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Project proposal for stitching unit


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Business Proposal

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Project proposal for stitching unit

  1. 1. Garment Manufacturing Unit Business Proposal The Project The proposed project is designed as a small scale garment manufacturing unit along with vocational training programme for the upliftment of the disabled population and employment for rural women. Readymade garment industry has occupied a unique place in the industrial scenario of our country by generating substantial export earnings and creating lot of employment. The employment provided by it is a source of livelihood for millions of people. It also provides maximum employment with minimum capital investment. This project report is prepared for the manufacture of Ladies garments, gent’s shirts and gent’s trousers as they find wide acceptance in local and international markets. Objectives  To alleviate poverty in the locality.  Upliftment of the rural population.  Job opportunity for the disabled.  To manufacture garments based on consumer demand.  To establish a revenue generating unit.  To provide high quality products at competitive rates.  To achieve customer satisfaction.  On the Job training in designing garments.  Employment for rural women. Scope Poverty is particularly widespread in the rural areas of our country. According to government unemployment in this region stands around 40%, over 60% of the working age population is “not economically active”. As a result, house hold incomes are very low, producing dire shortfalls in nutrition, education, housing, access to health care and the overall quality of life. The project aims at removing poverty among local women households and upliftment of the disabled by
  2. 2. improving their living levels through the setting up of garment manufacturing unit. The demand for readymade and designer garments is increasing due to its cost effectiveness and time-saving. Numerous industrial, educational, commercial, service and financial institutions are located around the outskirts of the rural locality. There are a great number of garment shops, functioning in the town and nearby places and this unit can sell their products through these shops also. Unemployment Rate Manufacturing Process Different types of materials like cotton, silk, georgette, jute, cotton silk, polyester etc can be obtained from cheapest places through bargaining keeping in mind the current trend of the industry. The quality of garments mainly depends on quality of fabric used. Therefore, care must be taken while purchasing fabrics to ensure good colourfastness properties, uniformity in shade etc. Generally garments are made as per customer's specification in respect of size, design and fashion. The manufacturing process includes designing, cutting and stitching the material based on standard size or customer demand. Employed Unemployed Disabled
  3. 3. Expenses Machinery / Equipments / Furniture o Needles -500/- o Machine Needle -1500/- o Threads -2000/- o Scissors, Accessories etc. -3000/- o Bobbins -1500/- o Sewing Machine -28000/- (7000 x 4nos) o Over lock stitching Machine -6000/- o Iron Box -2500/- o Measuring Tape -500/- o Embroidery Machine -8000/- o Ruler -500/- o Chalk -250/- o Cutting table -10000/- o Ironing table -5000/-
  4. 4. o Machine Table -16000/- (4000 x 4nos) o Office Table -5000/- o Shelves -8000/- Working Capital (Per Month) o Production Manager -15000/- o Cutting Master -9000/- o Tailors -20000/- (5000 x 4) o Designer -13000/- o Store-Keeper -2500/- Raw Materials o Fabrics -50000/- o Trims and Embellishments -20000/- o Packing Materials -6000/- Utilities(Per Month) o Electricity -1500/- o Water Charges -1000/- o Stationary -3000/- Promotional Expense -10000/- Pre-Operative expenses -20000/- Travelling Expense -4000/- Total -273,250/-
  5. 5. Graph - Expense Expected Outcome  The project can become the lifeline to many of the poor families in the rural areas.  Resultantly the morale, confidence and capacity level of the rural people can become very high and the status of the rural family and the community can be improved.  The empowerment of women can become the beacon light to their children, their families and to the society at large.  Increased income levels for the poor.  Increasing the quality of life of the rural women who are beneficiaries of this project.  Ensuring training and the upliftment of the disabled. 0 20000 40000 60000 80000 100000 120000