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Start up services


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Description of our startup services for entrepreneurs. Taking them from idea to business launch. Main services include startup consulting and business plan writing. Helping people to startup, get funding and launch.

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Start up services

  1. 1. Business Start-up Services
  2. 2. We help entrepreneurs to Start, Grow & Improve their business From developing your idea to rapid scale-up; We’ll make starting your own business easy, fast and successful.
  3. 3. Our solutions are focussed on helping entrepreneurs to overcome the main challenges they face in starting up and staying in business
  4. 4. We help you start a successful business by using two key tools to ensure your business is viable, well researched and risk assessed. How We Get Results
  5. 5. PM + (PS) * (OE - (C+E+P)) = Successful Business PM = Market PS = Product or Service OE = Optimised Engine C = Competition B = Business E = Economy P = Political F = Fuel (Cash) Business Success Formula
  6. 6. For a business to be successful there must be Profitable Market (PM) and a Product or Service (PS) that satisfies its needs and/or its wants. It's not enough to just have a great product or service anymore. Business success depends on your Product or Service firstly being noticed by the Profitable Market through effective marketing campaigns; then by selling enough of your Product or Service to have enough Cash or Fuel (F) to repeat the process. This is called the Engine (E) of your business. The more efficient the Engine is, the more profits you make. This is called Engine Optimization (OE). Engine Optimization (OE) is mainly an internal process. However, your business subject to several external threats you have to overcome. Competition (C) from other businesses is the main external threat. Your business can also be affected by Market (PM), Economic (E) and Political (P) factors that need to be monitored. Business Success Formula
  7. 7. The Business Framework supports the Business Success Formula and is blueprint for business improvement. Providing you with clarity, understanding and control of your business by: ● Increasing revenue ● Reducing costs ● Improving efficiency ● Driving innovation. Business Framework
  8. 8. Every business we work with is assessed against our Business Success Formula & Framework. Giving you assurance that your business is risk assessed and viable. Business Framework
  9. 9. We help you map out a path to reaching your goals. Whether it's to leave your job and start your business or its to triple your revenue over the next year. We can help you make it happen. It just needs expert advice, planning and proper execution. Helping You Reach Your Goals
  10. 10. Services
  11. 11. The Business Launcher is a business start-up service making it easier and faster for you to start your own business. We’ll help you at every stage, from idea to scaling up your business and competing with established brands. The Easier, Faster Way To Start-up
  12. 12. Our Business Plans, go beyond expectations. We’ll help you to develop your business idea, unique selling point and overall business model to help you achieve your desired goal. We will make sure you present your business to potential investors in a with a level of detail and professionalism they expect. Professional & Affordable Business Plans
  13. 13. Features
  14. 14. We’ll help you develop a winning business strategy. So you know where you are going and how you will get there. Business Strategy Services ● Corporate Strategy ● Business Planning/Budgets & Forecasts ● Growth Planning ● Dashboards, Scorecards & KPIs Business Strategy Development
  15. 15. Getting your marketing & advertising right is crucial for startups, it can be the difference between success or failure. We’ll help you research your target market, profile your ideal customers and build effective and engaging marketing plans and campaigns. Marketing Research & Marketing
  16. 16. Getting funding for your startup can be difficult and take a long time. Our advice helps you to focus on the most likely sources of funding and create business plans and applications specifically for your intended audience. This reduces time and increases effectiveness. Business Funding Advice
  17. 17. Cash is king. You need to keep on top of your finances to stay in business. When you are starting up we’ll provide you with a 3-5 years of financial model with projections. Including: ● P&L ● Cashflow ● Balance Sheet ● Breakeven Analysis ● Cost Monitoring Setup ● Management Accounting Financial Planning
  18. 18. The biggest threat to your business is your direct competition. We monitor what they are doing so you can stay compete and stay ahead. Our business analysis tools will ensure you understand your business, the your market and any other factors that affect your business. Business Analysis
  19. 19. Converting a business idea into a business can be tough. We'll help you turn your idea into reality by project managing your startup process. We’ll create a go-to market strategy and plan and help you stick to it. Every business we work with is assessed against our Business Success Formula & Framework. Giving you assurance that your business is risk assessed and viable. Setting Up Operations
  20. 20. Output
  21. 21. Depending on which service you choose you will get: - Professional Business Plan - 5 Year Financial Model - Go-To Market Plan - Business Startup Checklist - Marketing Plan - Detailed Consultation Report - On-going support What You’ll Get
  22. 22. Expected results are defined before we start work. All services are guaranteed for 1 year. Results Are Everything
  23. 23. We know that starting a business means everything to you. Our mission is to provide the best possible results as quickly as possible. Speed, Quality & Reliability
  24. 24. Relationships are about trust, we aim to build long term relationships with you. We build trust through offering free advice and micro-services. Micro-services, are low cost, high value packaged services that will make a huge impact on your business in a short period. We Work In Small Steps
  25. 25. We have worked with hundreds of businesses across the world. Here a just a few of our more recent ones. Previous Clients
  26. 26. "I spoke to other advisers but SGI proves how good advice can help grow a business. Thanks!!" David Miller - Entrepreneur Testimonials "SGI Consultants is the best service provider for startups & entrepreneurs. I would recommend them highly Ankan Kumar - CEO "Thanks!! Amazing customer services. Reliable and fast." Feona Dion - Business Owner “The Business Launcher helped not only start my own business but to also grow it" Ben Bowler - "Our business was stuck for a long time, we were just barely staying open. SGI helped us to grow our revenue, with just a few simple changes" Simon Thomas - Co Owner - Intrest-in-Fabric
  27. 27. Book A Free Consultation & Find Out How We Can Help You here Get In Touch +4420-7193-6584