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Mediator Pattern


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Mediator Pattern

  1. 1. Mediator Design Pattern (Behavioral) -Mr.Anuj B. Pawar. Roll No. 51
  2. 2. Intent Mediator Pattern _ap2  Object Behavioral an object that encapsulates how a set of objects, which can interact and refer each other independently.
  3. 3. Motivation Mediator Pattern _ap3  Requirement of system –  A system needs objects to communicate with each other and should be able to share properties of each other.  Desired system will have –  Different objects which can communicate with each other.  Problem –  Object structure will have many connections between objects  Every object ends up knowing about every other.
  4. 4. Applicability Mediator Pattern _ap4  When one or more objects must interact with several different objects.  When simple object need to communicate in complex ways.  When you want to reuse an object that frequently interacts with other objects.
  5. 5. Example- Problem Mediator Pattern _ap5
  6. 6. Example-Solution 03/04/03CS590L Mediator Pattern6
  7. 7. Example-Steps Mediator Pattern _ap7  The list box tells its director that it’s changed.  The director gets the selection from the list box.  The director passes the selection to the entry field.  Director takes action.
  8. 8. General Structure Mediator Pattern _ap8
  9. 9. Participants Mediator Pattern _ap9  Mediator -defines an interface for communicating with Colleague objects.  Concrete Mediator -implements cooperative behavior by coordinating Colleague objects. -knows and maintains its colleagues.  Colleague classes -each Colleague class knows its Mediator object. -each colleague communicates with its mediator whenever it would have otherwise communicated with another colleague.
  10. 10. Related Patterns Mediator Pattern _ap10  Façade  Observer
  11. 11. Mediator Pattern _ap11 Thank You..