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ProForm 850 Elliptical Trainer Review


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Here we provide a thorough review of the ProForm 850 elliptical trainer. For a lot more health, fitness, and wellness information, please visit

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ProForm 850 Elliptical Trainer Review

  1. 1. ProForm 850 Elliptical Trainer ReviewAs good for you as working out on an elliptical trainer is, it isnt always easy to keep at it as long asyou know you should. The ProForm 850 solves this problem with Game Fit technology. That meansthis elliptical trainer includes onboard games to keep you engaged (without getting bored) and workingout longer.Here at Health Brainz, our goal is to help you achieve the health and fitness you seek. And sinceregular aerobic exercise is a key component of being healthy and fit, we review various pieces of homeexercise equipment as part of this site.In this reveiw we examine the ProForm 850 elliptical trainer (2011 model) in order to assist you indeciding whether this piece of equipment will best suit your needs.To begin with, you might wonder if its in your best interest to choose an elliptical trainer. So, letsconsider what the advantages of working out with one of these are.For one, elliptical trainers enable you to achieve the aerobic benefit you require with a relatively smalltime commitment. Physicians will typically tell you that, in terms of heart health, 20 minutes ofvigorous aeoribic training 3 times per week will greatly increase the health of your cardiovascularsystem. This is easily accomplished on an elliptical trainer. We recommend 20 minutes per day, withone day off per week.However, some forms of aerobic exercise subject your body to high-impacts that can cause injury.Elliptical trainers allow you to work out hard, burning calories and fat and strengthening yourcardiovascular system, without the impact. In other words, without injuring your body, you can get anexcellent workout.In addition, this type of training works out your entire body. With regular use, you will become leanerand toner, top to bottom.Along with these benefits, its worth noting that you do not need to develop any elaborate skills toproperly utilize an elliptical trainer like the ProForm 850. Some exercise regimens require you workextensively on proper form in order to realize their benefits. This type of workout, however, allows youto just hop on and go, right from the start.The advent of modern electronics means trainers like the ProForm 850 include a suite of built-inprograms you can choose from to find the perfect regimen for your needs.While its true that, statistically, people who have a workout system in their own homes do better at
  2. 2. achieving their fitness goals, the equipment can end up taking up a lot of space -- space many of ussimply do not have to spare. The ProForm 850 is reasonably compact and serves your total body fitnessneeds. This being the case, you will get the workout you require with a piece of equipment that takesup relatively little space.What are the Pros and Cons of the ProForm 850 Elliptical Trainer?Pros • Users typically report that the ProForm 850 is sturdy and provides a wobble-free workout. If youve ever used an unsteady device, you know how important this is. • The 18" stride-length allows most users to fully extend their arms and legs for maximum benefit. • Most users have reported that you get a "gym quality" workout on this trainer. • The integrated mp3 dock and built-in speakers perform well, freeing you of the need to wear your mp3 player or earbuds. • The resistance system is "frictionless" and enables you to change resistance levels on the fly. • The display is easy to read and provides you with a wide viewing angle, making it viewable for both taller and shorter users. • Sturdy construction allows you to get a squeak-free, stable workout. • The ProForm 850 includes 12 program presets that allow you to select the workout level appropriate for your needs.Cons • A complaint some users have expressed is that the heart rate monitor may not be as accurate as youd like. Unfortunately, this is a common shortcoming of these types of monitors in general, so unless the technology itself improves, we rate this as a non-issue. • Although you only need an allen wrench to assemble the ProForm 850, and although the
  3. 3. process is clear and straight-forward, it can take a while to put this device together. One user did recommend taking the hardware kit to the hardware store and replacing the allen-head bolts with ones you can use a wrench to tighten. She said this expedited the process. • Not all users have found the integrated games to be of any great value, preferring instead to listen to music or watch TV while working out. This is a matter of personal preference, however, and others have reported enjoying the built-in games.Specifications • Front drive design • Frictionless resistance system • 18" stride length • 275lb user capacity • Weight: 143 pounds • Light Touch™ Interactive Controls • 12 program presets (Game & Train™) • 12-level SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance • EKG™ Grip-sensitive handlebar pulse reader • Gamefit™ technology that includes integrated games • ClearView Backlit Display • Lifetime warranty on the frame, 10 years on the brake, 1 year on parts and labor • Interplay music port compatible with the iPod • Stabilitrack • MSRP: $999.99, available for $639ConclusionIf you want to get fit and burn fat, and you want a relatively inexpensive yet high-quality ellipticaltrainer for your home, the ProForm 850 elliptical trainer is a good choice. It is a compact, space-saving trainer that will provide you with a complete workout and wont cost you and arm and a leg.Moreover, the Gamefit™ technology and Interplay™ music ports will help keep you engaged in your
  4. 4. workout so that, overall, you gain the maximum benefit. The price set at 36% below MSRP you canget through Amazon makes this an especially appealing deal.Want to know more? Check out this short video to learn all about it. ==>Click here to buy your ProForm 850 Elliptical Trainer<==Anders Anthony has a passion for health, fitness, and wellness and enjoys sharing what he has learnedwith others. He regularly writes for on health and wellness.