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Analysis of Barack Obama Election Campaign by Alexander Muehr

Analysis of the election campaign from Barack Obama. Videos have been extracted due to file size reduction.

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Analysis of Barack Obama Election Campaign by Alexander Muehr

  1. Yes, you can! Analysis of the election of a President Alexander Mühr, Draftfcbi Vienna Date: 04.03.2008
  2. How he made it to the White House?
  3. There was much against him from the start… – Newcomer – Inexperienced – Afro-American
  4. …and much to commend him – Natural leader – Charismatic guy – Gifted orator – Skilled networker
  5. First and beforehand: This guy is a winner.
  6. cool – calm – collected
  7. A winning product but also a great marketing strategy
  8. 1.
  9. Simplicity.
  10. 2.
  11. Consistency.
  12. CHANGE Hillary Clinton John McCain „Experience“ „Conservative” „Countdown to change“ „Maverick“ „Solutions for America“ „Hero“ „Straight talker” „Commander” „Experienced leader” „Patriot“
  13. 3.
  14. Relevance.
  15. 4.
  16. Integration.
  17. How did this strategic system work? Basically it is a system that combines old and new…
  18. „System Obama“ 8 Mi 800 Volun o M Bud io teers get 360 M$ 124 M$ Small Donors Gala Big Donors Meet&Greet www Multiplier Fundraiser Dinners Traditional Online Campaign Campaign D. Axelrod 1,5% Mio. User, Online Donations, Election +12 Strategen Blustatedigital Party Organizer, Download, Telephone lists Celebrities C. Hughes Level 1-10 Merchan- Classical Multi- Tour Social NW Video @/SMS Votes plier. Advertsing dising Youtube, Myspace, flickr, Blogs 1,5 Mio Members z.B. 5 $ Pack on 50 States TShirts, Pins, Vimeo facebook NBC Strategy Golfbälle 260 Mio. Voters
  19. The election campaign in a nutshell:
  20. Print Ad
  21. Print Ad
  22. Print Ad
  23. Billlboards
  24. Billboards
  25. Billboards
  26. Billboards
  27. Media coverage
  28. Celebrities for Obama
  29. Celebrities for Obama Robert De Niro, Leonardo Di Caprio, Scarlett Johansson, Will Smith, Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, Taye Diggs, Jessica Biel, Ryan Reynolds, Oprah Winfrey, Colin Powell, Sarah Silverman, Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Aniston, Dustin Hofmann, Courtney Cox, Sasha Baron Cohen, Julia Roberts, …
  30. Merchandising
  31. Merchandising
  32. Website
  33. Spanish Language Emotional Message in the Header Donate Button an Prominent prominenter Position Donate Button Social engagement Video content
  34. MyPage Activitylevel Community Tools Telephone- and Door2Door Campaigns with Geodata Facebook Reference
  35. Online Tools Online Tools For Grassroot Campaigning
  36. Telephone Marketing Tool Geo Targeting
  37. Tax Cut Calculator Tax Cut Calculator
  38. Download Area – Folders – Ringtones – Wallpapers – Buttons – Audio – Video – …
  39. eCommerce
  40. And what about John Well done too, but not that focussed and user oriented…
  42. Social Network Sites
  43. Facebook
  44. Facebook Duel Obama vs. Mc Cain 5.761.714 Supporters 584.058 Supporters
  45. MySpace
  46. Twitter Tweets at least daily or twice a day
  47. Blackplanet (Afro-American Community)
  48. Batanga (Hispanic Community)
  49. Asian Ave (Asian Community)
  50. Glee (Gay & Lesbian Community)
  51. The Great Schlep - Jewish Community
  53. Newsletter Marketing
  54. Newsletter Marketing – min. 1 per day! – Donation button in every newsletter – Very emotional copies – Different senders (Michelle, Joe, ordinary staff…) – Triggers (T-Shirts, Seats for election parties..)
  55. Reaction to Nasty Turn Less than 24 hours ago Mc Cain launched the latest and lowest in a series of misleading ads Make a donation of 5$ or more to get our new response on the air
  56. Camp Obama Camp Obama is your chance to step up and become a leader in this movement
  57. Front row to history If you are selected you and your guest will be flown to Chicago and given a front seat to history Your support will have a huge impact As a bonus we will send you a special edition Change the World T-Shirt
  58. November 5th …I wanted to write to you first… All of this happened because of you!
  59. Mobile
  60. Mobile Tools
  61. iTunes App-Store
  62. iPhone Apps
  63. Sonic Lighter (iPhone App)
  64. Obama Mobile
  65. Alert SMS
  66. User Generated Content/Advertising
  67. Obama Girl
  68. Obama Girl Song
  69. Lincoln Memorial “Messages to Obama”
  70. Obama Wan Kenobi
  71. Dirty Campaigning
  72. Anti-Obama Campaigning
  73. Anti-Obama Campaigning
  74. Anti-Obama Campaigning
  75. Anti-Obama Campaigning
  76. Anti-Obama Campaigning
  77. Anti-Obama Campaigning
  78. Anti-Obama Campaigning
  79. Anti-Obama Campaigning
  80. Anti-Anti-Obama Campaigning
  81. But Barack Obama did negative campaigning too…
  82. Anti-McCain Campaigning
  83. Anti-McCain Campaigning
  84. Anti-McCain Campaigning
  85. Anti-McCain Campaigning
  86. Anti-McCain Campaigning
  87. Anti-McCain Campaigning
  88. And after Nov 5th … ? Ongoing campaigning!
  89. After election is before election Call to join „Renew America“ Newsletter invitation to Inauguration
  92. Hompage with revolving News-Header
  93. „Briefing Room“ (Blog)
  94. Agenda
  95. Rich Media Content (President Slideshow, First Pets,…)
  97. „What has that got to do with me ?“, some may ask „Political campaigning is different!“ „Politicians can not be compared to a consumer brand!“ „Our budget is not anywhere near such a budget!“
  98. Right. But: Advertising is communication and its (current) rules apply everywhere!
  99. Conclusion 1. We are the Web Online has become the steering platform
  100. Conclusion 2. Be new, be old Combine the best from real and virtual worlds.
  101. Conclusion 3. Catch, don´t copy Copy / Paste will possibly not work. Try to be the first.
  102. Yes we can do great campaigns too!
  103. Contact Alexander Mühr Client Service Director DRAFTFCBi ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Directmarketing & Interactive Ges.m.b.H. Schottenfeldgasse 20 1070 Wien, Austria T +43 (1) 37 911 M +43 (699) 13791112 F +43 (1) 37 911-75 Latest DRAFTFCBi releases:
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