at prestigious Regent’s Park College/University of Oxford – fulfilling the primary reason she transferred to Georgetown College in the first place.Centre student teaches Spanish to “I just thought I’d have more opportunitiescommunity members to help them like this at Georgetown,” said Stella, whoconnect with Hispanic residents brought a 3.9 GPA from Clark Atlanta University a year ago. “I’m really excited about spending fall semester in England!”Centre College student Trisha Cole ’10, a Spanish majorfrom Hulen, KY, received a Carter Academic Service Stella is one of 11 Bishop Scholars at Georgetown, a program for AfricanEntrepreneur (CASE) grant of $1,000 from the Jimmy American students with strong connections to Bishop College, the historicallyand Rosalynn Carter Partnership Foundation to expand black Baptist institution in Texas that closed in 1988 due to financial reasons.her program to teach English as a Second Language Georgetown has forged a unique partnership with Bishop alumni.classes in Danville. Stella, who was pretty much all-study at Clark, saw coming to GeorgetownCole started a beginner-level Spanish class for local College as a chance to “start over,” she said. “I decided I wanted to be morebusiness owners, factory workers and other Danville active, more involved.”residents who work with the city’s Hispanic population.Her goal was to teach phrases that would be usefulfor basic communication, as well as simple sentence Mother, daughter teamstructure to facilitate future learning. Offering suchclasses for free allowed individuals to learn Spanish up to earn degreeswithout additional expense. from Lindsey WilsonAn aspiring lawyer, Cole does not plan to pursue a career Mother and daughter Lisa and Ashleyin education, but has learned much about teaching. Meyers, from Hyden, Ky., both earned bachelor of arts degrees in human ser-“Sometimes they ask a question about point E, and we’re on vices and counseling from Lindsey Wilsonpoint A, so I have to decide how to get to point E in College this year. Thanks to Lindsey Wil-a five-minute conversation; it can be very challenging,” son’s innovative partnership with Hazardsays Cole, a member of Centre’s Bonner Program Community and Technical College and thefor service leadership. University Center of the Mountains, the Meyers never had to leave their region to earn a bachelor’s degree. “I said to her, ‘Let’s do it together,’ so we just did,” said Ashley, who graduated from high school in 2002, 17 years after her mom did. “We helped each other out a lot. I don’t think I could have done it without her help.” Despite the fact that the two women waitressed together to earn money for school and both were raising young children, the two graduated with high marks from Lindsey Wilson College – mom Lisa with a perfect 4.0 and Ashley with a 3.8. Learn More. Visit 11
  14. 14. KENTUCKY’S INDEPENDENT COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIESWestern Kentucky Southcentral Kentucky Northern Kentucky1. Mid-Continent University 6. Lindsey Wilson College 14. Thomas More College Mayfield Columbia Crestview Hills Founded 1949 Founded 1903 Founded 1921 President: Dr. Robert J. Imhoff President: Dr. William T. Luckey, Jr. President: Sr. Margaret Stallmeyer Fall 2008 Undergrad Enrollment: 1636 Fall 2008 Undergrad Enrollment: Fall 2008 Undergrad Enrollment: 1750 Fall 2008 Graduate Enrollment: Fall 2008 Graduate Enrollment: 143 www.thomasmore.edu2. Brescia University Owensboro 7. Campbellsville University Southeastern Kentucky Founded 1950 Campbellsville President: Rev. Larry Hostetter Founded 1906 15. Berea College Fall 2008 Undergrad Enrollment: 589 President: Dr. Michael V. Carter Berea Fall 2008 Graduate Enrollment: 45 Fall 2008 Undergrad Enrollment: 2438 Founded 1855 Fall 2008 Graduate Enrollment: 389 President: Dr. Larry D. Shinn Fall 2008 Undergraduate Enrollment: 15503. Kentucky Wesleyan University Owensboro 8. St. Catharine College Founded 1858 Springfield 16. Union College President: Dr. Cheryl D. King Founded 1931 Barbourville Fall 2008 Undergrad Enrollment: 905 President: William D. Huston Founded 1879 Fall 2008 Undergrad Enrollment: 768 President: Edward de Rosset Fall 2008 Undergraduate Enrollment: 822Louisville Fall 2008 Graduate Enrollment: 672 Central Kentucky www.unionky.edu4. Bellarmine University Louisville 9. Centre College 17. University of the Cumberlands Founded 1950 Danville Williamsburg President: Dr. Joseph J. McGowan Founded 1819 Founded 1889 Fall 2008 Undergrad Enrollment: 2344 President: Dr. John A. Roush President: Dr. James H. Taylor Fall 2008 Graduate Enrollment: 698 Fall 2008 Undergrad Enrollment: 1197 Fall 2008 Undergrad Enrollment: 1754 Fall 2008 Graduate Enrollment: 799 www.ucumberlands.edu5. Spalding University 10. Midway College Louisville Midway Eastern Kentucky Founded 1814 Founded 1847 President: Dr. Jo Ann Rooney President: Dr. William B. Drake, Jr. 18. Kentucky Christian University Fall 2008 Undergrad Enrollment: 1060 Fall 2008 Undergrad Enrollment: 1296 Grayson Fall 2008 Graduate Enrollment: 645 Fall 2008 Graduate Enrollment: 27 Founded 1919 President: Dr. Jeffrey K. Metcalf Fall 2008 Undergrad Enrollment: 607 11. Asbury College Fall 2008 Graduate Enrollment: 33 Wilmore Founded 1890 President: Dr. Sandra C. Gray 19. Pikeville College Fall 2008 Undergrad Enrollment: 1437 Pikeville Fall 2008 Graduate Enrollment: 104 Founded 1889 President: Paul E. Patton. Fall 2008 Undergraduate Enrollment: 771 12. Georgetown College Fall 2008 Osteopathic Medical School Enrollment: 306 Georgetown Founded 1829 President: Dr. William H. Crouch 20. Alice Lloyd College Fall 2008 Undergrad Enrollment: 1338 Pippa Passes Fall 2008 Graduate Enrollment: 518 Founded 1923 President: Dr. Joseph A. Stepp Fall 2008 Undergraduate Enrollment: 609 13. Transylvania University Lexington Founded 1780 President: Dr. Charles L. Shearer Fall 2008 Undergraduate Enrollment: 1158
