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Mission Critical OpenStack: Anthony Rees & Alex Tesch, HPE


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Mission Critical OpenStack - Running Production Workloads in a Programmable Infrastructure

Audience: Advanced

Topic: Operations

Abstract: In this session we will demonstrate three advanced use cases as deployed in production for a customer in Australia using infrastructure as code by leveraging on Ansible and Jenkins.

1) Automated deployment of an enterprise load-balanced infrastructure that makes use of LBaaSv2 in the customer web farm. How to bypass the autoscaling limitation with LBaaSv2 / HEAT and Ceilometer.

2) “Data Cloning as a Service”, how to automate the cloning of a 24 x 7 Mission critical database from a Production tenant to a testing tenant. Ansible is used to place an Oracle database in backup mode, take a snapshot of the volume containing the Database, clone the cinder volume and get transferred to a development tenant who will automatically start a clone of the production workload for testing purposes.

3) Test Automation as a Service – Using Heat we will deploy a Jenkins CI/CD rig and Selenium Grid server on OpenStack to create a Test Automation service.

Speaker Bio: Anthony Rees & Alex Tesch, HPE

Alex & Anthony have been working with Open Source enterprise technologies for the better part of 15 years and have presented at events such as the OpenStack Summit in Austin and LinuxCon NZ.

OpenStack Australia Day Government - Canberra 2016

Published in: Technology
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Mission Critical OpenStack: Anthony Rees & Alex Tesch, HPE

  1. 1. OpenStack® Summit Austin 2016 OpenStack® Day Canberra 2016 Mission Critical OpenStack Running production workloads In a programmable Infrastructure Alejandro Tesch Cloud Consultant Anthony Rees Cloud Consultant
  2. 2. About Your Presenters Alex Tesch – Presenter at both the Austin and Barcelona OpenStack Summits, OpenStack Day Sydney and LinuxCon NZ. – Working with OpenStack since Grizzly in 2013. 2 Anthony Rees – Presenter at both the Austin OpenStack Summit, OpenStack Day Sydney and LinuxCon NZ. – Working with OpenStack since Icehouse.
  3. 3. Running traditional workloads in OpenStack When a traditional infrastructure is placed under OpenStack, suddenly everything can be managed by code. – Backend powered by an Oracle DB server leveraging on Cinder volumes – Two Tomcat application servers running a dynamic web site based on Java – An enterprise load balancer based on LBaaS v2 known as Octavia – All orchestrated and scaled via HEAT and monitored by Monasca! 3
  4. 4. How the developers can leverage the IAAS Developers can now make use of the latest production data to run their tests. – Since Oracle is under OpenStack control, automating the database cloning becomes possible. – Standing up a test environment with up-to-date can be added to the CI/CD rig. – Faster development cycles which translate in faster go to market features. – All automated by code 4
  5. 5. 5 Stage 1:
  6. 6. 6 Stage 2:
  7. 7. 7 Stage 3:
  8. 8. 8 Stage 4:
  9. 9. 9 Github repo:
  10. 10. DEMO 10