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Marketing to Hispanics with Social Media.


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Why market to Hispanics? Why use Social Media? Which Forums? This info-graphic shows 4 great reasons.

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Marketing to Hispanics with Social Media.

  1. 1. Marketing to Hispanics with SOCIAL MEDIA Hire arbitrarily “Hector from accounting can run this campaign, Im pretty sure he speaks Spanish…” Digital marketing for the U.S. Hispanic & Latin American markets | 415.625.5130 Finding the interests of your Hispanic market can be difficult. Here are some tips to help you out when generating content: 57% of Hispanics always go to the internet to look for deals compared to 43% of the general market. 72% of Hispanics prefer an online product rating over a friends opinion. 17% of US Hispanics are Twitter Users. Hispanics are more likely to learn about brands and purchase online. Hispanics are a very social group with high usage of social media. 46% of Online Hispanics are under 35. 32% of Hispanics access the internet through smart phones compared with only 20% of the General Market. Hispanics are nearly 2x as likely to search the internet with an iPhone compared with the general market. Hispanics are younger and adopt online trends more quickly. Why Use Social Media? F The “Do’s” and “Don’ts” Post inaccurate Spanish and outdated content No Google Translate Grammar is essential, use accents Spanish profile with links to English pages What good does it serve the Spanish speaker? Bi-cultural . Bi-Lingual (equal or nearly) . Immigrant as child or young adult . Many Hispanic cultural practices Americanizado . English dominant (nearly no Spanish) . Born in US; 3rd+ generation . Few Hispanic cultural practices Nueva Latina . English preferred (some Spanish) . Born in U.S.; 2nd generation . Some Hispanic cultural practices; often “retro-acculturate” 27.4% 27.4% 16.5% 16.2% 14.5% Latinoamericana . Spanish dominant (nearly no English) . Recent immigrant as adult (less than10 years ago) . Primarily Hispanic cultural practices . Identify with home country more so than the U.S. There are 5 main groups of Hispanics today. You must consider which groups you are marketing to for your campaign. Know Your Audience Hispano . Spanish preferred (some English) . Immigrant as adult, have been in the in the U.S. 10+ years . Pre-dominant Hispanic cultural practices Other Forums have their strengths For U.S. Hispanics, Facebook and Twitter are key. Robust for marketing purposes Hispanics over index on Twitter use Which Forums? Dominates Brazil for social networking A Community specifically for LatinosExperencing a growth spurt; 10 % growth in October Traditionally popular with Hispanics Do: Don’t: Translate Social Media Listening Tools can help Use tools such as HootSuite and Crimson Hexagon Use Data from Hispanic marketing and PR firms Pew Hispanic and Social Media Spanish are good places to start. Develop well-translated, natural-sounding content Not just a straight translation from English Date Published 2001 Why Market to Hispanics? Current Population of 50 Million (17% of all U.S. Population) By 2050, 33% of Americans Will be Hispanic Rapidly growing purchasing power By 2013 US Hispanic purchasing power should exceed $1.3 trillion Average Household Income is $50K+ (and growing) $1.3 Trillion $50K+ 50 Million 33% Here are 4 great reasons: 1 2 3 4 “Why Marketing to Hispanics With Social Media Works” Infographic brought to you by: Source: 10% of online Hispanics have recently checked in compared to 3% of white Americans. 54% of Hispanics regularly use Facebook compared with only 43% of white Americans.