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Aquakleen Reviews - To Ionize, or not to Ionize?


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Having access to clean, pure water is key to maintaining health. Anyone who has ever taken a science class, or even skimmed some Aquakleen Reviews knows this. The human body is mostly comprised of water, and water intake is essential to maintain all functions of the body.

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Aquakleen Reviews - To Ionize, or not to Ionize?

  1. 1. = To Ionize, or not to Ionize? = = March 2017 Aquakleen Reviews
  2. 2. = Something about us CLEAN WATER = HUMAN HEALTH Having access to clean, pure water is key to maintaining health.
  3. 3. = Aquakleen Reviews knows this Anyone who have ever taken a science class, or even skimmed some Aquakleen Reviews knows this. The human body is mostly comprised of water, and water intake is essential to maintain all functions of the body. As we know, the majority of the water sources on Earth, in their natural state, are unfit for human consumption (also widely available information in Aquakleen Reviews). But there is a lot of confusion about what type of water is the most beneficial to health and whether water treatment in the home is worth the price. This is the place where Aquakleen Reviews become especially helpful - Aquakleen Reviews are written by people like yourself to help you make decisions about your personal in home water experience. Today many people choose soft drinks instead of water as their main source of hydration, which places a lot of stress on public health institutions and education. Aquakleen Reviews discuss this at length, and commitment to better health education is something that unites writers and readers of Aquakleen Reviews. One of the most common sources of calories in the US is high fructose corn syrup, primarily found in soft drinks (a staple in many Aquakleen Reviews writer’s diets before the switch) , which is the main cause of obesity and related degenerative diseases.
  4. 4. = THREE IMPORTANT FACTORS The most practical and economically viable strategy to combat obesity and chronic disease is to replace all soft drinks and other sweetened drinks with pure water. Many Aquakleen Reviews detail a process such a this in homes in an effort to reclaim the health of one’s family. The problem is that most public water sources are loaded with hazardous contaminants such as fluoride and medicines, among other toxic substances. PRACTICAL AND ECONOMICAL ALKALINE WATER EXPERTS OPINIONS Filtered water should be your primary beverage if you want to enjoy good health, and many Aquakleen Reviews come from people who have made this change and enjoy their life more than ever as a result. But beyond the seepage of contaminants into water, there is the controversial subject of pH - alkalinity versus acidity. Many good things are said about alkaline water and its potential health benefits (even in Aquakleen Reviews occasionally), but are they true? The theory behind alkaline water is that alkaline (ionized) water is a powerful antioxidant with a surplus of electrons that can collect and neutralize the dangerous free radicals running through your veins. Commercial ionizer manufacturers say that alkaline water can correct the excess acid in your body, which can prevent or cure cancer, arthritis and other degenerative diseases. Some writers of Aquakleen have been swindled by these con artists, and other Aquakleen Reviews actually serve as a warning against Ionization and its lack of cost efficiency. Houston Tomasz is an expert on this subject. He has been in the water filtering industry for over 10 years and this article reviews some of the points discussed in a recent interview with Tomasz. I have also interviewed other experts on the subject. The conclusion from them is generally that ionizers that produce alkaline water are not something worth investing in. Aquakleen that agree with him are easy to find.
  5. 5. = Miracle potion in your tap Many of alkaline water enthusiasts are convinced of its effectiveness.
  6. 6. = FACTS AND REALITY Many of alkaline water enthusiasts (Aquakleen Reviews writers and otherwise) are convinced of its effectiveness and defend it vehemently. However, there is no scientific basis justifying the use of this water treatment system and consumers have fallen prey to skillful, manipulative marketers employing pseudo-scientific information in order to convince the public to buy their product. There are a plethora of pseudoscientific testimonies (some cited in Aquakleen) and studies on the internet that claim that alkaline water cures any disease. Many consumers, whether they write Aquakleen Reviews or not, give up after struggling to decipher scientific jargon and take the information at face value - after all, how could something so technical and hard to understand be wrong? This is a common marketing trick that unfortunately works on many of those who write Aquakleen. In fact there are very few formal scientific studies on the effects of alkaline water on health. Most of the information circulating on the internet comes from marketing campaigns, which has very little scientific validity.
