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What can Michelangelo teach us about innovation?


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Published in: Business, Technology
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What can Michelangelo teach us about innovation?

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  3. Communica te Service Rates Opinions Email SMS Social Media (Wiki, Blogs, Micro Blogs) Account Info Data Meta Data Collective Intelligence Share Collaborate Communicate Consolidate (Mash up’s) LanguageShare (Peer 2 Peer) Collaborate (Folksonomy) Communicate
  4. Wiki’s: Wikipedia has 19,611,501 articles written by 11,821,926 people across the world. 25 times more than Encyclopedia Britannica. Pictures: had more than 4Bn pictures uploaded in last 5 years. Documents: the biggest business media site for sharing presentations, documents and pdfs receiving 25 million visitors monthly. Video: is dominated by which has 28,800 hours of footage added daily with a billion videos served a day Niche Networks: with 60 million CV’s from 200 countries has changed the way brands search for talent. Social Networks: With over 400,000,000 active users on spending 5 & a half hours every month. Micro blogging: with 27.3 million tweets a day, Twitter is the biggest micro- blog platform Blogs : 126,861,574 as tracked by blogpulse and 42,234 new blogs started in last 24 hours. eMail: 90 trillion emails were sent on the Internet in 2009.
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  6. Known Known’s 1. Mobile is not one form factor 2. Mobile is not Web 3. Mobile has to sync with Web 4. Open Ecosystems will win over Walled Gardens 5. Location & Payments will drives VAS Known Unknown’s 1.Rich experience (with QR Codes & augmented reality) 2.Location Based Social Media 3.Rich mobile Adverts 4.NFC & Payments 5.New Security Challenges
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