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Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century - Teens in Tech Conf


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My presentation for Teens in Tech Conf 2.0. It's titled 'Entrepreneurship in the 21st century' and focuses on how teens can use new media to launch and get the word out about their startup.

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Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century - Teens in Tech Conf

  1. 1. Entrepreneurship in the 21 st Century with Alex Nichols @alexnichols © 2010 Alex Nichols
  2. 2. Who is Alex Nichols? ✤ Founder of: ✤ I Love Code ( , a tutorial site for people who want to learn how to code. ✤ Nichols Consulting, an IT Consultation firm to businesses ✤ Take A Tee, a small company that sells tech themed t-shirts. ✤ I am the Director of Marketing for Teens in Tech Networks ✤ Marketing/PR ninja for CloudApp (
  3. 3. World is Changing Fast ✤ Marketing today is radically different than it was in the past. ✤ Great environment for teens who are entrepreneurial ✤ The Internet has leveled the playing field – you no longer need billions to launch and grow a business
  4. 4. This is Then... ✤ 3 TV networks ✤ 5 national magazines ✤ 1 Local Newspaper
  5. 5. The “good ole’ days” are over.
  6. 6. ...And now ✤ 1000’s of TV stations ✤ 10,000+ magazines ✤ Dozens of Local papers ✤ Social Networking ✤ Mobile Devices
  7. 7. Now, “Brands” are created overnight thanks to the Internet…
  8. 8. Search Rules – Get What You Want, When You Want it.
  9. 9. Growing Gap between How Money is Spent by Marketers vs. How Consumers Are Spending Their Time Ad Spend vs. Media Time 100% 7% Online 12% 35% 75% 12% Radio 20% 32% Newspapers 50% 5% Magazines 8% 25% 37% Television 33% Ad Spend Media Time 0% 2006 2006
  10. 10. Traditional Marketing ✤ Newspapers < Internet Marketing ✤ Twitter ✤ Television ✤ Google ✤ Magazines ✤ Blogger ✤ Yellow Pages ✤ Facebook
  11. 11. What is Social Media? ✤ A fresh direction for marketing allowing companies to talk with consumers instead of talking at them ✤ Platforms for interaction and relationships, not just content and ads
  12. 12. The Reach of Social Media ✤ More than 6 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each day (worldwide) ✤ Around 1 million tweets are posted every day ✤ 12 hours of video per minute uploaded to YouTube - Over 150,000 videos a day are uploaded to Youtube
  13. 13. This phenomenon represents a fundamental shift in the way we communicate. This is not a fad, nor is it used just for personal reasons.
  14. 14. 1 billion There are now over 1 billion content creators, hundreds and hundreds of millions of millions . of distributors
  15. 15. Teens Can Take Advantage of These Trends: Teen-trepreneurs
  16. 16. What Do You Love? What Interests You?
  17. 17. Find a Team
  18. 18. Get the Boulder Rolling
  19. 19. Make some monies ✤ Get users to participate ✤ Identify the value of this audience and estimate site engagement and users ✤ Find advertisers interested in this audience ✤ Maintain scarcity – don’t load up the site for ads
  20. 20. Marketing
  21. 21. Get Known ✤ Create a website ✤ Find similar people on Twitter and connect ✤ Publish your ideas ✤ Talk about your products and services and get others to do the same ✤ Build up a reputation of good service by listening to feedback from your customers and providing a good product.
  22. 22. Create Effective Branding Good: ✤ Branding is the DNA of your company – reflects your company, value, products ✤ Also helpful is having a good Bad: logos – they communicate this brand DNA
  23. 23. Design matters Good ✤ Clean, tasteful design ✤ Easy to use ✤ Straightforward ✤ Focused on Content
  24. 24. Case in point Bad ✤ Hideous design ✤ Too many bright colors ✤ Complicated ✤ Attempts to fit too much information in a small space
  25. 25. In Conclusion ✤ There has never been a more friendly time for Teens and entrepreneurship ✤ Massive changes in the media world have leveled the playing field so anyone with ambition and good ideas can create a business and a brand for themselves ✤ Leverage social media and search – learn how it works and do it regularly ✤ Always figure out how the idea can make money – a good idea without a business plan will often fail
  26. 26. Questions? ✤ Feel Free to contact me at ✤ ✤ ✤