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Evaluation 1


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Use, develop or challenging conventions

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Evaluation 1

  1. 1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? By Humayra Suleman
  2. 2. Here is an example of anexisting magazine front cover;where I have analysed it’sfeatures…
  3. 3. Masthead - is in big bold letters Header - is used to highlight the rarewhich suggests the hip-hop, rapstyle of music, something that magazine issue due to the wordyoungsters may listen to. It’s “Special” in “Autumn Tour Special”.emphasis of the play on words Suggesting that the reader does not“NME” are sounded out when normally receive something as costsaid as “enemy”, suggesting effective as this. Producer of therebelling. The meaning is magazine has put “16 Page” to makeportrayed through the use of the reader think that they are receivingred, symbolic to the devil or more than the value of money we areblood, general hatred is usually paying for. This suggests we areassociated with the colour red. getting the magazine at a discount, when really we are paying Flash - is used on the the normal asked price of the magazine because its different magazine for the ordinary material from the background colour there is to read. and this makes the few Main image - is of Dizzee Rascal the phrases on the flash much artist which is featured in this weeks more important and attention NME magazine. His image is canted ay grabbing to the reader. The an angle, making the artist look joyous white bold text on the flash is and happily dominating everything the first phrase the reader through his music and success. Making reads, and it excites the reader the reader look up to Rascal because of because the details of the his joyousness and his success in life. program are smaller but the name is big and bold, making it Cover lines - The producers of the interesting to the reader. magazine have included the cover lines Background - contrasts very saying “Starring” and then the famous well with the dominated main artists name in bold red and black image, it has graffiti on the writing, This is to impress the reader as walls which highlights the artists they are familiar with have been urban feel to the magazine, as included in the magazine. This Is urbanized youngsters are different to most magazines as it is a known to graffiti. The page is music magazine whereas other made to look very busy and so magazines have gossip quotes or the use of a chequered floor is fashion tips on their front cover. used on the image. Making the Pull quote - shows a personal account of the artist, making the Footer - enables the reader to see the cover look busy and reader feel a communication with a famous artist. Encouraging the famous celebrities featured in the magazine creative, just like graffiti. reader to be like Rascal. It links to the dominating photo where he on the footer. It allows the reader to look is smiling and looking to be “Joyous”. It reflects the artists open forward to reading the rest of the magazine. armed welcome in the image complimenting his grinning face. Almost a way to show that he is proving that he really is joyous.
  4. 4. Here I have compared thefeatures to the existing musicmagazine, with my own musicmagazine…
  5. 5. Masthead – in my magazine Header - is used to separate andthe masthead is also bold differentiate itself compared to existingwhich gives out a bold magazines. To have the name of “Worldsstatement to its readers. The fastest chart music selling magazine” is aNME magazine has play-on huge deal comparing themselves to thewords for its music magazine music magazine market. As well as thisname, however mines is long the fact that The Times has stated thisyet something the reader statement shows that the magazine iswould remember. A reason forthis is because rarely any worth more than the money which is paidpeople have this type of name for by the customers due to the highgiving out a unique identity as status given by such a top end companythe meaning is the state of “The Times”.being important; referring back Sell line – This almost challenges theto the artists. However, I have convention on NME music magazine. Dueused a teal colour because it to the words "Worlds fastest sellingsuggests the mix of the two magazine” reassuring the readers that it isgenders, as my magazine is a popular magazine. It challenges themulti gender. convention of other magazines as theyBackground – I have used a may not be the fastest sellingplain background to make the magazine, meaning that people do notartist stand out on the page. It like reading them magazines.does not have anything on itlike the other magazine Main image – is of the artist who isbecause I thought too much featuring on the magazine. She is lookingwould be going on, on the right at the reader, whereas Dizzeepage. The page is not as busy Rascal was looking away. The concept ofbut simpler yet effective with the the image is straight and simple but she isemphasise on the cover-lines tilting her head, making it look like she’sand important aspects of the doing it especially for the magazine. Hermagazine. I thought that if it simple look reflects on the main coverwas busy the reader may be put line, because she is not perfect andoff reading the magazine seems to be normal like her fans.because they think theres toomuch to read; portraying the Cover lines – my magazine includes themagazine to look boring even word “Exclusive” instead of “Starring” onthough its just the front cover. Pull quote – this also shows a personal account of the artist, making the reader feel a communication with a famous the NME music magazine cover. Similarly artist. It also links to the photograph because she is wearing the name of the artist featuring in my casual clothing and she is not portrayed to be a beautiful artists magazine is also in big letters on the page. which her fans may think. This shows to the reader to say that she The magazine has big letters for the cover is just like them, and nothing special. lines to emphasise their importance.
  6. 6. Here is an example of an existingmagazine contents page; where Ihave analysed it’s features…
  7. 7. The brief heading and summary of the content isdisplayed in smaller text to interest the reader with thedescription. As contents pages don’t normally include adescription and a brief idea is formed through the titlename of the individual pages in a magazine. Theproducers have used the contrast of colours very wellshowing the subheadings importance. As the text isgrey on a white background with red pagenumbers, whereas the subheadings are big and boldwhite text on a dark grey background. This effectmakes the page look stylish by using the three themedcolours which revolve around NME magazine. The ideaof the page numbers being in read make it really standout as the contents page does not contain as much redand it makes the numbers stand out with the normalcolours which are grey and white.The magazine has a little section promoting theirprevious and future editions . This stands out becausethe odd colour yellow is used in big and bold writing topromote the purchase of the magazines. This standsout on the page because it is a bright colour and itconnotes to the meaning of being special and a cheapbargain to the reader. There is contact details on thepage for readers to buy any editions they may want topurchase. The magazine producers have specificallyused “just” in the advertisement suggesting that theprice is not a lot and it is a special offer for only theircustomers.
