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Free resources

Overview of our Free Resources for small businesses.

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Free resources

  1. 1. Free ResourcesFree Health Checks & Assessments for Small & Medium Sized Business
  2. 2. Margins are extremely tightwith small businesses and notaddressing problems can leadto the business failing.
  3. 3. Small businesses requiresolutions for their problemsquickly, effectively andwithout disruption to their staff.
  4. 4. Traditional business consultingmethods can be expensive,disruptive and can takeseveral weeks to find solutions.
  5. 5. Our Free Resources enables small-businessowners to solve business problems and issuesquickly and for freeFree Resources is S.A.F.E.
  6. 6. Simple1. Just choose theservice you requirefrom the “FreeResources“ menu..
  7. 7. Simple2. Fill out the form
  8. 8. Simple3. A consultant willwrite a preliminaryreport and send it priorto consultation.
  9. 9. Simple4. Consultation todiscuss preliminaryreport and choose acourse of action.
  10. 10. Simple5. The consultant willwrite a full consultationreport with thediscussedrecommendations..
  11. 11. Affordable All Health Checks and Assessments are Free. This includes a free consultation and consultation report.
  12. 12. FocussedWe solve oneproblem at a timeto stay focused onwhat is important toour customers.
  13. 13. Effective Our solutions are effective because we focus on what is most important to your business.
  14. 14. Effective We provide you with solutions to your most critical business problems and provide templates to help manage the business.
  15. 15. What you getAll Free Resources• Initial Report based on input from forms with recommendation and industry insights.• At least one consultation delivered virtually• Closing report with recommendations and implementation plan (if required)
  16. 16. Contact 286 7829 +447825 002 908arinobe_sme arinobe_sme