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Landing Page Content Worksheet


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Plan and create quality content for your landing page campaigns with this template. Placeholders and guidelines will help you draft persuasive content and ensure accountability for critical elements that aid conversion.

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Landing Page Content Worksheet

  1. 1. LANDING PAGE CONTENT WORKSHEET: [ENTER CLIENT NAME HERE] Template by Angie Schottmuller © 2013 Page 1 of 4 PROJECT OVERVIEW Marketing Campaign Date Purpose / Desired Action Traffic Source Target Keyword (Topic Question/Problem) Page URL Offer (Topic Answer/Solution) Audience's Critical Interests: (i.e. questions , anxieties) Audience LANDING PAGE ELEMENTS - CONTENT DRAFTING Instructions: Draft content for the core elements needed for a landing page in the spaces provided. After final content is determined, rearrange/add/remove modules as needed. Header * (logo, ph#, hours/tagline) Logo * Phone # [Optional] Tagline or Hours [Optional] Mini CTA Button [MOBILE ONLY] Headline * ("Why"attentiongetter. Benefit should connect with CTA.) Subheading / Intro * ("What." Clear bottom-line value/offer. Key for Competitive Modality persuasion) Hero Shot * (Featured Image/Video) Key Points List * (3-4 benefits/points that users should know/remember aboutthis offer to complete the CTA.) 1. 2. 3. Form Heading Intro [Optional] Form FieldList  Privacy Booster Call to Action (CTA) Button * Formula: "I want to<WHAT/action>, because I want to<WHY/benefit >" Confidence Booster * Social Proof * (Key for HumanisticModality persuasion) Closing CTA Footer * Directional Cue Urgency Booster 1-2-3 Process Steps (Key for Methodical Modality persuasion) Credibility Evidence (trust badges or stats) Supporting Info
  2. 2. LANDING PAGE CONTENT WORKSHEET: [ENTER CLIENT NAME HERE] Template by Angie Schottmuller © 2013 Page 2 of 4 CONTENT GATHERING NOTES & SNIPPETS, & REFERENCES CONTENT STRUCTURE (MOBILE TOP-DOWN DISPLAY) Instructions: Rearrange the final column headings from the table above in a numbered list reflecting the single-column priority display for a mobile smartphone device. Indent elements bysection to denote content groupings if necessary. Include suffix references for "desktop only" or "mobile only" elements. Starter Example: 1. Header a. Logo b. Ph# c. Mini CTA Button[MOBILE ONLY] 2. Headline 3. Subheader/Intro 4. Hero Shot 5. KeyPoints List 6. Form (Wrapper) a. Form b. Call to Action(CTA) c. Confidence Booster 7. Social Proof 8. Closing CTA 9. Footer Optional Add-Ins: DirectionalCue UrgencyBooster 1-2-3 Process Steps CredibilityEvidence Supporting Info Closing CTA (page bottom or midwayfor longer pages)
  3. 3. LANDING PAGE CONTENT WORKSHEET: [ENTER CLIENT NAME HERE] Template by Angie Schottmuller © 2013 Page 3 of 4 CONTENT ELEMENT NOTES & INSTRUCTIONS REQUIRED ELEMENTS OPTIONAL ELEMENTS  Header Minimize headerheightas much as possible. Ideally 60px orless. Positionlogo at top-left. Optionally display ph#, live chat,tagline orcallhours at the topright. a. Logo b. Ph # [Optional] c. Tagline or Call Hours [Optional]  Headline Attention-getting, "why"hot-button, enticing openingstatement that reinforces ad scent. Ideally 7words or less. (4 words orless preferredfor mobile ifpossible.) Largest text on the page.  Subheader (Offer UVP/Bottom Line) A simple statement thatexplains the UNIQUEvalue proposition (UVP), campaign proposition(UCP), orSelling Proposition(USP). The "bottomline"for whythis page and offer matters tothe user. Line wraps ideally nomore than 2.5 lines for desktop.  Key Points List A succinct list of the 3-5mostimportantthings the user should know and remember about this page. Includes optional corresponding iconanddescription. (Start by listingallpossible options, then narrowas needed tothe top most important factors the usershouldknow/rememberaboutthis offer thataids user decision making and distinguishes this offer fromthe competition.)  Hero Shot (Featured Image or Video) One image or videothat serves as the focalpoint ofthe page.The mediashould be relevant to the topic, heading,andCTA, ideally addingadditionalvalue that would otherwise require words.  Form Only required forcampaigns collectingor processingdata.Documentpick-list values, defaultvalues, required fields or other formvalidationaccordingly. a. Heading b. Form Intro / Details c. Field List  Call to Action (CTA) a. Button What specificallydo you want the user todo? Why would the user want to do it? (*Should be visible above the fold.Follow CTAchecklist.) Most obvious element onthe page. 2ndlargest text onthe page. <<Validate with 5-secondand6-footusability tests. b. CTA Supporting Booster Text What specificallyhappens after submit? Set clearexpectations.Include specifics on response time andmethodifapplicable for webform CTAs.  Social Proof Who else has successfully used this offer/solution tosolve the user's problem? (e.g. testimonial, brand client logos, customer/download count,etc.) What questions or anxieties might users have viewing the page, and whatrespective customer content might help ease thatanxiety? Positionnearby specific anxiety points like the CTA, offer pricing,duration,etc..Follow CRAVENS scorecard.  