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Linkers 5 to


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guadalupe 2016

Published in: Education
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Linkers 5 to

  1. 1. Mrs. Anabel Montes - English teacher
  2. 2. A few days later – Hace unos pocos días A few days passed – Pasados unos pocos días
  3. 3. After a while At first - Mientras tanto – Al comienzo
  4. 4. At that point By that time – En ese punto – Para esa hora
  5. 5. In the end Initially – Inicialmente – Al final
  6. 6. Later that night One day – Al final de la noche – Un día
  7. 7. The following week The next day – La semana siguiente – El día siguiente
  8. 8. Beginning Middle End At first One day Initially In the end After a while Later that night By that time The next day At that point A few days later A few days passed