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Business Plan Review

Many entrepreneurs write their own business plan and fail to secure funding because it doeskin meet the required standard. We offer entrepreneurs and professional business plan review to help them secure funding in their business.

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Business Plan Review

  1. 1. Business Plan Review
  2. 2. Many Entrepreneurs Struggle When Writing A Business Plan.
  3. 3. In Most Cases Business Plans Are Not Of Required Quality To Obtain Funding
  4. 4. Common Business Plan Mistakes # 1 - Unclear Unique Selling Point (USP)
  5. 5. Common Business Plan Mistakes # 2 - Don't Sell Their Business In The Executive Summary
  6. 6. Common Business Plan Mistakes # 3 - Don't explain how they will achieve targets
  7. 7. Common Business Plan Mistakes # 4 - Insufficient Research Completed
  8. 8. Common Business Plan Mistakes # 5 - No Full Financial Model
  9. 9. Common Business Plan Mistakes # 6 - No Acceptable Exit Strategy
  10. 10. Common Business Plan Mistakes # 7 - Business Plan Not Tailored To Audience.
  11. 11. A Good Business Plan Should Contain:
  12. 12. Fundamentals of A Business Plan Clear Vision For The Business
  13. 13. Fundamentals of A Business Plan A Road Map for Success
  14. 14. Fundamentals of A Business Plan Clear Unique Selling Point (USP)
  15. 15. Fundamentals of A Business Plan Customer, Competitive & Market Analysis
  16. 16. Fundamentals of A Business Plan Marketing Plan
  17. 17. Fundamentals of A Business Plan Go To Market Strategy
  18. 18. Fundamentals of A Business Plan 3-5 Years of Financials which correlate with market size
  19. 19. Fundamentals of A Business Plan Experience & Skills of Management Team & Advisors
  20. 20. Fundamentals of A Business Plan Explanation of Why Potential Investors Will Invest
  21. 21. We Review Your Business Plan For:
  22. 22. Business Plan Review Compelling Executive Summary
  23. 23. Business Plan Review A Strong Business Model & USP
  24. 24. Business Plan Review Sufficient Research That Supports Value Proposition
  25. 25. Business Plan Review Marketing Plan Can Achieve Revenue Assumptions
  26. 26. Business Plan Review Revenue Assumptions & Financials Are Sound
  27. 27. Business Plan Review Exit Strategy & Investment Proposal Are Feasible & Attractive To Potential Investors.
  28. 28. Benefits Business Startup & Funding Advice
  29. 29. Benefits Full Financial & Business Analysis
  30. 30. Benefits Investor / Funder Criteria Checklist
  31. 31. The Business Review Process:
  32. 32. Step 1: Free Consultation The Free Consultation is an informal discussion about you and your business. We can decide which business planning service is best for you and if we can help.
  33. 33. Step 2: Submit Business Plan You then submit your business plan for a consultant to review.
  34. 34. Step 3: Recommendations A detailed consultation report with our recommendations and a checklist are sent to you.
  35. 35. Step 4: Free Support You should have all the information you need to compete an investor ready business plan. We provide free support if you have any other questions in the business planning process.
  36. 36. Our Promise We offer our clients a 100% guarantee on all our services.
  37. 37. Our Promise We do not stop working our clients until they have achieved their goals.
  38. 38. Our Promise All of our Payments are secured with PayPal.
  39. 39. Our Promise Non Disclosure Agreements Are Issued And Signed. Your Business Idea & IP Is Safe With Us.
  40. 40. Book A Free Consultation +44203 286 7829