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храна за здраве English version

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храна за здраве English version

  1. 1. Food for Health
  2. 2. The idea:  TraditionalChristian St. Nicholas feast Day and fish on the menu for children.
  3. 3. The invitation “A goldfish I caught,And a message for you she brought!”
  4. 4. St Nicholas Feast Table
  5. 5. Some students made a presentationshowing the benefits of fish on their menu.  We offered to everybody to join the fish feast table for St. Nicholas Day.
  6. 6. Parents, children and teachers “rolled uptheir sleeves” and went to the kitchen.
  7. 7. The event at the appointedday – December 6th! Both banks of the Danube greeted each other: In Bulgarian; In English; In French;
  8. 8. “Young ecologist” club presented ustheir investigations on fish food andits benefits for our health and growth.