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6 Ways to Make Your Website More Memorable Than The Other Guy In Wham!

You can make your website way more memorable to your dream clients than that other guys was in Wham! Just follow these easy website tips!

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6 Ways to Make Your Website More Memorable Than The Other Guy In Wham!

  2. 2. Careless Whisper Don’t let your website be just a careless Whisper. Make sure it’s professional, attractive and a space that inspires you to do your best & excites your dream clients. Do you like my Colonel Sanders bow tie?
  3. 3. Everything She Wants Make sure your website has everything she wants. Like clear navigation, what you do and why you do it, a killer about page, your contact info and how they can work with you. isn’t my Colonel Sanders bow tie awesome?
  4. 4. Last Christmas Don’t let Last Christmas be the last time you update your website. Blog updates are a great way to give your fans a reason to come back. I decided Colonel Sanders was my fashion icon.
  5. 5. Freedom There’s freedom is having a wordpress website. A freedom to make it super awesome, one of kind and unforgettable. Unlike some people... (I’m looking at you bow-tie boy) What?! Colonel Sanders Ties are so 1987?
  6. 6. Wake Me Up Before You Go Go An informative & helpful email opt-in Freebie is a great reason for people to Give you their email address before they go-go. Colonel Sanders is right up there with versace, no?
  7. 7. I’m Your Man (okay I’m a chick) If you’re gonna do it right, do it with me. hire a pro to design your website that will inspire you and your dream clients. Colonel Sanders aside, you should hire mupplebee.
  8. 8. Gracias. Please share this presentation and come say “hola” online. Alycia W icker Click here to get the Mupplebee Diary. It’s free. And lots of other creative types love it. You probably will, too.