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Benefits of healthy lifestyle


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Benefits of healthy lifestyle

  1. 1. Thorne McIntosh Professor Brookins Intro to English Composition 16 September 2014 The Benefits of Living a Healthy Lifestyle Have you ever wondered if it is worth working out, running on the treadmill or eating healthy? Living and practicing healthy habits throughout your everyday tasks are very important to one’s life in many ways. You want to take care of your body so it can take care of you in the long run, but there are many ways to gets off track of this goal. Some of us need some help as we strive to better our physical being and realizing why it is important to live with these ethics. The benefits of living a healthy lifestyle are participating with friends and family in activities, having confidence with your everyday tasks, and saving money on doctor visits and medications. Throughout life mostly everyone dreams about having that perfect family and dream house, but a lot of us don’t think about the decisions we make that could affect our future wellbeing. Being in a healthy lifestyle routine will keep you in shape for them vacations, family event or sport games you and yours friends been talking trash about the whole week. When you have a young child they’re full of energy, running all over the place, bouncing of walls and always on the go to the next thing that interests them; the big problem with that is that you have to match that energy and keep up with them as they have fun being active throughout their early growing years. Whether it’s going out throwing football, playing basketball or taking the family on a vacation our physical shape takes a big toll in our decisions we make through these moments. We don’t want to be on the sidelines as Americans; we want to be in the mix living that moment with our loved ones as they enjoy life but if we choose an unhealthy lifestyle we could be
  2. 2. missing out on those precious moments in life. Our family and friends want the best for you and the best isn’t going to be eating junk food, not exercising, and being constantly wore out from not being able to keep up with our activities we enjoy doing. Along with living a healthy lifestyle benefits such as having the confidence in life to tackle your everyday decisions. Confidence can control one’s life and the decisions they make from the workplace to the family decisions or how they carry themselves. Most individuals with poor health have a sense of depression of not living up to who they want to be or who their family and friends see in them. In their career a lot of boss’s tend to lean towards the ones with high confidence, and most leaders and captains are very confident with who they are which translates into their actions. Benefits seem to follow those with high confidence but those with an unhealthy lifestyle seem to be more self-conscience and taken pack around new groups or friends. To contribute to the benefits of pursuing a healthy lifestyle is a huge factor in the world today and that is money. Saving money is a huge deal in times such as these with everything going up and jobs going down. Money is something that living unhealthy can sneak up and be very expensive. One of the ways it is expensive is more doctor visits and medications, and means more gas driving to the hospitals or doctor’s office. No one likes going to the hospitals for any reason and it is very expensive to be checked up on which leads to having to pay for medications and medicine to fight the illnesses you have. Often you have to schedule your day around these visits which cause conflict on your job, family time or just going out and hanging with your friends. Another way is the food consumption goes up which also affects your pocket. Buying a healthy snack or just getting something nice and light for lunch can save some money coming out your wallet. On the other hand going out to a sit down restaurant and eating junk can add up
  3. 3. quick to really put a pinch in your finances. You tend to eat more junk food that isn’t healthy that can add up to a nice amount of cash when you stop at a fast food shop twice a day for your meals. Also clothes seem to be a big deal with constantly have to get different sizes because those pants you had last summer just don’t seem to fit as nice as they did before.