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Safety Belts On...


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Safety Belts On...

  3. 3. GOLD IN SWISS FRANCThere are 5 charts, first four depict how Swiss Franc has appreciated against major currencies aroundthe world. The final chart shows how Gold has appreciated against Swiss Franc.I am quite curious to understand the information contained in the above trends… Gold a safe havenasset as well as a true global currency…. Swiss Franc at the same time has acted as a safe haven currencyin the past… The kind of appreciation seen in both is it can indication of the bid away from the riskassets towards safety… A more structural shift towards safe heavens… A vote of no confidence againstthe existing monetary order…Some people might say that it is also a reflection of wealth leaking out ofvarious regions of the world and piling on Swiss Bank Accounts (refer to Baba Ramdev for that ….)