  15. 15. 14 18 5 12 4 10 13 11 19 2 3 8 9 20 15 7 6 16 171
  16. 16. profiles Scotty and Adella Walker and their 19-year-old twin daughters, Teri and Sheri (not pictured) are all enrolled in Spalding University’s nursing program. Parents’ return to school inspires teens: entire family studying nursing at Spalding University 38-year-olds Scotty and Adella Walker—parents to 19-year-old twin daughters, Teri and Sheri—came to Spalding University in the spring of 2007 and were attracted to the University’s adult-oriented classes. Scotty, an Army Reservist, always had a passion for medicine, but didn’t consider it seriously until he was stationed in Iraq. “Seeing a buddy of mine get killed, it was like, ‘okay, I think I found my calling in life,’ and that’s when I decided to get into nursing,” Scotty says. Adella had previously stayed at home to raise her family. She found her desire to become a nurse while caring for her grandmother, who was dying of colon cancer. Their parents were an inspiration for Teri and Sheri. “I knew my parents cared about my sister and me when they put their goals on hold for us. I really love them for that because I know they wanted me to do something good for myself,” Teri says. “Now that I am older they can pursue their dreams. ” Seeing their parents’ success at Spalding, it was a natural choice for Teri and Sheri to apply to the university’s pre-nursing program. The Walker parents and their daughters expect to graduate in 2011 and 2012, respectively.14 Learn More. Visit
  17. 17. Kentucky Wesleyan’s small campus, Union College education majors bring gift ofsmall town atmosphere just what literacy to Flat Lick Elementaryformer refugee needed In early December, Union College education majors and faculty visited FlatBorn in civil war-ravaged Liberia, Precious Buxton lost her parents Lick Elementary with Santa, noted Eastern Kentucky author Silas House and aat an early age and spent three childhood years wandering from musician in tow. The college students also brought Christmas gifts: three newone refugee camp to another with an older brother and sister. books for each student.She remembers the massive number of displaced persons, and Union students also raised funds to provide each second-grade classroom atthe excruciating, unremitting hunger. “People tried to help, but Flat Lick with 50 new books. The books were funded through donations fromthere were so many of us with so many needs. I wasn’t seen as a Union faculty, staff, students and a small grant. Union’s library also donatedperson, but as a need to be filled,” says Buxton. books to the effort.Adopted by a former Peace Corps volunteer, she moved to Grandmother of eight:Northern Kentucky at age 11. When the time came to choose acollege, Precious fell in love with Kentucky Wesleyan College and Campbellsville Universitywith Owensboro on her first visit. “The friendly campus and small Louisville Campus wastown atmosphere won me over,” she shares. ‘like an extended family’Buxton, a Panther soccer player who graduated in May, says the “I was afraid to go back to school becauseencouragement and support she experienced in her four years at people had told me that I was not collegeKentucky Wesleyan prepared her for the future by helping her deal material,” said Campbellsville University graduate and grandmother of eight Sandrawith the pain of her past. Holden.“The close-knit community at KWC is just what I needed,” she “The [Campbellsville University] Louisville Campus was like an extended family,says. “I was a person of value from the moment I arrived.” She they helped me stay focused so I could go on until I finished,” Holden said.credits KWC professors with seeing her potential and helping her She earned an associate’s degree and then a bachelor’s degree in educational“overcome barriers that were holding me back.” ministries at CU’s Louisville Campus. After graduating from Campbellsville Holden enrolled in the chaplaincy program at Baptist East Hospital in Louisville.An international relations major, Buxton will attend New York She completed that program and continues to help others.University this fall to earn a master’s degree in public policy.She then plans to return to refugee camps in Africa. “I want to She began a ministry at her church that mentors younger women and plans onreach out to children the world has forgotten, because I was extending her chaplaincy of them.” Learn More. Visit 15
