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TSOP Proximity Sensor


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TSOP Proximity Sensor

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TSOP Proximity Sensor

  1. 1. Visit us @ Email: Contact us@ 0253-2512131 1 ATK-PX Proximity Sensor Overview Proximity Sensor is contactless obstacle detecting sensor, used to detect objects and obstacles in front of sensor. Sensor keeps transmitting modulated infrared light(IR) with frequency 38KHz and when any object comes near, it is detected by the TSOP sensor by monitoring the reflected light from the object. The detection distances can be vary using onboard potentiometer. Features  Operating Voltage: 4.5V to 5V  Object detecting range maximum 25cm.  Onboard visual indicator (LED).  Sensitivity adjustment through the potentiometer.  Compaq design and easily mount.  Simple 3 PIN header interface.  Digital output.  Immune to ambient light. Applications  Consumer electronics  Obstacle Avoiding Robot  Object Following Robot  Automatic Door Opening System  Parking Assist System  Contact less Tachometer  Security System  Collision Detection
  2. 2. 2 Specifications Parameter Min Typ Max Units Working Voltage 4.5 5 9 Volts Range 25 cm Pin Diagram Pin Pin Name Pin Name +5V Power Supply Regulated 5V supply input GND Ground Ground level of power supply OUT Output Output for external devices Note: If the indicator LED continuously glowing without any obstacle that means the range is set for maximum. Rotate the range adjustment pot till LED is OFF. The test.