  8. 8. Here I have compared thefeatures to the existing musicmagazine contents page, withmy own music magazine…
  9. 9. The text through out the page is shown to be big toensure that the reader reads into the magazinescontent as the content of the magazine is thenhighlighted. The producers of the magazine havesimilarly continued the consistency of colour co-ordination. This is the same as NME as it also hasbigger highlighted subheadings; putting emphasis.As well as this the page has the traditional featuressuch as page numbers. In contrast to the NMEcontents page this one has a bigger editorsnote, putting emphasis of the fact that the writer hasthe best interests of the readers.The contents page I have created does not includeany other information about the previous or futureeditions. The simple aspect of the page is used onthe contents for one purpose and that is to guide thereaders through the magazine. There is no thirdcolour on the page, this is keep the consistency ofthe colour for the house style of the magazine.However, there is a thin strip of read on the malesover head phones. Emphasising and yet almosthighlighting music without obviously hinting it. I haddesigned the purpose of the page to specifically helpthe reader find the specific pages of the magazine.
  10. 10. Here is an example of anexisting magazine double pagespread; where I have analysedit’s features…
  11. 11. Main Image – The main image is of the featured artist that Mis En Scene – This is created by the graffiti wall Byline – These lines areis on the front cover Dizzee Rascal, and he is dominating one background makes Dizzee Rascal look like he is the credit to thewhole page. Emphasising the pictures importance to the rebellious as he is holding a graffiti spray can, and this journalist andreader. He is peering over his shoulder whilst holding a spray connotes that he is causing havoc by writing graffiti on photographer and thiscan and he is vandalising through graffiti on the wall which the walls. He is acting to be portrayed as a more is normally done on theis against the wall. His mischievous act is shown through the urbanised troublemaking character. His red jacket looks page of the article orway he is rolling his eyes to make sure no one is looking at attractive and expensive, relating to the headline giving underneath thehim break the law. the reader a hint that he is now successful after being photograph to label the the troubled boy he was. photographers photo.Colour Scheme – This iscontinued as It is the same Background – This connotes thecolour scheme as the front area of which Dizzee Rascalcover and the contents page came from and the influence heof the magazine. This is was brought up with, there aregood because it maintains a alcohol bottles there whichcertain impression of the connotes that he used to go outartist to the reader. As he drinking. There is also a oldwas known to be a trouble boom box which shows that hemaker with bad influences was interested in music sinceon his life. Even though it is an early age. The use of graffitian informal magazine of suggests that he grew up in amusic and it looks roughs neighbourhood and hisprofessionally created life was the opposite of his ever-because of the clear quality growing success. The text sideand spaced out layout of of the article has a less busierthe pages. background suggesting he has changed.Main heading/headline – “From Tags To Riches” are play on words derived from the original Sub heading – There is a short subheadingsaying “from rags to riches”. We are told a little bit of Dizzee Rascals past from this change as before the article starts, and it’s giving out ahe grew up with bad influence. He committed crimes and was sent to prison meaning he had little bit of information about what he has beentags. Also he was into graffiti and he used to “Tag” with spray cans, which is an urbanised way up to and the awards he has been nominatedof saying that he used to mark his name using spray cans on public walls meaning vandalism. for. This introduces him because as the storyHis bad past is then compared to his current success which then symbolises the phrase goes on the reader notices major"Riches” as he is making a lot of money through music. improvements on his lifestyle.
  12. 12. Here I have compared thefeatures to the existing musicmagazine double pagespread, with my own musicmagazine…
  13. 13. The main image is the artist I had chosen to do on the front cover. She is The mis-en-scene is shown by the pose of the similarly dominating the whole page of one side on the whole of the double artist on the page and the simple image placed page spread. This is to emphasise the purpose of the article and also to relate to onto the page. This suggests importance and the front cover page. It is a much simple mage with a double mirrored effect status of the artist. Also the washed out effects behind it. As it has the same image copied twice again which are both washed of the images glow which then indicates and out into the background. One is flipped showing both photos to be facing each suggesting stardom . other on the page. The background is plain white colour to continue the house style of the magazine. This isThe double page spread simple and plain layouts. Thishas the same colour may influence the reader toscheme through out the believe that the artist normalwhole of the magazine. and simple like everyone. AndThis consists of teal, white she is not superior to anyone.and the traditional black This links back to the cover lineand white throughout the on the front page, stating herpages. It is similar to the own personal quote “I’m notDizzee Rascal page, as it perfect like my fans think”. Thelinks the content of the simplicity of the page developsmagazine together. It the colours convention on themaintains the magazine NME magazine, because theimpression as well. page is clear and seems to be much simpler. Rather than a busy page with a busy background as well a variety of colours. The play on words Hit Success Star relate to the image on the double page spread. As well as the washed out image of the artist, emphasising the star bit of the quote. This is because of the glow effect given out. The main heading is “Feesa” in big letters. The fancy lettering of “Hit Success Star” is emphasised by the fancy text on top of the big lettered words of FEESA. This uses the same conventions of the NME double page spread, where the lettering of the title is big and bold.