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802.16e is the mobile extension from 802.16
Modification in PHY from OFDM to Scalable OFDMA
Modification in MAC for security, handoff, roaming, & resource management

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  1. 1. Chalking It Up
  2. 2. WiMAX BASED APPROACH TO ENHANCE LOCALIZED HUMAN SOCIAL NETWORK. AJAL.A.J Assistant Professor Mets school of engineering kerala
  3. 3. Communication - Mobile Telephone Exchange Subscriber Line Inter-Exchange Junction Mobile Switching Centre (MSC) BSC BTS MS
  4. 4. The Next G- a sneak preview
  5. 5. Electromagnetic Spectrum
  6. 6. This is Mobile Broadband
  7. 7. Everywhere coverage This is Mobile Broadband
  8. 8. This is Mobile Broadband Full mobility
  9. 9. High data speeds This is Mobile Broadband
  10. 10. STANDARDIZED Integral part of WCDMA (3GPP Rel.5/6) REDUCED DELAY Quicker response time with interactive services CAPACITY 3 – 4 times improved system capacity Rel. 5/6 SPEED Higher bit rates: up to 14 Mbps Network Coverage Short time to market with existing sites REQUIREMENTS
  11. 11. An ecosystem of devices spans all consumer electronics 3GPP WiMAX 3GPP2 EDGE WCDMA HSPA LTE 802.16e 802.16m CDMA 1X EV-DO DOrA Personal Broadband LTELTE Wireless Technology Evolution
  12. 12. Industry Trends
  13. 13. WiMAX & LTE Makes On-Demand Possible Entertainment and productivity Fashionable devices working across technologies Personal broadband on the go ANYTIME. ANYWHERE. INSTANT ACCESS. WIRELESS & MOBILE.
  14. 14. GHz1 32 4 ISM: Industrial, Scientific & Medical Band – Unlicensed band UNII: Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure band – Unlicensed band UNII ISM 5 802.11/802.16 Spectrum International Licensed US Licensed Japan Licensed International Licensed ISM 802.16a has both licensed and license-exempt options
  15. 15. Title WIMAX
  16. 16. 19 Convergence Sub Layer MAC Layer PHY Layer Security/Privacy Key, AES, EAP Handoff Bandwidth Management Connection Management Power Mgnt Sleep/Idle IP Packet ClassifierEthernet ATM Header Suppression ARQ PDU Generation PDU Reassembly Net Entry PHY Burst Scheduling SC 10-66GHz SCa 2-11GHz OFDM 2-11GHz 256FFT OFDMA 2-11GHz 2048FFT OFDMA 2-11GHz (PAR <6GHz) 128, 256, 512,1024, 2048 802.16d 802.16e WiMAX  802.16e is the mobile extension from 802.16  Modification in PHY from OFDM to Scalable OFDMA  Modification in MAC for security, handoff, roaming, & resource management
  17. 17. OFDMA Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access A flexible multiple access technology for the NGN
  18. 18. Security
  19. 19. 4 Way Handshake Access Point Laptop RTS CTS Data ACK Ready to Send Clear to Send
  20. 20. Scenario of virtual community over geographical areas
  21. 21. Wi-Fi and WiMAX interworked wireless citywide environment
  22. 22. Advantages in Multipath 25  OFDMA carries advantages in “Multipath”  CDMA uses the whole spectrum, wasting system resource to combat frequency selective fading.  CDMA also creates worse interference problem  OFDMA only select subcarriers with less channel degradation, prevent wasting system resource (power or throughput ) => achieving higher system capacity. Signal Sent Signal Received Multipath
  23. 23. Solar powered WiMax • solar-powered WiFi router/WiMax router/surveillance cam that can be situated a top a streetlight. The access point may uses a high gain omni antenna and a high gain parabolic antenna to provide access/security to both developed and developing regions; it is already in use in Cameroon, with plans for deployment to India, China, and Morocco.
  24. 24. Infrastructure Family of Micro & PICO WiMAX Base Station & WiMAX Service Edge Network Devices Family of USB dongle, PCM CIA, Home Terminal Handset & Dual Mode GSM/Wimax Hnadset Core Edge & Core IP NW Equipments Content Delivery Gateways Site Exploit Acquired & existing GSM sites For POWER TOWER & Fiber backhaul Backhaul Use Wireless & Fiber Backhaul Passive Infra sharing and Leasing IT OSS / BSS Development & Integration CRM Operations Maintenance Support & Warranty Subscriber Acquisition Marketing G&A Business investment model for WiMAX Services launch •Covers all aspects of Network design, deployment and integration •From the core through the systems architecture, service edge, access network, device, & operations
  25. 25. Application Classes
  26. 26. Market Models WiMAX Benefits Small Wireless ISPs Lower Network CapEx Hot Spot Providers Lower backhaul OpEx Wireline / ILECs DSL fill-in. Cost effective coverage of low density areas Cellular Operators Nomadic/Mobile broadband data services competitive with wireline Cable Providers Broadband data service to businesses Large ISPs Alternative last mile to compete with ILEC broadband services New Entrants (e.g. Utilities, Railroads, Retailers) Leverage existing assets to deliver broadband service Satellite Need alternative last mile for uplink
  27. 27.  Population: 1.15 Billion people  India’s Tele-density - Overall: 31%  Rural: 8.8%  Urban: 65%  Broadband: 0.4%  Internet: 4%  500 Million phone connections by year 2010  High GDP Growth-8%  Increased Income of middle class(300M)  PC Penetration: 2% The Opportunity in India
  28. 28.  Web was “invented” by Tim Berners-Lee (amongst others), a physicist working at CERN  His vision of the Web was much more ambitious than the reality of the existing (syntactic) Web:  This vision of the Web has become known as the Semantic Web “… a set of connected applications … forming a consistent logical web of data …” “… an extension of the current web in which information is given well-defined meaning, better enabling computers and people to work in cooperation …” What is the Semantic Web?
