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Alfresco Day BeNelux: Alfresco and Activiti Roadmap update

Alfresco Day BeNelux: Alfresco and Activiti Roadmap update, Paul Jongen and Bert Moons

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Alfresco Day BeNelux: Alfresco and Activiti Roadmap update

  1. 1. Alfresco Business Platform Highlights Paul Jongen: Director Solutions Engineering Bert Moons: System Engineer BeNeLux - Nordics
  2. 2. Agenda • EFSS Enterprise File Sync & Share • ADF (+ demo) • Activiti (+ demo) • Alfresco for Sales Force (+ demo) • Records Management 2.5 (+ demo) • General Roadmap update 2
  3. 3. Content ServicesProcess Services Alfresco Digital Business Platform Engaging UX across Mobile, Web, Desktop & new Application Development Framework Integrations, Intelligence and Analytics Services On Prem, Cloud, Hybrid, Managed
  4. 4. Enterprise File Sync and Share • Enable more users to contribute • SIMPLE is key EFSS Simple Web Client Mobile Apps Desktop Client Sync
  5. 5. SimpleWebClient
  6. 6. 1. Create new word document 2. Save to a local folder (or desktop). 3. Open web browser 4. Navigate to Alfresco 5. Find the required site/folder 6. Select ‘upload’, then select local file. 7. (Delete the local copy and open from Alfresco to make changes)… … or probably keep the local copy and edit that, forgetting to update Alfresco…) 1. Create new word document 2. Save local folder (Alfresco synced) 3. … 4. … 5. … 6. … 7. … Make local changes knowing the single, in-sync version of your file is available to be shared on Alfresco (with version history maintained). Desktop Client: Getting new content into Alfresco NOW With desktop sync
  7. 7. Business Process Management Alfresco Activiti App Development Framework •AppDevFramework Enterprise Content Management Alfresco One On prem, Cloud, Hybrid, Managed Integrations, Intelligence and Analytics Repeatable Solutions Engaging Apps across Mobile & Web App Development Framework
  8. 8. Reusable Components for Content and Process •ADFComponents
  9. 9. Activiti BPM
  10. 10. Activiti • 3 Types of users – End users – Key users – Technical users
  11. 11. Activiti • 3 Types of users – End users – Key users – Technical users
  12. 12. Activiti • 3 Types of users – End users – Key users – Technical users
  13. 13. Rapid Innovation Innovation 2010 2014 2015 2016 Activiti Team Open Source BPM Engine Sept - 1.0 Cloud Feb - 1.1 Suite Release Apr – 1.2 ECM Integration Localization Heat Maps Process Audits Jul – 1.3 Dynamic Tasks Conditional Forms Box / Google Drive Document Templates Dec – 1.4 Business Rules Metadata Support Step => BPMN Stencil Improvements Supported Engine Administration May - 1.0 On-Premises Nov - 1.0 Commercial Open Source Alfresco Activiti
  14. 14. • Data Modelling – Easily connect to external data sources • Tighter ECM + BPM integration – Platform to build content and process centric applications • End User Improvements – Improved form usability with validation • Group Management – Support for teams and escalation of tasks • Administration – Easier development and support Summary Activiti 1.5 Release Summary
  15. 15. The Alfresco - Salesforce Flow Alfresco Content Connector for Salesforce
  16. 16. Why interesting for you? SuccessDefined 21 Collaborate easily with non-sales users (Logistics, Finance, HR, etc.) A single source of truth to manage customer content efficiently Ability to work entirely in one environment Ability to obtain a full 360 degree customer view
  17. 17. With Alfresco Content Connector you can… ContentConnector 22 Build content-rich applications on top of Salesforce’s App cloud Add compliance and governance to your Salesforce investment
  18. 18. Alfresco and Salesforce – Enabling collaboration across the firewall Alfresco Firewall Salesforce Sales Legal / Admin
  19. 19. Demo The Alfresco Salesforce Flow
  20. 20. Records Management … the end of the flow?
  21. 21. What are Security Marks & Classification? • Provides an extra level of control over Records AND Content • Define security Classifications for documents/records (any content) – Default = Top Secret, Secret, Confidential – Levels are hierarchical • Custom security Groups/Classifications – AND, OR, Hierarchical • User given security clearance levels – Can see their level and below Classifications
  22. 22. Why Security Marks & Classification? • Finance – Secure deal rooms – Build walls between groups (protect client confidentiality) • Legal – Protect client / case information • Expertise / Certification – Access only to those with particular expertise or certifications • Police – Identify levels of access to Police/Crown Prosecution Service/Defence • Business Divisions – Control who has access based on operating division – Avionics, Marine, Electronics • Departmental Teams – Executive Core, Management Team, HR Team • Project Teams – Segment based on teams Examples
  23. 23. Demo Security Marks & Classifications
  24. 24. Alfresco’s development flow (aka Roadmap)
  25. 25. Engaging Experiences Direction Application Development More Engaging Share Experience Integrated EFSS Additional REST APIs, App Dev Framework, Visual Design Standards, Reusable UI Components Improved Site Search, Search Term Highlighting, Bulk Actions On Search, Shortcut links Folder Upload Native Mac and Windows Desktop Sync, Tailored Web Client, Hybrid Mobile Apps
  26. 26. Content and Process Direction Content Information Governance Process Sys Admin Support Tools, Simplified Site Management, Reporting & Analytics (SOLR based), Enhanced Secure Quickshare Security Marks, Data Segmentation, RM at scale, REST APIs, DOD 5015.2 Chapter 3 Certifications BPM+ECM Orchestration 1.5, Native BPMN Engine, ECM as a data source
  27. 27. Questions? • Today – 1:1 • Tomorrow – Our Product Management Team would be delighted to have a 1:1 conversation with you to discuss our roadmap and understand your future plans and needs → Contact Bert or Pieter • What will be in the next release? – Early Access Program just started → Contact Bert or Pieter 35
  28. 28. Thank You