Footer Minimal summary toidentify the page owner, contact info, and provide additional fine details, legal notes ordisclaimers as needed. Include markup for LocalBusiness withaddress card info. a. Business Card (Name, Address, Phone) b. Legal Jargon (Copyright, PrivacyLink, etc.) c. Offer/DisclaimerDetails [Optional]  Directional Cue Evaluate user reading pathflow.Startingfromthe topleft ofthe page, how shouldthe user's eye flow toconsume all ofthe content? What areas coulduse directional cues to ensure the eye stays ona smooth, clear path? (e.g. hero shot eye gaze, arrows to CTA, encapsulated form, funnelshading/imagery, etc.)  Urgency Booster What factors wouldencourage promptaction? (e.g. countdown ticker, limited quantity,openuntil, etc.) Typically placed before, after or proximate to the form or CTAbutton.  1-2-3 Process Steps What happens after clickingthe CTA? Whatsimple 3-5next steps, respective value/deliverable, and timing can be expected? What's the avg total time toimplementthe solution? Contentmayvaryfrom a 2- sentence paragraph toa detailedblock. (Note: Detailed block modules are typically best lower onthe page where Methodicals read.)  Confidence Booster What policies, supportingtext,badges,seals, ribbons or icons couldbe used to help reduce anxiety andboost confidence? (i.e."no obligation", no-share privacy policy, satisfactionguarantee, lowest price guarantee, warranty, etc.)  Credibility Evidence (Trust/Believability/Excellence) What outside evidence says that you're trustworthy? Whatevidence do you have that you're the "best"? (e.g. awards, reports, statistics, etc.) What notable education/certification/endorsement/rating for staff, service or products supports your expert authority? e.g. Voted "Top Contractor2014"by RemodelerMagazine, ENERGYSTAR, Ex: Angie's List Super Service Award,BBB A+Rating,etc. Note: Consider creating badges for guarantees ifthey don't already exist.)  Supporting Info Additional data toanswerquestions criticalfor the user tomake a decision. (e.g.offer details, video, competitive comparison chart, pricingtable, localnearby stores, etc.)  Closing CTA Ideal for longer pages or mobile pages where the primary CTAappears off-screen by the time the user reaches the bottom ofa section orthe bottom ofthe page.Shouldthe primary CTAbe repeated? (i.e. Heading, Bottom Line, Repeated CTA) What follow-upor secondary should appear onthe page? (Note: Ifthe page scrolls, the follow-up CTAcan repeat the same/similar primaryCTA. Otherwise a secondary CTAlink to "contactus", "share the resource", etc. may be used.) Specify copywriting as well as placement onthe page.
  4. 4. LANDING PAGE CONTENT WORKSHEET: [ENTER CLIENT NAME HERE] Template by Angie Schottmuller © 2013 Page 4 of 4 SAMPLE CONTENT STRUCTURE & LAYOUT (Sample derivedfrom a Byer's LeafGuardlandingpage mockup.) 1. SECTION: Header a. Logo b. CTA Button: "Call <Ph#> for Estimate" [MOBILE ONLY] c. Phone # [DESKTOPONLY] d. Local Tagline withSearch Query [DESKTOPONLY] 2. SECTION: Main Body (Backgroundimage) a. Headline (H1) b. Hero Shot (Product Image) c. Urgency Booster i. Booster Text ii. DirectionalArrow [DESKTOPONLY] d. Encapsulated Form i. Fields:FullName, Email, Phone, ZIP ii. Privacybooster text iii. Call-to-Action Button iv. CTA Confidence Booster (Next steps clarity) 3. SECTION: Offer (Supporting Info) a. Promotional Offer i. Seal Image:(e.g. "SAVE ___%") ii. Offer Text iii. Offer Notes (1-line. Small text.) b. Staff Photo with Caption [DESKTOPONLY] 4. SECTION: Detail Information a. Heading(H2) - Confidence Booster (UVP/Guarantee) b. Benefit Key Points List. 3 points each with:Icon, Heading (H4), Description (3-line wrappingmax for desktop) c. Embedded Videowith Caption 5. SECTION: Social Proof a. Heading(H2) - QuantifiedSocial Proof Statistic b. Star Rating & Review Count (***** Rating: 5 - 331 reviews) c. [OPTIONAL] Social Proof/ Review Source Badge or Text d. Testimonial/Review i. Quote ii. Signature (Photo, Name, Title & Company --and/or-- Location & Date) 6. SECTION: Closing CTA a. Heading- H2 (Page headline inquestionform) b. Subheading (Reiterate bottom-line value, 3 keybenefit points, and guarantee.) c. DirectionalCue Arrow (Pointingfrom testimonialto CTA) [DESKTOPONLY] d. Bottom CTA Button (Jump/Scroll-to topof webform) 7. SECTION: Credibility Evidence [DESKTOPONLY] a. Heading- H4? --OR-- Handwritingcall-out b. 3-5 Trustmark Badge Images (Grayscale, equalheight smaller than CTA height) 8. SECTION: Footer a. Business Card - Name, address, phone (Include markup) b. Legal Text:Copyright statement, Privacylink (openas lightbox display, style link the same color as the text withunderline) c. [Optional] Disclaimer details. d. [Optional] Local AreasServed (Short paragraphstating the primary areas served along with a list of citynames.) Segment accordingly if the citylist is long. DESKTOP: Logo Ph # Local Tagline Headline Urgency Boost Hero Shot Form + CTA Offer Staff Photo Heading - Benefit/Guarantee Benefit Key Points Video Social Proof Closing CTA Trust Evidence Footer MOBILE: Logo Click-to-Call CTA Headline Hero Shot Urgency Boost Form + CTA Offer Heading - Benefit/Guarantee Benefit Key Points Video Social Proof Closing CTA Footer