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Life style


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Life style

  1. 1. LIFE STYLE Prof.Amany RashadAboel-Seoud Community Medicine, Zagazig University, EGYPT
  2. 2. Definition  lifestyle is a manner of living that reflects the person's values and attitudes .  any combination of specific practices and environmental conditions reflecting patterns of living influenced by family, social history, culture, and socio-economic circumstances.
  3. 3. Health Behavior  is any activity people perform to maintain or improve their health, regardless of their perceived health status or whether the behavior actually achieves that goal.
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  5. 5. Lifestyle in relation to health Almost 80% of deaths could be prevented through a healthy lifestyle modification
  6. 6. Faulty lifestyles  Sedentary life  Unhealthy diet  Smoking, drug abuse  Alcoholic use  Lack of sleep  Stress
  7. 7. How to change life style
  8. 8. Using  Any health behavior change model (as Health belief model)  Social marketing
  9. 9. Barriers to behavior change:  Internal (lack of knowledge, absence of motivation)  External (changes that need to occur in order for the behavior to be more convenient or affordable)
  10. 10. Approaches to Healthy Lifestyles or Lifestyle Modifications
  11. 11. Approach: 7 Simple Steps to Healthy Living 1. Decide to live a healthy lifestyle 2. See where you are now 3. Understand healthy eating 4. Recognize the benefits of physical activity 5. Set goals and plan 6. Shop, cook, eat together 7. Support a healthier lifestyle for your family
  12. 12. Healthy lifestyle habits Keys of healthy lifestyle:  Participate in a lifetime physical activity program  Eat three nutritious meals each day  Avoid meaningless snacking  Maintain healthy weight  Do not smoke cigarettes  Get enough sleep  Avoid alcohol consumption  Control stress
  13. 13.  Prevention of drug abuse  Practicing safe sex  Surround yourself with healthy friendships & relationships  Be informed about the environment  Increase HEALTH education  Take personal safety measures  POSITIVE attitudes in the community  Protect yourself from diseases by Seeking early health care
  14. 14. Finally; "Adopting a healthy lifestyle does not mean that you have to stop enjoying life"