  29. 29. “When Technology meets Business” Strategic Vision Wireless & Technology Wireless Strategies and the Digital Community Solution
  30. 30. 34 Market & Time Competition Marketing Hype Disappointment Rebuild Business Model Steady Growth  Market takes time!  Markets takes time to mature; most new services will follow the letter “N” curve as below  Fixed WiMAX technology is far from mass adoption, mobile WiMAX would take even longer  WiMAX has risks too!  Mobile WiMAX market is squeezed by both 3G, Flash OFDM, and WiFi.  802.11e, 11r, and 11n are enhancing QoS, handover, and throughput.  HSDPA (of 3G) shorten the gap with WiMAX in throughput.  Flash OFDM (by Flarion) has demonstrated end-to-end solution. WiMAX Marketing Guy
  31. 31. Operational scenario for ‘User not registered no roaming agreement’ NOuser SP RoamRqt RoamAck P4 Roaming agreement AuthRqtSPNO AuthAckSPNO P3 NO-SP authentication CapsRqt CapsInfo P2 InitAuthRqt P1 P5adelegate control to NO user-network authentication PresAuthMech P1
  32. 32. The message flow corresponding to the authentication protocol:
  33. 33. Vs CDMA 2000
  34. 34. WiMAX Demonstration Complete
  35. 35. Typical Testing Scenario
  36. 36. Test Bench Basics Mobile WiMAX DL Transmitter Test Bench
  37. 37. High-speed measurement challenges ?
  38. 38. WiMAX vs. McWiLL in China Multicarrier Wireless Internet Local Loop (McWill). •China is testing a potential rival to WiMax, based on SCDMA (still used in China in the 400-MHz band) •The technology is known asMulticarrier Wireless Internet Local Loop (McWill). •It has been in field trials in a few Chinese cities, including Guangzhou and Qingdao, where it has been used for video, voice and data
  39. 39. Emerging Market Governments Favorable regulatory environment Favorable policies Spectrum allocation Outside investment Policies Business & Consumers Telecommunications services Internet access Web applications Information Demand Broadband Internet Access National Prosperity Imperative Business Education Consumers Health Bridging the Digital Divide Demand and Policies Converging
  40. 40. Supply Chain Processes Overview MAKE Make Product Enable Make ORDER Market Product SOURCE Source Product Enable Source DELIVER Deliver Product Enable Deliver PLAN Plan Supply Chain Enable Plan Suppliers Customers RETURN INDUSTRYRETURN  Customer-oriented, process-based, building partnerships and sharing information  Integrated high-efficiency and open supply chain with advanced IT tools
  41. 41. MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners. © Motorola, Inc. 2008. WiMAX HSDPA EV-DO UMTS EDGE CDMA 1X GPRS 0.0 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 5.0 (MB) 60 kbps 115 kbps 256 kbps 400 kbps 1.0 Mbps 4.0 Mbps 35 kbps Total Time 11.5 mins 6 mins 2.5 mins 1.5 min 40 secs 10 secs 19.5 mins aacPlus v2 32 kbps aacPlus 64 kbps AAC/WMA 128 kbps MP3 160 kbps The Need for Speed 5.5 Mbps 7 secs *Based on Motorola estimates Average Data Transfer Rates
  42. 42.  The tender for procurement of WiMAX equipment for Punjab & Kerala Circle has been issued on 4/10/2008.  1600 BTSs will be procured through this tender.  Around 8 lakhs CPE will be procured .  The tender will cover rural & urban areas of Punjab & Kerala. Punjab & Kerala Tender
  43. 43.  India is one of the strongest and fastest growing Economies in World.  Indian Telecom sector is growing at an explosive pace with highest growth in wireless users  Growth in broadband in India will lead to massive opportunities for broadband wireless technologies such as WiMAX  Government of India fully supports growth of all technologies and will provide necessary regulatory framework to promote and facilitate such growth Summary
  45. 45. Related Work Cell Phone Radiation is Absorbed More Deeply Into the Brains of Children Estimation of the absorption of electromagnetic radiation from a cell phone based on age (Frequency GSM 900 Mhz) (On the right, color scale showing the Specific Absorption Rate in W/kg) Gandhi, O.P.G. Lazzi, and C.M. Furse, Electromagnetic Absorption in the Human Head and Neck for Cell Telephones at 835 and 1900 MHz. IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, 1996. 44(10): p. 1884-1897
  46. 46. Thank You
  47. 47. Thank you  
  48. 48. • [1] IEEE 802.16-2004 October 2004, Air Interface for Fixed and Mobile Broadband Wireless Access Systems - Amendment for Physical and Medium Access ControlLayers for Combined Fixed and Mobile Operation in Licensed Bands, August 2004. • [2] IEEE 802.16e-2005 March 2006, Physical and Medium Access Control Layers for Combined Fixed and Mobile Operation in Licensed Bands. • [3] Allen H. Kupetz and K. Terrell Brown, “4G - A Look Into the Future of Wireless Communications”, Rollins Business Journal, Jan-Mar 2004 • [4] B. G. Evans and K. Baughan, "Visions of 4G," Electronics and Communication Engineering Journal, Dec. 2002. • [5] Jun-seok Hwang, Roy R. Consulta, "4G Mobile Networks – Technology Beyond 2.5G And 3G", PTC’07 Proceedings-2007. 8/20/2014 57