  18. 18. profiles Asbury College students take part in 2008 Beijing Olympics More than 50 Asbury College students worked as paid entry-level broadcast professionals at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, the eighth Olympics for Asbury media communication students. Asbury was the only school in the world invited to send students to work for pay as entry level broadcast professionals. The students worked as camera operators, camera assistants, public relations officers (liaisons), audio assistants and loggers alongside the industry’s top professional broadcasters. St. Catharine College student goes from factory floor to halls of state capitol, DC, Israel, and beyond St. Catharine College student John Graves is making the most of college his second time around. The 1997 high school graduate took a buyout from Ford Motor Company to return to college. Today he’s a full-time student with a full- time job, father, husband, and entrepreneur. Graves was one of five AIKCU interns in the spring of 2009, working in the offices of (then) Executive Cabinet Secretary and Interim Secretary of Economic Development Larry Hayes, a St. Catharine College alumnus. For two years he served as the leader of St. Catharine’s student government. And Graves was twice selected by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee to meet with policymakers in Washington D.C and spent several weeks in Israel over the summer through an AIPAC program.16 Learn More. Visit
  19. 19. Cumberlands Named to Presidential Honor Roll For Community Service In February 2009, the Corporation for National and Community Service announced that it had named University of the Cumberlands a member of the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll for exemplary service efforts and service to America’s communities. Cumberlands was one of 83 schools overall, and one of only three in Kentucky which the Corporation named Honor Roll with Distinction members (Berea College was also named). Launched in 2006, the Community Service Honor Roll is the highest federal recognition a school can achieve for its commitment to service-learning and civic engagement. University of the Cumberlands has developed a special service and leadership program that requires a first- semester freshman orientation class, a class in leadership during the junior year, and every student must have at least 40, documented, community service hours in order graduate. Cumberlands is also home to Mountain Outreach, a student-led service organization, which, in the last 25University of the Cumberlands students paint replacement years, has completed a total of 125 homes for Appalachiansiding on a home during a Mountain Outreach project. families and individuals, who for financial or health reasons have been unable to provide safe, comfortable, basic housing for themselves. Alum says Brescia made her well - rounded, prepared for Mayo doctoral program. Katharina Hopp, Brescia University ’08, just completed her first year in a doctoral program at the Mayo Clinic. She credits Brescia’s small size and its emphasis on producing well-rounded students as major factors in her success. “Brescia is the prefect place because it provides students with the opportunity to grow and develop as whole individuals,” said Hopp. “Where else could I have gotten the opportunity to learn the skills of a newspaper editor, to experience the joy of playing on a university soccer team, to develop the leadership character for an academic honors society, to learn a new sport from scratch, and to become a teacher and role model to other students? The uniqueness of Brescia is its small size and its ability and willingness to provide students with any opportunity they can imagine.” Learn More. Visit 17
  20. 20. fundingpartners Named Scholars Partners The AIKCU Named Scholars Program is designed to build meaningful relationships between Kentucky’s corporate community and students at independent colleges and universities throughout the Commonwealth. Companies that invest in the Named Scholars Program recognize the importance of encouraging and supporting students in their quest to obtain a four-year degree. E.ON U.S. Foundation Committed to social responsibility, the We celebrate our E.ON U.S. Foundation proactively continues funding partners who the longstanding support of AIKCU by its subsidiaries, LG&E and KU. Kentucky helped fulfill students’ Utilities was one of the founding donors ofdreams of an independent the Kentucky Independent College Fund (a precursor of AIKCU) in 1952. college education in Kentucky despite the dire economic circumstances Gheens Foundation of the past year. The Gheens Foundation, one of the largest private foundations in Kentucky, is a longstanding supporter of Kentucky’s Giving through the independent colleges and universities. In Association is an efficient 2008-09 they introduced the Gheens STEM Teacher Preparation Scholarship way for donors to invest program (see sidebar). in independent higher education in Kentucky. Donors can contribute Keeneland to multiple institutions Keeneland supports higher education, – supporting multiple research, health and general welfare with a portion of its racing and sales profits through students – with a single the Keeneland Foundation’s charitabledonation. On behalf of our contributions program. students, we recognize and appreciate these companies, foundations and individuals who Toyota made a significant Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky Inc. investment in the future proves its commitment to the community, as well as to the state, through both monetary of the Commonwealth contributions and personal involvement through their support of of TMMK team members in a variety of organizations that improve the quality of scholarships for AIKCU life across the Commonwealth. Toyota hasstudents during 2008-09. supported AIKCU students since establishing its presence in Georgetown in 1986.18 Learn More. Visit
