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Product differentiation


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Product management

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Product differentiation

  1. 1. Product Differentiation ChindhuRaj
  2. 2. Product Differentiation Product differentiation is a business level strategy in which firms attempt to create and exploit differences between their products and those offered by competitors. These differences may lead to competitive advantage if customers perceive the difference and have a preference for the difference.
  3. 3. Basis of Product Differentiation
  4. 4. Cont…
  5. 5. Many products can be differentiated in form – the size, shape, or physical structure of a product. Form
  6. 6. Most products can be offered with varying features that supplement their basic function. Digital Twin Spark Plug Ignition. Features
  7. 7. Customization Marketers can differentiate products by making them customized to an individual. Mass customization is the ability of the company to meet each customers requirement – to prepare on a mass basis individually designed products, services, programs and communications.
  8. 8. Performance Quality It is the level at which the product's primary characteristics operate. Most product are established at one of four performance levels : low, average, high, or superior. Daag achhe hain
  9. 9. Conformance Quality It is the degree to which all the produced units are identical and meet the promised specifications.
  10. 10. It is a measure of the product`s expected operating life under natural of stressful conditions, and a valued attribute for certain products . Durability Har nirmaan ki jaan
  11. 11. It is a measure of the probability that a product will not malfunction or fail with in a specified time period. Reliability Its more than just oil. Its Liquid Engineering
  12. 12. Style It describes the product`s look and feel to the buyer .
  13. 13. Conclusion As India is one of the most populated and developing country with most of the people living in the middle class status, the needs of these customers are:- Durability Features Performance quality Style All the above with an affordable price range . That is why these are the most common basis of product differentiation in India.
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