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Mobile Marketing Conversion Optimization Tools & Tricks (Star Wars Edition)


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Tools and coding tricks to enhance the mobile web user experience and optimize conversion... Star Wars Jedi-style! (Originally presented at SMX Advanced.)

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Mobile Marketing Conversion Optimization Tools & Tricks (Star Wars Edition)

  1. Mobile MarketingConversion OptimizationTools and Code Tricks to Enhance Mobile UX & Conversion [ Star Wars Jedi-Style ] Angie Schottmuller - @aschottmuller SMX Advanced 2012 - #SMX #mobile #CRO #RWD
  2. What is a Conversion?
  3. Conversion Rate =The % of users that complete a presented action.
  5. Star Wars Conversion Rates Obi Wan’s Jedi Record: 50%
  6. Industry average conversion rate is ~2-4%. So 50% is awesome! ...Right?
  7. Rethink “Conversion”
  8. ASK YOURSELF:What are the consequences of getting it wrong? ^ VERY
  9. 43% are unlikely to return to aslow-loading mobile site Source: Compuware, "What Users Want from Mobile,” 2011
  10. 40% turn to acompetitor’s site after abad mobile experience Source: Compuware, "What Users Want from Mobile," 2011
  11. You need a PLAN.
  12. You must use theinformation inthis R2 unit toplan theattack...
  13. Mobile CRO PreparationCONSIDERATIONS: WHAT TO CHANGE:• Accessibility (#killflash) • Simplify layout• Responsive design • Reduce context• Hover-functionality • Increase sizing (menus, tooltips, etc.) (text, buttons)• Page size and speed • Increase margin/padding on links• Geolocation / privacy & fields • Selectively feature CTA • Adjust CTA placement
  14. Contextual DifferencesTECHNOLOGY: SITUATION:• Usability • Week day, Time of day• Page load • Geography (size/speed) • Referrer, Click paths• Connection speed • Customer history• Device capabilities • Urgency• Screen size • Strategic agenda • Dynamic environment
  15. User Goal Differences• Traditional Desktop/Laptop > Benefit-Oriented• Tablet > Interaction-Oriented• Smartphone > Task-Oriented
  16. Adapt your strategy
  17. CONTENT is only the right kingdom of CONTEXT.
  18. Mobile Mini Toolbox View, detect, and measure.
  19. “Ooooh!Awesomemobile website!I wonder howthey did that...”
  20. EXPANDABLE MENU“Ooooh!Awesomemobile website!I wonder howthey did that...” RESPONSIVE SLIDESHOW
  21. Don’t wonder.Steal Use their code!
  22. View Source Code javascript:(function()%7Bvar%20d%3Dd ocument%2Cs%2Ce%3Bvar%20el%3Dd. getElementById(snpy)%3Bif(typeof%20MOBILE Snoopy!%3Dundefined) ggle()%3Breturn%7Delse%20if(el)%7Bel.BOOKMARKLETS className%3D%2Fclosed%2F.test( assName)%3Fel.className.replace(cl osed%2C)%3Ael.className%2B%20cl osed%3Breturn%7Ds%3Dd.createEleme nt(link)%3Bs.setAttribute(href%2Chttp• Snoopy %3A%2F%2Fsnoopy- by min.css)%3Bs.setAttribute(rel%2Cstyles heet)%3Bs.setAttribute(type%2Ctext% 2Fcss)%3Bd.getElementsByTagName(h• ViewS ead)%5B0%5D.appendChild(s)%3Be%3 Dd.createElement(script)%3Be.setAttri by Shaun Inman bute(src%2Chttp%3A%2F%2Fsnoopy- min.js)%3Bd.getElementsByTagName(• View Source body)%5B0%5D.appendChild(e)%7D)() %3B by Ole Michelsen
  23. View Source CodeMOBILEBOOKMARKLETS• Snoopy by• ViewS by Shaun Inman• View Source by Ole Michelsen
  24. View Source CodeMOBILEBOOKMARKLETS• Snoopy by• ViewS by Shaun Inman• View Source by Ole Michelsen
  25. Detect “Mobile” Devices
  27. “Mobile” DetectionFEATURE METHOD• User Agent (UA) • Client-Side Script• Screen Width • Server-Side API• CSS Media Queries • Cloud Web Service• Touchscreen- Capable See BONUS SECTION for tools!
  28. Measure Mobile
