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Blogging ZOMG


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An overview of why you should blog, blogging platforms, tips on writing and ideas for blogs, and promotion and tracking of your blog.

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Blogging ZOMG

  1. 1. BLOGGING ZOMG! Alex Miller
  2. 2. WHY BLOG? External rewards Get a job! Get into conferences free! Get free books!
  3. 3. WHY BLOG? Internal rewards Practice at writing, communicating, storytelling Vetting your ideas Visible body of work
  4. 4. WHERE TO BLOG? Wordpress Blogger Posterous Tumblr
  5. 5. SYNTAX HIGHLIGHTING Alex Gorbachev’s SyntaxHighlighter Supported on most platforms (Google for how) Gist embedding Supported on Posterous, Blogger
  6. 6. WRITING A single idea, closely examined Tell a story Make it personal Help the reader be awesome Break up long runs of text Use relevant pictures / diagrams / tables / quotes / lists Re-read and edit
  7. 7. IDEAS Keep an idea file If you have a hot idea, write it now Persistent searches for news (Google alerts, Twitter) Mailing lists Other blogs - turn comments into blogs Write a list post Ask a question Explain an error message (great for Google searchers)
  8. 8. GOOGLE SEARCH TIPS Good title, good headers (keywords!!) Tags / categories Links Site map (depends on software) Metadata
  9. 9. GOOD LINKING Link a topic once, either on first use or most important use Link frequently, but carefully Use link length to direct focus Link to bloggers you want to notice you
  10. 10. KEEPING READERS Tags/categories Date urls / links Posts like this Recent posts Next / previous Popular posts Link to your own blog
  11. 11. ABOUT Prominently display: Name Picture Email / Twitter / contact info Short bio
  12. 12. COMMENTS Allow them! Respond to them! (well, not all of them) Spam control - Akismet, moderation, captcha Allow comment subscription (return visits) Gravatar - pictures with comments
  13. 13. PROMOTING Blog aggregators - JavaBlogs, AllTop Link-sharing - DZone, Reddit, Digg Article re-posting - JavaZone Mailing lists - Java Posse, user groups Social media - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Stack Overflow
  14. 14. TRACKING Google Analytics - traffic sources, searches, content ewebcounter - one of many for real-time feedback Technorati - blog rankings - ranking, seo, etc
  15. 15. ADS Google Adwords Everything else Direct relationships