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Support for Mobile Devices/Services - 2011 AIKCU Technology Conference Pre-Conference Workshop


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Slides from Pre-Conference Workshop session on mobile at 2011 AIKCU Technology Conference.

Led by:

Hermano Queiroz, Director of IT at Campbellsville University

Jason C. Whitaker
Director of IT at Transylvania University

Tim Matheny, ACSA
Senior Systems Engineer
Education Division
Apple, Inc.

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Support for Mobile Devices/Services - 2011 AIKCU Technology Conference Pre-Conference Workshop

  1. 1. Support for Mobile Devices/Services Tim Matheny, ACSA Jason C. Whitaker Hermano QueirozSenior Systems Engineer Director of IT Director of IT Education Division Transylvania University Campbellsville University Apple, Inc.
  2. 2. What is Mobile Computer?• A computer which you can take with you all around.• You can do all the things which can be done with a desktop computer.• You should be able to use the same software, which you use on a desktop computer.
  3. 3. Mobile Learning in Perspective• Enabled by portable devices communicating over wireless networks.• Rapid innovation in hardware and software combined with widespread adoption of these technologies is changing the ecologies in which we teach, learn, and live.
  4. 4. Pick your flavor…
  5. 5. Mobile Learning in Perspective
  6. 6. Mobile Device CPU, Storage and Display Trends * Mobile device compute and storage capacities are expected to continue their upward trend and by 2014, a majority of Smartphones will exhibit: - 2 GHz CPU - 64 GB storage - Full HD resolution display * Compute and Storage resources at the edge of the cloud (that is, devices) will be 2 to 4 times greater by 2014. TechZine – Technology and Research E-zine Mobile Cloud Computing Challenges By Kyung Mun, Corporate Technology Strategist, Alcatel-Lucent
  7. 7. Abilene Christian UniversityVideo: Connected Summit 2011: Perspectives
  8. 8. Investing in Technology• Putting the pieces together – Infrastructure – Hardware – Software – Training – Support
  9. 9. Investing in Technology – Focusing on Application Self-Actualization Application Esteem Support Love Training Safety Physiological Software Hardware Infrastructure Maslows hierarchy of needs
  10. 10. Considerations especially important for mobile devices Creating and acquiring Application content - how? Controlling device configuration Support Who owns device, who owns apps? Training If school does, how do we purchase? Software Break-fix model? Hardware Wi-fi design may need to Infrastructure change Network and data security needs Maslows hierarchy of needs