  21. 21. Transy student is one of eight recipients of new Gheens scholarships for future math UPS Foundation and science teachers Each year, through the Foundation for Eight future math and science teachers received an additional $5,000 this year to help pay for Independent Higher Education (FIHE), their independent college education thanks to UPS supports scholarships at each of the Louisville’s Gheens Foundation. The students, nation’s independent colleges. representing eight different independent Kentucky colleges and universities, were chosen through a competitive process as recipients of the first Gheens Foundation STEM Teacher Preparation Scholarships.Other Major Funders Charlotte Robinson, Transylvania University ’09, was one of the eight recipients of the Gheens STEM Teacher Preparation Scholarship. A first-generation college student from Bracken County who plans to teach high school math, she said: “My high school math teacher inspired me to become a teacher. It is my dream that I will one day be a student’s inspiration.” Improving STEM (science, technology, engineering,The PACCAR foundation is a private foundation and math) education is a priority for Kentucky as it buildsestablished in 1951. PACCAR is a global technology a globally competitive 21st century workforce. Producingleader in the design, manufacture and customer support highly skilled math and science teachers is an area where AIKCU members excel.of premium light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucksunder the Kenworth, Peterbilt and DAF nameplates. Featured Funding Partner: UPS Foundation The United Parcel Service (UPS) Foundation is a longtime supporter of independent college students in Kentucky and throughout the United States. Through a relationship with the FoundationWhayne Supply Co., LLC one of the nation’s largest and for Independent Higher Education (FIHE) the UPSmost successful caterpillar dealerships. Foundation provides financial support for a student at every independent college in the country. We salute UPS for this outstanding commitment to providing opportunities for independent college students to achieve their postsecondary dreams. United Parcel Service Officers, Other Partners I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to the United Parcel Service for providing scholarships to students of Alice Lloyd Anonymous College. It is because of such generous donations that students are A.O. Smith Foundation given opportunities to succeed and the ability to pass that success on to the next generation. When looking at UPS, I am reminded of the Commercial Bank of Grayson philosophy at Alice Lloyd, the Purpose Road Philosophy. The Purpose Road Philosophy is taught on our campus so that all students learn and Community Foundation of Louisville grow to become equipped with the tools necessary to meet the main Dee Dawahare goal of the philosophy: World Service. I can think of few organizations that are dedicated to world service in such a way that it is practically Delta Natural Gas Company the foundation of their working system. UPS would certainly be among those few, and so I applaud you, on behalf of all who are assisted by the E M Ford & Company financial aid you provide, and especially on behalf of those you’ve helped Landrum Fund at Alice Lloyd College. I along with my college thank you sincerely. MacLean Foundation With good will, Mansbach Foundation Justin Maynard McBride Fund Alice Lloyd College ‘11 Wood & Marie Hannah Foundation Learn More. Visit 19
  22. 22. businesspartners ANGSTROM GRAPHICS Creative & Graphic Solutions AIKCU works with campuses to identify, develop, and manage business partnerships that help campuses realize cost savings and increase efficiencies through collaboration and innovative partnerships. In addition to the individual companies listed here, AIKCU is also a member of the Coalition for College Cost Savings. Participation by AIKCU members in these programs is strictly voluntary and endorsement by the Association does not imply individual campus affiliation. In some cases, AIKCU may receive modest support from these agreements to defray administrative costs. AIKCU business partnerships ultimately benefit students, parents, and families, because they help keep costs low and free up campus resources that can be devoted to what our campuses do best – providing high quality, affordable and personalized education. For detailed information about each of these partners visit Learn More. Visit
  23. 23. Learn More. Visit 21
