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Ameex technologies


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Ameex is a trusted name for CMS clients and partners worldwide, offering proven end-to-end content management solutions.

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Ameex technologies

  1. 1. Ameex Technologies Overview : Ameex is a full service development firm based in Chicago, Illinois. Ameex is able to: help you to install and customize your SharePoint environment to meet your organization's unique requirements, develop your next Ektron project, define sound web strategies that focus on your organization’s content management objectives, create resourceful yet revolutionary mobile solutions that give you a competitive edge, open-source CMS(Drupal,Joomla,WordPress) development and solutions and provide managed services for you to enjoy the benefits of having an in-house technical team while avoiding the obligations that come with full-time staff. With offices located in five states in the US, as well as international offices in Belgium, Australia, and India; Ameex serves a diverse global client base. Our goal is to increase our client's revenues and contribute to the overall success of their ventures by providing the technical services that will propel them in today's competitive market. Services: Proprietary CMS Services : Ameex offers a wide range of proprietary CMS implementation services in Microsoft and other leading technology platforms. At Ameex, we know "One size doesn't fit all". Hence, we analyze your business process thoroughly and help you choose the appropriate CMS for your business needs. We have delivered several projects in the proprietary CMS space in the past few years.  Ektron Services  SharePoint Services  Site Core  Kentico Services Open Source Services Ameex, we realize that everyone's business is different. What might be the perfect solution for one customer might not be right for others. We make recommendations based on your return on investment, not ours. That's why,
  2. 2. in addition to proprietary solutions, we are proud to offer open-source CMS solutions to our clients. Our goal, through providing a wide variety of options to our clients, is to provide custom solutions tailor-made to fit the needs of any organization. At Ameex, part of our philosophy is to recommend to our customers the most effective and appropriate platforms to suit their long-term needs.  Drupal Development  Ruby on Rails Development  Magento Development  Joomla Development