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Autobiography Anthony[1]


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Published in: Business, Education, Spiritual
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Autobiography Anthony[1]

  1. 2. My name is Anthony Ollagangi Codog My parents are Reynaldo and Anunciacion Codog I was born on December 12 1989 at the Sta.Teresita Hospital Quezon city
  2. 3. In this picture I am only 2 months old and this is the day that I baptize to be catholic
  3. 4. In this picture I am only 9months old and I am starting to crawl.
  4. 5. In this picture I am only 5years old I am starting to go to school and my mother wanted to took me a picture for remembrance.
  5. 6. In this age I am starting to be adolescence I have Adams apple, my voice is getting bigger, and I have a little moustaches hehehe…
  6. 7. I am a music lover, that’s why I keep on playing songs with my favorite guitar.
  7. 8. And this is the day that I graduated in high school life and I am taking a picture with my friends.
  8. 9. And this picture is my present appearance in college day.