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Evolution Of Operations Management

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Evolution Of Operations Management

  1. 1. EVOLUTION OF OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT EOQ F.W.Harris Economic Lot Size Henry Ford Henry L Gantt Activity Chart Assembly line Frank and Lillian Gilbreth Motion Study Industrial Psychology ORIGINATOR F.W.Taylor TOOL Time Study CONCEPT Principles of Scientific Management 1910s
  2. 2. EVOLUTION OF OM(contd..) 1940s Dantzig Simplex Method of Linear Programming Multidisciplin-ary approach to complex problems Elton Mayo, LHC Tippet Activity Sampling for work analysis Hawthorne studies, Worker Motivation Shewart, Dodge, Romig SQC, Acceptance Sampling Quality Control 1930s
  3. 3. EVOLUTION OF OM(contd..) IBM, Joseph Orlicky, Oliver Wight Shop Scheduling, Inventory Control, Forecasting, Project Managemt, MRP Widespread use of computers 1970s Many researchers Simulation, Queueing theory, Mathematical Programming, PERT/CPM Development of OR techniques 1950s 1960s
  4. 4. EVOLUTION OF OM(contd..) JIT, TQC, Factory automation Many researchers Kanban, Poka-Yokes, CIM, FMS, CAD/CAM, Robots etc. Manufacturing Strategy 1980s Harvard B-School Mfg as a competitive weapon McDonald’s restaurants Mass production in service sector Service quality, Productivity 1970s
  5. 5. EVOLUTION OF OM(contd..) Netscape, Microsoft Internet, world wide web Electronic enterprise Michael Hammer, consultants Radical change Business Process Reengg Many organisatio-ns ISO 9000, quality function devpt, value and concurrent engg, continuous improvement TQM 1990s
  6. 6. EVOLUTION OF OM(contd..) E-commerce 2000s Amazon, eBay, AOL, Yahoo! Internet, world wide web SAP, Oracle SAP/R3, client/server software Supply Chain Management 1990s Contd.