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Barcelona the city as a open living lab

Cities as open living labs.
Barcelona 2020 is a vision to convert the city in a Future Internet-based open living lab

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Barcelona the city as a open living lab

  1. 1. What’s next? Future Internet, Smart Cities,Living Labs and beyond Artur Serra Deputy director i2cat “Connected Smart Cities Network and Living Labs”. Brussels, May 22-23st 2012
  2. 2. Future Internet
  3. 3. We have it!
  4. 4. Smart City
  5. 5. We have it! 2010 2011 iCity 2012 Open-DAI Barcelona participates in 6 from 15 European projects in the area of Smart Cities.
  6. 6. A new City Hall’s Smart City strategy Urban Planning ICT Environment
  7. 7. New City Hall “mantra” on Smart Cities Antoni Vives, Head of Vicente Guallart, Urban Planning, ICT and Chief Architect of Environment. Barcelona Barcelona“ A city of self-sufficient neighborhoods ,energetically sustainables and hyper-connected...Many slow cities in the smart city”
  8. 8. A new private-public partnership
  9. 9. Barcelona Mobile World Capital (2012-2018)
  10. 10. Still something missing:The citizen!.
  11. 11. Citilab, a first experiment
  12. 12. Seniorlab, Musiclab, Laborlab…Some lessons learned:1. Seniors is a new group of age. Ageing society doesn’t mean a sick society. Innovation is not the monopoly of youngers.1. “Invent your job”, not “looking for a job”. Lesson from Southern Europe job market. Need radical change in employment policies.2. Videogames, music, culture…creates jobs. Need of an urgent change in educational curricula.
  13. 13. A new opportunity in the City of Barcelona Jaume Ciurana, head of the Inés Garriga, ICUB director new area of Culture, Knowledge, of Creativity and Innovation Creativity, and Innovation “Culture” “Knowledge” Creativity Innovation
  14. 14. CINO, The Municipal Chief InnovationOfficer.
  15. 15. The “Barcelona Laboratori Cultural” projecta) A Smart City, a Mobile City, needs citizens. A Creative and Innovation City can provide it.b) Cultural activities are alive and arrives to every district, every neigborhood, every citizen. (at least in Barcelona)c) A Barcelona Cultural Laboratory as the open living lab of the city. An opportunity to put together Future Internet, Smart Cities and Living Labs in a Smart Specialization strategy.
  16. 16. Barcelona 2020:Future Living Labs as a full city or region.City and regions as Next Generation LivingLabs.
  17. 17. Hacking Barcelona!First Open and DistributedCitizen Hackathon.Nov. 24-25, 2012
  18. 18. Thanks!