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  1. 1. Some thing about mySAP ERP SAP AG Some thing about mySAP ERP SAP AG
  2. 2. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 2 In this session you would learn some thing about What is mySAP ERP ? Evolution of ERP ? Landscape of my SAP ERP implementation ? Landscape of my SAP ERP implementation ?
  3. 3. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 3 SAP ERP What is ERP? Starting Point Tasks and Approach The Product Best Practices for mySAP Retail Implementation and Services Range of Use and Benefits Lifecycle Integration Demo, Prototype, Implementation Project Outlook The Next Steps Solution Architect
  4. 4. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 4 mySAP ERP – The e-Business Solution Enterprise Resource Planning, also referred to as ERP, is a suite of module software applications that help companies better manage their businesses. Enterprise Resource Planning systems typically impact other systems, such as: • Product planning • Maintaining inventories • Sales and marketing • Providing customer service • Tracking orders • Purchasing • Accounts payable/receivable and other financial functions • Logistics; supply chain • Human resources functions
  5. 5. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 5 Evolution of ERP
  6. 6. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 6 Input to Best Practices for mySAP Retail Best Practices Projects Internal Consultants Partners Surveys + Market Research Customers
  7. 7. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 7 Purchasing The Product: Preconfigured Systems (PCS) Basic Enterprise Structures VendorsVendors Logistics Sales CustomersCustomers Master DataMaster Data "As simple as possible, as complex as needed."
  8. 8. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 8 V001 / V2 Distribution Chain Store Distribution E001 Purchasing organization The Product: Preconfigured Systems (PCS) Basic Enterprise Structures VendorsVendors V001 / V3 Distribution Chain Wholesale V001 / V1 Distribution Chain POS Sales CustomersCustomers ConsumersConsumers VZ01 Distribution Center VZ01 Distribution Center M003 Filiale M003 FilialeM002 Filiale M002 FilialeM001 Store M001 Store "As simple as possible, as complex as needed."
  9. 9. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 9 The Product: Preconfigured Systems (PCS) Mapping of integrated processes in a unified organizational structureVendorsVendors CustomersCustomers VendorsVendors AdditionalsAdditionals ReplenishmentReplenishment WarehouseWarehouse Physical Inventory Physical Inventory PromotionPromotion CustomersCustomers ArticlesArticles ProcurementProcurement PlanningPlanning FlowthroughFlowthrough AllocationAllocation Sales Price Calculation Sales Price Calculation Store OrderStore Order CouponsCoupons Requirem. Planning Requirem. Planning Cross-DockingCross-Docking POS SalesPOS Sales Sales OrderSales Order
  10. 10. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 10 POS SalesPOS Sales CouponsCoupons Store OrderStore Order PromotionPromotion WarehouseWarehouse The Product: Preconfigured Systems (PCS) The integrated processes can be combined as needed to match the customers' individual operations. VendorsVendors ArticlesArticles ProcurementProcurement Requirem. Planning Requirem. Planning PlanningPlanning Physical Inventory Physical Inventory
  11. 11. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 11 Documentation – Process Steps Differences in warehouse managment Differences in warehouse managment List of differencesList of differences Inventory statusInventory status Check stock overview Stock overviewStock overview If needed: post goods receipt If needed: post goods receipt Create physical inventory doc. Create physical inventory doc. Record results of countingRecord results of counting PCS Process Steps Warehouse Physical Inventory Analyse physical inventory Clear differences Process physical inventory Prepare physical inventory Initalize re-countInitalize re-count Record results of re-countRecord results of re-count Differences in inventory management Differences in inventory management
  12. 12. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 12 Classic Implementation Landscape Productive SystemProductive System Productive Client Productive Client Quality Assurance System Quality Assurance System Test Client Test Client Development SystemDevelopment System Development Client Development Client
  13. 13. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 13 Building a Development System with Best Practices Complete Installation of the Preconfigured System for Retail (incl. master data) Serves as demonstration and sandbox client for evaluation of functionality, training, Business Blueprint, Reference Development SystemDevelopment System Development Client Development Client Sandbox Client Sandbox Client Prototype Client Prototype Client (optional) Contains just the PCS Customizing This client is roughly customized to the customer’s needs in order to serve as a Prototype during Business Blueprint. This allows a system based discussion of the processes and facilitates the testing of possible realization alternatives for critical issues, avoiding problems during realization proactively. The development client is created from the prototype client, the PCS Customizing transports or client 000, according to what fits best for the project. All further settings are recorded in change requests as usual.
