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Appsfire publisher deck


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Appsfire Publisher Deck
A single powerful library to monetize your apps.

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Appsfire publisher deck

  1. 1. Appsfire SDK A single powerful library to monetize your apps Last version: 2.5
  2. 2. Bad ads kill user engagement Stop showing poorly designed ads Users get annoyed when they see ads for apps they already own Cheap tricks lead to accidental clicks and low conversion. Everyone loses. bad ads will cause you to lose users
  3. 3. Monetize with Sushi The most creative interstitial format vibrant colours stunning retina assets ultra fluid animations 2 apps can’t have the exact same design » Click to watch a demo Available for
  4. 4. Monetize with Ura Maki An innovative inside-out interstitial format don’t compromise your app design ad loads elegantly on side of the app Available for keep control of your app » Click to watch a demo Patent pending
  5. 5. Monetize with Sashimi The first native in-stream ad format beautiful, elegant, well-integrated fit your app structure & design DIY: 100% customisable » Click to watch a demo Available for
  6. 6. Monetize with Udon Noodle The first pull-to-refresh ad experience. located in the pull-to-refresh zone inline with a native iOS gesture used during timeout moments don’t freeze your content don’t disturb the user experience Available for » Click to watch a demo Patent pending
  7. 7. Monetize with Chirashi Transform your sashimis into a beautiful carousel customisable: select your animations (fade, zoom, fade & zoom) flexible: choose your sashimi open: take it as it is or build upon it » Click to watch a demo Available for
  8. 8. Appsfire Mediation Solution Free with unlimited impressions Available for Optimise your fill-rate Increase your revenue. Minimise custom development work Reduce users ad fatigue.
  9. 9. Why Appsfire? Keep users in your app Serve beautiful native ads Premium payout; Directly sourced deals No wasted inventory Localised in 14 languages Extensive framework and mediation support
  10. 10. Appsfire customers Mathieu Nouzareth, SongPop Founder and CEO “Great service, high quality traffic. I can only recommend working with Appsfire!” Ville Vesterinen, CEO GreyArea, “The service worked for us great. Recommended!”
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  12. 12. Contact info Contact us: