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Starbucks- Digital Media Audit


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Digital Media Audit

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Starbucks- Digital Media Audit

  1. 1. STARBUCK’S Digital Audit Alysha Rajguru Bharati Bhirdi Apurva Patil 1
  2. 2. Starbucks is a premium coffee house that provides an exceptional experience to its customers Business Objectives: To be a branded coffeehouse that you can count on for genuine service, inviting atmosphere and a excellent cup of expertly roasted and richly brewed coffee every time To increase the use of Starbucks’ app via mobile marketing To capitalize on the engagement with customers via website while collecting valuable data that will enable them to enhance the experience 2
  3. 3. Target Audience DEMOGRAPHIC • Age - 18 - 55 • Income - Mid to high level Income spenders above BEHAVIOUR • These individuals live in urban parts of Canada & are highly tech savvy. • They are less price sensitive. • They are fascinated by innovation & are open to try new creations by Starbucks • Up to date with their favorite brand’s social activities. • They support environment friendly and social responsibility causes undertaken by Starbucks 3
  4. 4. Starbucks’s Website analysis Parameters STARBUCKS Website Security Provides SSL security. Page Speed graded D 12 second Ideal page size 2.11 mb Domain Authority Website has strong search ranking potential KLOUT score 87/100 Content Delivery Network Mobile Utility They use it Website has good mobile usability Languages available English and French  On clicking to install app it leads directly to the application store.  Social media links are integrated into the website which allows guest to check their handles with one click  Mobile friendly webpage, showcases the same information but compact  The website is user friendly and easily accessible  Its not cluttered and has ease of use Starbucks's WEBSITE 4
  5. 5. Tim Horton’s Website: They have 3 different webpage faces. 1. 2. Corporate 3. Tim Horton’s Children Foundation Tim Horton’s Website analysis • Starbucks is leading in the Engagement Metrics from Tim Hortons. • However they have a bounce rate of almost 80% which is not very good. • They are performing well on their visit duration, visitors are going through their webpage • However, it looks very cluttered, they have tried to put everything in one one page. 5Source: Tool:
  6. 6. Channel Analysis: Starbucks's Facebook Metrics Starbucks Social Audience 997k Posts per day 0.13 Interaction per post 421 Top hour of the day 1pm EDT Engagement Rate 0.092% What works? Improvements needed Their post frequency is good They lack engagement with their users They share their YouTube content on their Facebook channel, seamless integrating various platforms Their response rate on comments is low compared to the fans comments. They have a Facebook page specific to Canada They do not make use of hashtags frequently They target a wider age demographic on Facebook Age 20-45 6Source: Tool : RivalIQ
  7. 7. Channel Analysis: Tim Horton’s Facebook Tim Hortons’ is leading in the Facebook engagement Metrics Tim Horton’s Social Audience 3.16 M Posts per day 0.30 Top hour of the day 6 am EDT Engagement Rate 0.13% Response Rate 23.6% • Facebook page is constantly updated in accordance to current events • A lot of negative comments on the posts could be noticed – lacks response from Starbucks • There are not geographically specific pages - Only one global Facebook page • However we need to also keep in mind that Starbucks is not a Canada- specific brand • Followers around the globe have a singular Facebook page which provides a certain uniformity 7Source: Tool: Rival IQ
  8. 8. Channel Analysis: Starbucks's Instagram • The bio redirects viewers to their Website. • Their Instagram page is very engaging with followers tagging one another on the comments • Starbucks replies to selected comments • They use a combination of videos, GIFS and images Starbucks: Verified account- yes Followers: 16.2 m Posts: 1596 8Source: Tool: Rival IQ
  9. 9. @mcdonaldscanada: Verified account- yes Followers: 3m Posts: 520 Channel Analysis: Competitor’s Instagram @secondcupcanada Verified account- no Followers: 13.9k Posts: 658 @timhortons: Verified account- yes Followers: 267k Posts: 1025 9
  10. 10. What works? Improvement space Total engagement per tweet is higher than all of its competitors Presence is much lower than Tim Hortons on Twitter Creating customer relationships with high level of engagement Many negative comments on twitter Active twitter presence. Try to connect with the followers Bad reputation about services exposed on twitter Ongoing Campaign: Tweet-a-coffee let you give a $5 gift card to a friend by putting both @tweetacoffee and friend’s handle in tweet. To use this, users had to link their Starbucks account to their twitter and credit card to the account Tim Hortons: Verified account- yes Followers: 267k Posts: 1025 Average Reply: 2 hrs. Channel Analysis: Starbucks's Twitter 10