  14. 14. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 14 Further Procedure … as usual Live SystemLive System Produktiv- mandant Produktiv- mandant Quality AssuranceQuality Assurance Test Client Test Client Development SystemDevelopment System Development Client Development Client Prototype Client Prototype Client Transports with the delta-customizing Client Copy Productive SystemProductive System Productive Client Productive Client Quality Assurance System Quality Assurance System Test Client Test Client
  15. 15. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 15 Life Cycle Integration  Positioning and selection of business processes  Scope definition  Implementation of selected business processes SupportConsulting  Trouble-shooting based on predefined content  Access to Knowledge Base Sales all project team membersIntegrated instrument for
  16. 16. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 16 Life Cycle Integration  Testdrive SAP software  Evaluate SAP software with Best Practices for and its Workplaces  Create your Business Blueprint  Monitor and speed up configuration activities with the tools provided  Automatically create your own master data  Easily verify system settings and run integration tests based on your Business Blueprint
  17. 17. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 17 Benefits of Prototyping Business Blueprint Realization The Business Blueprint determines the process customizing during realization. Problems during Realization lead to discussions and changes to the Blueprint. A common project situation ...
  18. 18. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 18 Benefits of Prototyping Business Blueprint Realization Building a prototype during Blueprint helps to identify and solve critical issues. Changes to the Blueprint after the start of the Realization phase are cut to a minimum. ...can be avoided by Prototyping: Prototype
  19. 19. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 19 Use of Best Practices by ASAP Phases Installation of the PCS First steps / Evaluation Training of the project team Blueprint workshops Prototyping Blueprint review Sandbox as reference client Improvement of the prototype Preconfigured development client Sandbox as reference client
  20. 20. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 20 Evolution from AcceleratedSAP to Solution Architect  Focus: Rapid R/3 implementation based on ASAP implementation methodology  Tools  Question & Answer database  Implementation Assistant  BPML/Masterlists  Focus: Value-oriented approach considering the entire customer engagement lifecycle  Tools and methodologies also for Discovery & Evaluation and CBI phase  Content: Industry-specific business expertise from SAP Solution Maps and Best Practices including preconfiguration  Focus: Efficient evaluation and implementation of  Tools: R/3-based - integrating ASAP offline and R/3 implementation tools  Content: Best Practices and integrated business content across components in addition to collaboration (C- Business Maps) ASAP/Global ASAP ValueSAP/ Best Practices Solution Architect
  21. 21. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 21 Solution Architect includes ... ImplementationImplementationImplementationDiscovery & EvaluationDiscovery & Evaluation Solution Architect: SAP portal for solution-oriented evaluation and implementation • Aligned with process model • Integrated with Solution Manager and SAP Service Marketplace Business Content mySAP Workplace Methodology Tools Best Practices ASAP  Project administration  Blueprint definition  Configuration using BC Sets/IMG  Customizing Scout for consistency checks  Test Workbench to organize and conduct tests
  22. 22. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 22 Automated steps from Installation Guide CRM (new) Production Quality existing R/3 Dev. CRM (new) Production Quality Existing R/3 Dev. Technical Installation Using Installation Guides I have SAP R/3 SAP CRM  Business Scenario Internet Sales Mobile Sales Telesales Customer Service Campaign Management  Based on Best Practices for scenario(s) • Configure • Connect • Generate • Connect
  23. 23. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 23 Copyright

Editor's Notes

  • Der Entwicklungsmandant wird als Kopie des Kunden-Templates erstellt und die automatische Aufzeichnung von Transporten eingeschaltet. Im Entwicklungs-mandanten wird das Kundensystem wie gewohnt aufgebaut. Damit im Notfall schnell wieder ein sauberer Systemzustand hergestellt werden kann, empfiehlt es sich, PCS Customizing und Kunden-Template zu archivieren. Zum Testen im QS-System wird das Kunden-Template in ein zweites System kopiert und mit den im Entwicklungsmandanten erstellten Transporten auf den gleichen Stand gebracht. Das Produktivsystem wird ebenfalls aus dem Kunden-Template und den getesteten Transporten aus dem QS-System aufgebaut.
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