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Hacker DoJo FaBo's LT.


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FaBo's introduction

Published in: Technology
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Hacker DoJo FaBo's LT.

  1. 1. Start up company based in Aizu. Launched at 2015.
  2. 2. We provide prototyping tools for your startup ideas.
  3. 3. hardware software< Software Hardware Innovation speed of
  4. 4. Our vision is that Innovation speed of hardware is fast as software.
  5. 5. Eco-system
  6. 6. You come up with a breakthrough idea through D-Thiking, your interesting and so on
  7. 7. You must make your idea real.
  8. 8. Prototyping Almost time, you are realizing that your idea is not cool. Make Fail Re Make Fail Re Make Fail Re Make Test User Experience test
  10. 10. Goal Multi functional Great User Experience
  11. 11. Find correct path to goal fail path fail path fail path Idea Goal correct path fail path fail path Goal
  12. 12. FaBo is prototyping tools for your startup idea
  13. 13. Make fast, Re-Make easily
  14. 14. Many many bricks.
  15. 15. FaBo Analog Bricks Temperature, MIC, Angle… Digital Bricks 3 Aixs, 9 Aixs, Color sensor… Serial Bricks BLE, Bluetooth, Wifi
  16. 16. FaBo ColorLED ColorLED Module
  17. 17. Prototyping
  18. 18. Prototyping
  19. 19. Prototyping
  20. 20. Open Source Hardware. Open PCB data, library data
  21. 21. FaBo Starter Kit $100
  22. 22. DoJo Style material for training Arduino RaspberryPI IchigoJam
  23. 23. Prototyping class with FaBo
  24. 24. EC Site Ships in US after October.