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CEMS Entrepreneurs Presentation

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CEMS Entrepreneurs Presentation

  1. 1. Connect CollaborateCollaborate Inspire Inspire ConnectEntrepreneurs October 2011 Connect ConnectInspire Collaborate ConnectCollaborate Connect 1  
  2. 2. 1   What’s CEMS Entrepreneurs?2   Why to join?3   What can you expect?4   How to become a member?5   Who’s the team behind? 2  
  3. 3. 1   What’s CEMS Entrepreneurs? CEMS  Entrepreneurs  is  a  global  pla/orm  for  CEMS     & students,    alumni,  faculty  members   Corporate  Partners   which  aim  to   connect   inspire   & Facilitate  collabora4on   between  CEMS  par=cipants  involved  in  entrepreneurship   Objec=ve:  to  unite  CEMS  Entrepreneurs,  cul=va=ng  entrepreneurial   culture  and  increasing  synergies  &  added  value  for  all  par=cipa=ng   stakeholders   3  
  4. 4. 2   Why to join? -­‐  Fast  growth  for  own   company   -­‐  Contacts  and   -­‐        Poten=al  partnerships     networking   Alumni   &  Investors   -­‐  Advice  and   Students   -­‐  Share  best  prac=ces  &   guidance  -­‐   Running  own  company     learn   -­‐  Learn  from   -­‐   Running    -­‐   Aim  to  start  new  ventures   -­‐  from  other   experienced   entrepreneurial   entrepreneurs’  exp.   entrepreneurs  and  startups   projects  &  startups       -­‐   Seeking  to  start  a   company     -­‐  Search  of  talent   -­‐  Give  advise  on   Faculty   new  ventures   -­‐  Spinoffs  and   Corporate   innova=ve  labs   members   -­‐  Share  experiences   -­‐  Ac=ve   Partners   -­‐  Encourage  and   involvement  with  -­‐  Running  courses   challenge  students   -­‐   Organize    compe44ons   CEMS  -­‐  Programs  with   -­‐   Intrapreneurial  ac4vi4es  entrepreneurial  focus     and  programs       4  
  5. 5. 3   What can you expect? Connect   Inspire   Collaborate   Chance  to  meet  and  interact   Learn  from  entrepreneurial   Find  poten=al  partners  to  with  CEMS  entrepreneurs  within   projects,  leverage   execute  new  ideas  and  ask  for   relevant  network  and   interna4onal  poten4al  and   advise,  explore  collabora4on  and   community   share  experiences   find  talent   5  
  6. 6. 4   How to become a member? website -­‐  Registra=on  process   -­‐  Applica=on:  Why  entrepreneurship  &  your  contribu=on   -­‐  See  Applica=on  process  in  our  website     Preselected members are welcomed to join at Facebook -­‐  Track  of  events  and  ac=vi=es   -­‐  Private  Group:  Get  to  know  each  other,  connect  and  share   instantly   6  
  7. 7. 5   Who’s the team behind? Ivo  Vasilev   Tomas  Laboutka   Ariadna  Masó   •  CEMS  Student  in  2009-­‐2010     •  CEMS  Student  in  2008-­‐2009     •  CEMS  Student  in  2010-­‐2011    Educa=on   •  ESADE  Business  School   •  Ro^erdam  School  of  Management   •  ESADE  Business  School   •  University  of  Sydney   •  University  of  Economics  Prague   •  HEC  School  of  Management   •  Current:  Co-­‐founder  of  Reyolaty   •  Current:  Co-­‐founder  of  FL  Ventures     •  Current:  Corporate  Finance  at  BBVA  Experience   •  Previous  experience:  EIR  Groupon,  VCs    and     •  Previous  experience:  Founding  3   •  Previous  experience:  PwC  consultant   other  start  ups   startups  in  last  6  years   •  Lean  Start  up,  Leadership,  Personal   •  Leadership  and  mo=va=on   •  Passionate  about  new  technologies  Other  interests   development   •  Models  for  global  scalability     •  Internet-­‐based  business  models   •  Fast  Growth  Business  Models