  29. “You’re sure the homing beacon issecure aboard their ship? I’m taking anawful risk, Vader. This had better work.”- Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin
  30. 25-40% of mobile traffic is NOT detected bytraditional web analytics.
  31. REALITYThose are the droids you were looking for.
  32. Web Analytics for Mobile1. Track what you can Google Analytics - Create Advanced Segments: Set ‘unknown referrers’ w/ tracking codes SiteCatalyst - Specify Referrer Hack:
  33. “Your powers are weak, old man...”
  34. Use Mobile Analytics• Bango• Percent Mobile• Amethon
  35. Mobile Design Tricks
  36. Where Does YourMobile Design Fall? Hann Diagram by theepiceeffect
  37. jQuery is your ally.
  38. jQuery Responsive PluginsHeadings: Video:
  39. jQuery Responsive SlideshowsWooThemes Flexslider
  40. Campaign Example:Subway Battleshipbattleship.subway.comFree Code: 6LYHL6NYVERY WELL DONE!(Check out the code!)
  41. Call to Action
  42. Top Actions on Mobile:• Make a phone call• Find nearest location
  43. 61% of mobileusers call after a local business search Source: Google - The Mobile Movement Study, 2011
  44. Set Up Click-to-Call (CTC)1. Select the phone number2. Make it a hyperlink: Syntax: "tel:+" + [country code] + [phone #] Example: tel:+16515551212HTML:<a href="tel:+16515551212">(651) 555-1212</a>See RFC 3966 for specifications:
  45. Click-to-Call Conversion Tips<a href="tel:+16515551212" class="clicktocall">Call Now! (651)555-1212</a>• Include a phone icon For a FREE quote:• Include a CTA• Include the phone # Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am - 4pm CT• Style the link as a button• Include useful/enticing context• CSS style for mobile/non-mobile
  46. Find a Store
  47. Leverage Geolocation
  48. GeoIP / Geolocation Tools• GeoIP Database• Zip/Postal Code Database• GeoIP Web Service API• HTML5 Geolocation API
  49. “That’s impossible. Even for a computer.”
  51. Get the Code:
  52. Proximate is close enough for suggestions!
  53. Privacy ConsiderationsPERSONAL NON-INTRUSIVEStores nearest you: Stores near 55127: Change Location
  54. Personalize with GeoIP• Personalize headings with city or metro names• Regionalize “voice” to use local terms or slang• List a nearby representative or store contacts• Re-center and zoom maps• Estimate sales tax or shipping fees• Pre-populate web form location fields
  55. Simplify Web Forms
  56. Beyond 3, anticipate eachadded form field to REDUCE mobile conversion by 50%
  57. Simplify Forms:1. Hide City and State (compute from Zip)2. Drop Address (unless for mailer)3. Drop Phone4. Drop non-required fields
  58. Improve Forms:1. Default Zip (Use geolocation)2. Use HTML5 input types 55127HTML5 Inputs:
  59. HTML5 Input TypesZip Code Field: Phone Field:<input type=“number”> <input type=“tel”>
  60. HTML5 Input TypesEmail Field: Website Field:<input type=“email”> <input type=“url”>
  61. Mobile CRO Tools Recap• View mobile source code• Mobile detection tools• Mobile analytics• jQuery responsive plugins• Html5 input types• Click-to-call code tricks• Geolocation code and uses
  62. “You can either profit by this or be destroyed.”
  63. Key Takeaways• You have more mobile traffic than you think• Rethink "conversion”• Context is the kingdom• Free/inexpensive tools are available to help• Geolocation rocks for personalization
  64. Join the MobileRebellion!
  65. QuestionsAngie Schottmuller@aschottmullerInteractive Jedi
  66. << Bonus Section >> LINKS TO TOOLS
  67. “Mobile” Detection Tools••••• PHP Mobile Detect• Detecting Touch Devices:
  68. GeoIP Accuracy Check• Google Loader vs. MaxMind GeoIP City API: (JSfiddle code snippet)• iTouchMap - Map Out Multiple Latitude and Longitude Points:• HTML5 Geolocation Example w/ Code: