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Operational Excellence Solutions

The importance of applying Operational Excellence principles for your business. How to improve your Projects delivery process. Excellentia Project Management Consulting presentation.

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Operational Excellence Solutions

  1. 1. Operational Excellence over your Projects delivery
  2. 2. PROJECTS DELIVERY AND OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE Does your Projects performance align with your business goals? What metrics do you have to evaluate the value generated by your projects? Are you using the right processes and tools to be more effective and efficient on your services and implementations?
  3. 3. Typical problems: • No structured process to measure project delivery Performance • High Operational and Overhead Costs • Lack of Project visibility and actions traceability, ineffective project communications.
  4. 4. Elements for Effective Projects delivery • Project Governance / Operational Excellence Practices • People ( Resources) • Project Management / Work collaboration Tools
  5. 5. Our Mission
  6. 6. • Effective Project Delivery (EPMO) • Operational Excellence Principles • Work Collaboration Tools SERVICES
  7. 7. The OE Process Key Processes Update Tools / Solutions Improvement Measure Current Project Deployment
  8. 8. If I stick on my current situation….. • Most of the information remains in a few people head. • Mistakes on processing and implementation by not standardized / control check procedures. • Possible over costs by insufficient or lack of planning or follow up • No alignment with your strategic business goals. • Possible increase on Customer complains and loss of business
  9. 9. Case of Technical Services/ Contractor Company Contractor have several clients on different locations around the Country and some international around the year for equipment and software installations. They have a solid software but keep having problems with the following:
  10. 10. Problems that commonly arises with no PM Methodology • Inconsistency in deployment times. • Lack of Project status visibility for key stakeholder. • Numerous change requests and rework deliverables for client's requests. • Over costs on shipping costs for the same project, lack of inventory, insufficient parts / items control. • Lack of checkpoints , acceptance procedure to close the projects. • Difficult to track all expenses related to a Project and to accurately find net operating income per Project.
  11. 11. What an OE and Work Collaboration Solution will be able to help me about? • Assign your resources more effectively and to be able to go from 3 to 5 projects to manage up to 10 or more simultaneously. • Eliminate or reduce rework on project deliverables by implementing more effective and fast communications with the client and the team. • Control effectively your project delivery process making sure they are within the range of success expected with the client. • Manage your vendors and contractor more effectively with specific planning and SOW. • Streamline shipping, procurement and all logistics involved with the project's delivery. • Radically improves projects visibility and facilitate decision making process.
  12. 12. Process Standardization Process Mapping Continuous Improvement Productivity Enhancement Six Sigma Web Based enablers CRMs Work Collaboration Solutions Smartsheet MS Project Cloud Solutions OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE TOOLS
  14. 14. What steps? • Risk Free Operation Excellence assessment • Process / Digital Transformation • Key Performance Indicators review • Systems Integration
  15. 15. THANK YOU! Visit our site to find out more and write to