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Brand plan for a SPA


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This is an assignment prepared by the students of Indian Institute of Mass Communication about a Brand Plan for a SPA.
It is strategy for a brand extension of an existing herbal products brand in India named Forest Essentials.

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Brand plan for a SPA

  1. 1. Brand Plan for Presented by, Group 1
  2. 2. Core Values Purity, Simplicity and Sensory Pleasures
  3. 3. Who am I? Personality Sophisticated, Elegant, Natural, Luxurious, Pristine , Delicate Culture Physique 1.Pride in Indian ethnicity 2.Deeply rooted in Ayurveda Golden Cap Indian Natural ingredients Packaging in dark, bright colours Golden tree Wooden interiors Relationship Trust of good quality, Unique treatment, Safety Timeless beauty revived though traditions Reflection The Elite Indian woman. She is simple yet beautiful. She is proud of her roots and indulgent. Self Image I feel Natural I feel Elite I feel Prestigious
  4. 4. What am I? Luxurious ayurveda to rejuvenates your natural beauty and keep it timeless
  5. 5. What about them and I? • Brand associations :Natural ,Best quality, Finest ingredients, Ayurvedic, Expensive, Safe,Mild,Indian,Green,Fresh,No chemicals, Rich. • Physical identity : Golden coloured tree (logo). Colours like pink, red, green, blue, golden, yellow, light purple are used on the packaging Flowers , Indian , demigods , golden cap are some of the things consumers remember • Target Audience: They belong to well off families. Indulgent.T hey love their Indian roots. They want natural ways to look better without chemicals. They value good quality and unique treatment.
  6. 6. Reflection : I think they may be from well to do families. They love their Indian roots. I feel unique, even though they use the product, they won’t use the same blend as mine. Memories of the brand : “I remember using the creams and body wash of Forest essentials. It gave me a relaxing bath. Although it is ayurveda, it does not have foul smell.” “I used the cream which made my skin more radiant and glowing. I remember it for the good results it gave me.” Competition: Body Shop (but thats not premium), Kaama, MAC (but has chemicals),Khadi, FabIndia Parameters of competition: Price, ingredients, benefit, results and availability.
  7. 7. So, what next? After 13 years since its inception, Forest Essentials proudly presents the launch of its first ever Spa. A place where you…
  8. 8. “Unwind in the luxurious indulgence of Ayurveda”
  9. 9. Forest Essentials proudly Who am I and why prefer me presents
  10. 10. Who am I talking to Variable Geographical Zone Segments Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Zones of India Demographics Gender Women Age Above 30 years of Age MHI Rs.1,00,000+ SEC A1, A2 Psychographics Personality Classy, Uncompromising on “Value for Money” Image conscious, Feels Strongly about what society thinks about them, She is deeply rooted to her ethnicity, She despises being unatural
  11. 11. What am I offering? Luxury Ayurvedic Spa services that will be based on 4 themes
  12. 12. Flora
  13. 13. Services Offered under this theme • Face Care- Massages & Facials - Catering to different flowers and their benefits • Hand and Foot Care- Manicures, Pedicures & Massage • Massages (Head/ Full Body/ Hair) • Essential Bath+ Oil Massage Combo • Rose Milk Bath+ Oil Massage Combo Various benefits derived from various flowers such as Hibuscus, Sunflower, Rose, Lilies, Cherry Blossoms, Jasmine etc Starting Range: Rs 1500 onwards
  14. 14. Fruits
  15. 15. Services Offered under this theme • Face Care- Massages & Facials - Catering to different fruits and their benefits • Hand and Foot Care- Manicures, Pedicures & Massage • Massages (Head/ Full Body/ Hair) • Essential Bath+ Oil Massage Combo Various benefits derived from various fruits such as Orangesdetanning, Bananas- Smoothning, Apples- Clove, Blackberries- detox, Starting Range Rs 2000 onwards
  16. 16. Wat er