  11. 11. • According to the stats of rivalIQ Starbucks total Engagement rate on Twitter is the highest (1.98k) comparatively to the top three competitors • Starbucks average number number of posts per day is 115 which is comparatively less than McDonald’s • Starbucks has excellent customer support which responds to twitter queries frequently addressing the issues of the customers • Verified account- yes • Followers: 359k • Posts: 33.8k • Average Reply: 2 hrs Channel Analysis: Starbucks's Twitter
  12. 12. Rating – 4.5 stars Downloads – 10 million + Engagement - High Feedback –Positive (Reply given to each comment) However they only have a global app and it isn’t country specific Starbuck on the Apple App Store Starbucks’s Mobile App 12
  13. 13. Rating – 2.4 Stars Downloads – 1million Engagement – Very High Feedback – Mix (reply to each comment) Have a separate app which is country specific Rating - 3.00 star Download – 500 thousand Engagement - High Feedback - Mix (Not Replied to comments) Specific app only to Canada Rating – 3.9 Stars Downloads – 50 thousand Engagement – Medium Feedback – Mix (sometimes replied to comments). Only one Canada specific app Mobile App Analysis - Starbucks mobile app functions better than that of the competitors when measured overall on the basis on feedback, downloads & ratings. Competitor’s Mobile App rating Analysis 13
  14. 14. Search Engine Optimization SEO Analysis STARBUCKS MCDONALDS SECOND CUP TIM HORTONS PAID/ ORGANIC Paid & Organic Paid & Organic Organic Organic Starbucks is the only company who has paid advertisement on Google Tim Horton’s McDonald's Starbucks Second Cup 14
  15. 15. Channel Analysis: • - Starbucks has a presence on Starbucks with 336,840 followers. • -Competitors like McDonalds, Second cup & Tim Horton’s have not made an account on Pinterest yet. • They are active on their Pinterest and keep updating their account Takeaway: On Pinterest social media analysis Starbucks is doing well as compared to their competitors in the market. Channel Analysis: Starbucks's Pinterest 15
  16. 16. Channel Analysis: Starbucks's YouTube Starbucks Channel Analysis • Starbuck’s has really low engagement level on their YouTube channel • Upload frequency is low. • No regional specific YouTube Channel for Starbucks • Catering to a wide range of audience • Starbucks has videos catering to mostly English • Inspite, of being Global channel they have only 158 K followers • Their peak engagement timings are between 4 pm to 8 pm. • However, comparing to the average at which their engagement is, they are very low 16
  17. 17. Channel Analysis: Competitor’s YouTube • McDonalds Canada is leading in Canada specific YouTube Channel • They not only have videos is English but also in French, which means they are reaching out to far more audience than Starbucks • However some of their comments on the videos have been disabled • Subscribers can’t really interact with them • Tim Horton’s not only have a English YouTube channel but also a French language YouTube Channel • Their engagement rate is low. • They are not too interactive with their followers. • They have videos which have been viewed more than a million times. 17
  18. 18. GAP Analysis 18 Future state - To be the ultimate brewed coffeehouse - To increase use of My mobile app - To increase engagement with customer and enhance their experience Gap -Lack of connection with YouTube audience - Need to connect more with customers on Facebook - Website is global and not country specific Actions to close gap -Adapt to the latest technology to initiate innovative methods to communicate with your audience. -Run target specific campaigns and increase number of twitter parties and Instagram contest -Could also run referral programs to increase the traffic on all social media platforms
  19. 19. Recommendations: Platforms Recommendations 1. Need to engage and connect more with their fans 1. Need to comment more frequently 1. Post more often on their channel to increase subscribers 2. Can create a YouTube Canada channel 3.Promote comments and engagement as there was o engagement at all 1. Need to engage and connect more with their followers 1. Improve on their Page speed. 2. Include more language options to cater to a wider audience. 3. Reduce bounce rate on the website. Subtle changes on the way Starbucks currently performs digitally can improve their online presence 19
  20. 20. 20 Source: Source: