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Alba's project


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apps that track your alcohol consumption

Published in: Technology
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Alba's project

  1. 1. Alba Salgueiro ALCOHOL TRACKER APP
  2. 2. HOW DOES IT WORK? Technologies this days are amazing, Did you know that you can download an app to control how much alcohol do you consume? -It tells you how much you can consume. -It tells you when you need to stop. -It helps people who struggle with alcohol abuse. -This could prevent millions of deaths from alcohol use disorders.
  3. 3. Advantages Disadvantages -It will help you to drink just what you need if you are driving. -There will be less car accidents. -There will be less deaths. -It’s like having your therapist with you. -Maybe it won’t work -It could be highly unreliable -It may have insignificant benefits for patients dealing with alcoholism. -The majority of alcohol related apps are meant for entertainment instead of helping users to make a healthier decision.
  4. 4. DO WE REALLY CONSUME THAT MUCH? Reasons: it changes your mood, low self-esteem, relaxing, to socialize , because we like how it tastes… there’s a ton of reasons why we consume alcohol whether they are bad or good. Recent researches had proved that almost the 30% of the population of USA never touches alcohol, another 30% just on special occasions and the rest, they all consume a good amount of alcohol per week.
  5. 5. ALCOHOL EFFECTS ON THE BODY Alcohol can really affect us in a bad way. • Brain: It interferes with the brain’s communication pathways. It’s harder to think clearly and move with coordination. • Heart: It causes high blood pressure and the stretching and dropping of the heart muscle. • Pancreas: It can cause pancreatitis a dangerous inflammation, that prevents proper digestion. • Cancer: It can increase your risk of developing certain cancers.
  6. 6. APPS FOR SMARTPHONES • For Iphone: -Intellidrink: You can do it with a friend it allows you to notify yourself when you have reached a specific BAC level. *BAC: Blood Alcohol Content. - BAC Alcohol Calculator: It allows users to customize their drinks to match what they are actually drinking. -R-U-Buzzed: It allows users to enter their weight, gender, hours spent drinking antd the amount of alcohol consumed If you are not sober enough to drive it will say “You are buzzed”.
  7. 7. • For Android: -ALCulator : It uses your gender and weight to determine your approximate BAC level based on the drinks you’ve plugged into the app. -AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker: It will plot your BAC development and ping when you go back under the legal limit. -Alcohol Calculator: you have to tap when you start drinking and tap again when you have finished, to make your results more accurate.
  8. 8. MOST CONSUMED ALCOHOLIC DRINKS • Beer. • Rum and Coke. • Vodka. • Tequila. • Wine. • Margarita.
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