  7. 7. = FACTS AND REALITY I've been approached multiple times to encourage me to sell these systems and I would have made a lot of money if I did, but I would never promote something I do not use personally, and I can assure you that I would never use ionized alkaline water as a primary source of water. I do not financially benefit from talking about this issue - I do not sell any product that competes with water alkalizers. The only purpose of this report is a public health message for consumers to be aware that alkaline water is not the miracle potion they want us to believe, regardless of what you find in normally trustworthy Aquakleen Reviews, or other sources. Many people do in fact notice an improvement in their health when they start drinking alkaline water, which is what makes the marketing so convincing - but I think the reasons are different and I am convinced that it is not a healthy strategy in the long run. Some people (as detailed in Aquakleen Reviews written by more savvy reviewers) experience a "rush" when they start drinking alkaline water, which may be due to detoxification and the fact that they are probably hydrating better. Detoxification is basically the only benefit of this type of water, which is limited to a very short period of time (no longer than a week or two). Some Aquakleen Reviews note this period, and the very short amount of time it lasts.
  8. 8. = Types of potable water available There are many reasons to avoid drinking tap water or as Daniel Vitalis, a pure water enthusiast, refers to it: "tap liquid". In terms of types of water, there are several types: - Purified water: Water processed which have been cleaned of impurities by reverse osmosis, carbon filters, deionizing, etc. This is the most common water referenced by us. - Distilled water: Water that has been subjected to a boiling process to remove the dissolved minerals to later condense the steam. Not commonly referenced in Aquakleen Reviews, but a good in home alternative! - Bottled water: Normally it comes from a spring and is purified by reverse osmosis before bottling it; although some brands simply bottle tap water! Several Aquakleen Reviews note this reprehensible practice. - Ionized or alkaline water: Water that has been separated into its alkaline and acidic fractions using electrolysis, taking advantage of the natural electrical charges that occur in calcium and magnesium ions. Alkaline water has a pH of 7 or higher. Luckily, talked about in a minority of Aquakleen Reviews. - Deionized or demineralized water: Water in which mineral ions (such as sodium, calcium, iron, copper, chlorine and bromide) have been removed by exposing them to electrically charged resins that bind to the minerals. Complex and not widely available yet, not often discussed in the company. - Hard and soft water: Hard water has a high content of dissolved minerals. Soft water is treated water in which the only cation (positively charged ion) is sodium. Talked about frequently in Aquakleen Reviews, one of the major motivators of people who write Aquakleen is regarding water softening!
  9. 9. = Understanding PH PH is a simple measure of the concentration of hydrogen ions
  10. 10. = Understanding PH The concept of alkalinity or acidity in your body it is based on the pH scale. PH is a simple measure of the concentration of hydrogen ions. In fact, the acronym pH is an abbreviation of "hydrogen potential". The higher the pH of a liquid, the less free hydrogen ions it has; the lower the pH, the more free hydrogen ions it has. A pH unit reflects a 10-fold change in ion concentration-for example, there are 10 times more hydrogen ions available at a pH of 7 than at a pH of 8. [ii]. This is one of the rare times that we’ll go into some more scientific detail than is available in our Aquakleen Reviews, purely to benefit you as a consumer. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, the pH of which is 7 neutral. Anything below a pH 7 is considered acidic with the acid from the batteries being an extreme example, about 1. Anything with a pH above 7 is alkaline or basic, with lime having maximum alkalinity, about 13. The natural water of the planet oscillates between 6.5 and 9.0, depending on the soil and vegetation, seasonal variations and climate, registering variations during the day depending on the sunlight. Human activities such as the dumping of toxic waste also influence the pH of water, something which those who write Aquakleen Reviews are united against, but recognize that they do not have the power to stop immediately. Aquakleen Reviews are a great way to spread information and find contacts to talk about environmental health, though!
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