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OLu Skateboard Design

Adv. Studio Art, Orange Lutheran HS, Mrs. Dawn Nicole Hamby

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OLu Skateboard Design

  1. 1. SKATEBOARD DESIGN Engaging culture on a classic symbol of southern California
  2. 2. Skateboard Project • Ground: skateboard deck • Concept: Explore a “superflat” aspect of CA culture. • Subject Matter: Create a “character” (main image as focal point). • Principles of Design: – Incorporate a pattern. – Use Scale or create a sense of space.
  3. 3. Rachel Loritz Clare Zimpelmann Katie Jernigan
  4. 4. Jacob Grant Patrick Wintheiser John Van
  5. 5. Christelle Walker Riley Kramer Chelsea Madden
  6. 6. Jacqueline George Taylor Garrison Isabella DeGuzman
  7. 7. Holly Martin Delaney Frize Emma Keiser Taya Caligiuri
  8. 8. MORE EXAMPLES (SOME GREAT, SOME SO-SO) From the tradition of the skateboard project at Orange Lutheran…