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5 Media Innovations From The Secret Deep Web

This is part of our SXSW Panel Picker Presentation for Julian Cole and Amber Horsburgh.

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Here's the theory: the best digital advertising innovations were created in the dirtiest places of the web - the Silk Road, cyber warfare, drug cartels, secret government bodies and porn. Julian Cole and I are embarking on a 6-month tour through these place in order to uncover the next big innovations inspired by what technology is being used in the secret deep web.

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5 Media Innovations From The Secret Deep Web

  2. The deep web is a network of sites hidden from search engines. It is used for a illegal activity and does not get covered by mainstream media. However a lot of innovation in digital advertising is pioneered here
  3. We’re embarking on a 6-month expedition through the deep web to uncover the next trends in digital advertising. AmberHorsburgh Strategist,BigSpaceship JulianCole HeadofCommsPlanning,BBH
  4. At SXSW we’ll surface the next big innovations in digital advertising inspired by the dark web
  5. Here are 5 inno dark web Here are 5 digital advertising innovations from the dark web Hereare5digitaladvertising innovationsfromthedarkweb
  6. innovation#1 Astro-turfing Native Advertising
  7. 50 Cent Party, Chinese Communists hired people to post favorable comments for money in order to sway public opinion on internet messaging boards. #1 ASTROTURFING
  8. Native advertising. A $4.6 billion industry. In January 2013, The church of scientology paid for a content series in The Atlantic praising the church's "ecclesiastical leader" in order to sway public opinion
  9. innovation#2 DDoSAttacks CrowdSpeaking
  10. Bulk efforts to temporarily interrupt a website for legitimate users. DDoSAttacks #2
  11. Winner: Cannes Lion Innovation, 2013 Thunderclap gets multiple users to send bulk promotional messages simultaneously via Tweets. #2 “The future of social empowerment” - crowdspeak
  12. innovation#3 SPAM Sponsored messages
  13. #3 SPAM Unsolicited bulk advertising messages.
  14. Sponsored messages, GMail now let’s brands send unsolicited bulk sponsored emails.
  15. innovation#4 Cloaking Welcome Ads
  16. Cloaking / Black Hat SEO Keyword stuffed content presented to the user before redirecting to the actual content they want to see. #4
  17. #4 Welcome Ads. Ad unit presented before being redirected to the actual content
  18. innovation#5 10 sec ads TrueView Ads
  19. #5 This ad will close in 30 secs A staple of torrent sites that makes users wait to watch content
  20. YouTube TrueView ads, introduced in 2010 + resembled the functionality from torrent sites. #5