  17. 17. Services Offered under this theme • Lunch Hour Make-over • Face Care- Massages & Facials • Hand and Foot Care- Manicures, Pedicures & Massage • Body Massages • Steam+ Sauna Massage package Starting Range Rs 2000 onwards
  18. 18. Earth
  19. 19. • Face Care- Mud Massages & MudFacials, Mud Packs - Catering to earthly benefits- Sandalwood • Hand and Foot Care- Hot Stone Massage • Massages (Head/ Full Body/ Hair) • Essential Mud Bath+ Oil Massage Combo • Hot Stone MassageTherapy Starting Range Rs 2000 onwards
  20. 20. Dining with Us • Every body is either Kapha,Vata or Pitta. • In Essentia, we believe in suggesting you the food which suits best for your body. As a result you eat healthy without compromising on taste. •
  21. 21. Where will I be present? • • • • • • Delhi- Chattarpur farms Mumbai- Aarey Mansion, Aarey Colony Kolkata- Salt Lake City Hyderabad- Moinabad Chennai- GST Road, Chengalpet Bangalore- Indira Nagar
  22. 22. Launch
  23. 23. Objective • To accustom potential customers to the luxury of an Ayurvedic Spa • To reach out to the existing loyal forest essential users and encourage them to visit Essentia.
  24. 24. Launch Event • Venue: The Oberoi, New Delhi • Audience: People will be able to attend this even through invitation only. Celebrities, Super Models, Corporate leaders, Politicians, the media • Objective: This will be the brands official launch statement about the Spa. The event will host a Fashion show by Mr. Sabyasachi Mukherjee. The mood for the collections would be- Luxury in Ayurveda • Give Aways: A gift hamper from Forest Essentials, A one day all expenses paid trip to Essensia
  25. 25. Activation plan • Target Group- business class ticket holders of jet airways who have earned 4000 JPMiles. (roughly 30 seats in each flight under this category) • Cities covered: Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkatta, Mumbai(roughly 30 flights connecting these cities daily) • The idea: Person having earned more than 4000 reward Miles receives voucher of forest essential spa and can avail a Free Body Massage+ A Pedicure in their nearest Essentia Spa
  26. 26. Customer Loyalty Program- 1 month • Purchase goods worth Rs 3500 and win an all expenses paid spa treatment • Upto purchase of Rs 2500- Get 40% off • Upto purchase of Rs 1500- Get 10% off Duration: 1 month Post the launch Awareness shall be built by placing standee’s, banner’s, poster’s, dangler’s inside the Forest Essentials store
  27. 27. Customer Referral Program • Refer a friend to Forest Essentials • If they may a min purchase of Rs 700 • You get 20% off on a treatment worth Rs2000 Duration: 1 month Post the launch Awareness shall be built by placing standee’s, banner’s, poster’s, dangler’s inside the Forest Essentials store
  28. 28. Public Relations Program • Essentia will sponsor a 6 episode series on NDTV Goodtimes named ‘Exploring Essentia’ • The host will highlight the Spa and its unique themes, services etc. • We will also sponsor an episode of Indian Rendezvous on TLC wherein the hosts will be shown indulging in our services after a hectic day.
  29. 29. Social Media • Announcement of Essentia on Official Facebook Page of Forest Essentials • Traffic will then be diverted to twitter by asking the audience to participate in the contest • #KnowYourEssentials would be a pan India contest on twitter where the participants will be asked 10 questions about Ayurveda. • The Participants will have to tweet their replies with two hashtag #TakeMeToEssensia #ForestEssentials • The 50 fastest tweeters will win an all expenses trip to the Essensia Spa • 25 early tweeters will win a gift hamper from Forest Essentials • Final Names of winners will then be announced on Twitter, and highlighted on Facebook
  30. 30. Direct Mailers • • - Announcement mailers to existing customers This mailer will contain details about 1 mini brochure of the spa Announcement flier for the Customer Loyalty Program - Announcement flier for the Customer Referral Program - Two vouchers worth Rs 250* *Conditions apply
  31. 31. A Virtual Tour * These pictures are downloaded from the web and it is not the actual.
  32. 32. Floral
  33. 33. Fruits
  34. 34. Water
  35. 35. Earth