  24. 24. colla borat io n The AIKCU presidents met with Governor Steve Beshear at the Capitol in April. AIKCU serves as the public voice development. AIKCU convenes of Kentucky’s 20 nonprofit, regular meetings of key campus independent colleges and groups, works to develop business universities in a number of venues, partnerships that help campuses including before the General save money and/or take advantage Assembly and the Council on of specialized training opportunities, Postsecondary Education and and sponsors collaborative a number of state and national programmatic initiatives. AIKCU also groups relating to education, raises funds for student scholarships student financial aid, and workforce and collaborative initiatives. AIKCU Benefit Trust allows member campuses to participate in self-funded insurance plan The AIKCU Benefit Trust provides comprehensive health insurance coverage to faculty and staff of member campuses. AIKCU’s 3,500 plus employees can take advantage of programs offering a full range of self- funded and fully insured programs through this value-added program managed by participating campuses.22 Learn More. Visit
  25. 25. Transy takes “Battle of the Bumpers”: Redesigned Independent Higher AIKCU coordinates numerous professional Education License Plates result in sales development opportunities and cooperative growth across sector meetings throughout the year to help its members develop skills and share resources In 2008 Transylvania alumni, students, faculty, staff, parents and friends, purchased or renewed 689 of the newly redesigned Transy license plates to take the AIKCU “Battle of the Bumpers” crown.Brad Ward of higher education web consulting firm BlueFuegotalks to AIKCU admissions and public relations staff about The Transylvania victory ended Centre College’s five year reign in the friendly license plate sales competition. Transy’s 689 plateseffectively using Facebook, Twitter, and other social tools. represented an increase of nearly 15% over their 2007 sales, when they fell just 3 plates shy of first place. Ten dollars from the sale of each institutional license plate is returned directly to the school’s general scholarship fund. Total sales of Kentucky Independent Higher Education plate sales rose 11% in 2008, bringing in $37,720 in student scholarship monies. Sales of the plates have raised nearly $200,000 for student scholarships since their inception in 2002. The redesign process was coordinated by AIKCU when advances in license plate printing technology and some changes in state regulations allowed AIKCU members to move away from a single plate design with little differentiation. The new distinct plates went on sale in January 2008. For more information on Kentucky Independent Higher Education plates, including contact information for your county clerk, visit the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Division of Motor Vehicle Licensing at than 50 AIKCU faculty and staff attended a copyrightworkshop led by renowned copyright expert Dr. LauraGasaway, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor ofLaw at the University of North Carolina. Learn More. Visit 23
  26. 26. colla borat io n Students from five AIKCU colleges spend spring semester working in state government agencies 2009 AIKCU interns, L-R: Jeweli Wright (Asbury College), Jessica Boggs (Campbellsville University), Amy Anderson (Lindsey Wilson College), Emily Buckman (Campbellsville University), John Graves (St. Catharine College) 2009 saw the ninth class of students participate in AIKCU’s Frankfort–based internship program. During odd-numbered years, AIKCU interns work 30 hours per week for agencies of state government’s executive branch. In even–numbered years, students serve as aides to members of Kentucky’s General Assembly. Interns complete two state government-related seminars and receive up to 15 hours of academic credit from their home institutions. For more information about AIKCU’s Frankfort internship program, visit New ways to keep up with the latest from AIKCU Now there are more ways than ever to keep up with the latest AIKCU news and happenings. You can always get the latest sector and campus news and relevant higher education articles at While on the AIKCU website, make sure to sign up for our quarterly email newsletter. In to social media? You can also find AIKCU on YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter.24 Learn More. Visit
  27. 27. Angstrom Graphics is proud to do our part in the eco-revolution with cost effective, greenAIKCU Academic Deansmeet with Audrey Carr,Director of the General printing solutions for AI-Assembly’s EducationCommittee staff to discuss KCU and its member-Kentucky Senate Bill 1. ship. Certified by the For- est Stewardship Council, we produce viewbooks,Kentucky Private College travel books, annual re-Week makes it easy forprospective students and ports, alumni magazinestheir families to visit and geta feel for multiple AIKCUcampuses. Here students and more using eco-visit Bellarmine University. friendly paper and ink as well as responsible waste disposal. At Angstrom Graphics, what’s goodAIKCU President Gary S.Cox testifies before the for business is good forKentucky Interim JointCommittee on Education the environment.during a meeting atCampbellsville University. ANGSTROM GRAPHICS Creative & Graphic Solutions Discounts available for AIKCU members.AIKCU’s collaborativeSpotlight on Employment Contactand Internships David Angstromcelebrated its 24th year 859-552-3893of bringing students dangstrom@angstromgraphics.comtogether with prospective www.angstromgraphics.comemployers in 2009.
  28. 28.