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New media technologies in construction, researching,

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New media technologies in construction, researching,

  1. 1. New Media Technologies inconstruction, researching, planning and evaluation.
  2. 2. ResearchYoutube – Trailer Analysis (sound, cameraangles, mise- en scene and editing)Google images – analyse film postersIDMB – analyse film postersSlideshare – use to present powerpoints withresearch of other film trailers on
  3. 3. PlanningPrezi – present ideas in flowcharts and diagramsBlogger – help present a range of ideas,including ideas and drafts that have been drawn
  4. 4. ConstructionPhotoshop – used to create poster, magazineand logoFinal Cut Pro – used to edit and special effectsto the trailerSemi- Pro Camera – used to film all the footage
  5. 5. EvaluationScreen Capture – To explain what choices weremade and recording the screen to showparticular partsLaptop/Webcam – to record evaluationquestions