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Benefits realisation: Getting beyond the smoke and mirros


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This presentation was conducted by Peter Glynne to the Yorkshire & North Linconshire APM membership providing a practical insight into the realisation of benefits

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Benefits realisation: Getting beyond the smoke and mirros

  1. 1. Benefits RealisationGetting Beyond the Smoke and MirrorsYorkshire & North Lincolnshire branch Peter Glynne Founder/ Co-Chair APM Benefits SIG 5th February 2013
  2. 2. Agenda18:30 Welcome and introduction18:35 Benefits realisation – getting beyond the smoke and mirrors19:05 Case study exercise – benefits modelling19:35 Summary, questions and answers
  3. 3. Our SIG Thought Leadership......October 2009 July 2010 October 2010 March 2011 June 2011
  4. 4. Our SIG Thought Leadership...... All May 2012 All reports are available FREE at Community –> Specific Interest Groups –> APM Benefits Management SIG
  5. 5. What is a Benefit? “The positive and measurable impact of change on the performance of an organisation, contributing to one of more strategic objectives”
  6. 6. The Perception?
  7. 7. The Meaning “Smoke and mirrors is a metaphor for a deceptive,fraudulent or insubstantial explanation or description”
  8. 8. Benefits Management Actual comments from senior managers across organisations “We struggle to agree ownership “We had benefits listed in the and responsibilities for realising business case but they weren’t benefits” relevant when we got to the end of the project”“Our benefits are too “I don’t have confidencevague and difficult to that we have identified thequantify” right benefits” “As soon as the project closes, the organisation loses focus on “We have tried realising the benefits” implementing benefits management before, but it didn’t work. Too many false “Our approach to benefits is too starts” complex and spreadsheet driven. My team don’t understand it”
  9. 9. Benefits RealisationCommon Behaviours across organisationsAnd there’s always the impact of the media.....
  10. 10. Benefits Realisation: Effective Partnership WorkingLikely degree of engagement across the Change Journey within a typical organisation.Typical Professional Group Strategy / Policy Delivery Embedding of ChangeProject/Programme ManagementFinance ProfessionSponsors of ChangeEconomistsStrategistsBusiness Change ManagersExternal Relations/CommunicationsHuman ResourcesOperational ManagementProcurementContract ManagementOrganisation Executive BoardInternal Audit
  11. 11. Understanding Behaviours and Developing ProfessionalismWhat to look out for across your organisation?
  12. 12. Process Obsessed Benefits Realisation We MUST follow the prescribed process/manual
  13. 13. People looking to find a problem for awaiting benefits solution.... My favourite solution will solve any ill...........
  14. 14. Limiting the focus to only the PPM communityWe don’t want to engage other areas of the business.. too political
  15. 15. Believing that lack of success is otherpeople’s issue for not understanding howimportant something is.......... They won’t listen and they don’t want to understand
  16. 16. Groupthink on the approach to benefitsrealisation...... We all agree so it must be the right approach.....???
  17. 17. CONVERGENCEWhat are the Opportunities?Ever increasing professionalism in the management of change within organisations
  18. 18. A Strategic and Integrated Approach Financial Performance Business Lean Six Communications Forecasting HR Planning Management Planning Sigma and Budgeting Benefits Identification and Business Planning Benefits S Change Profiling T R Benefits A Review Benefits Realisation Benefits T Plan E G Benefit Project Targets Y Delivery Baselining Frontline Operations
  19. 19. Benefits Identification and Planning Case Study Exercise
  20. 20. There are many different approaches to benefitsmodelling/mapping. This is one specific approach: “The Benefits Value Model”
  21. 21. How to Read the Benefits Value Model Project, Programme or Operational Benefits New Capabilities Portfolio New tangible capabilities directly There must be a direct attributable to the investment in the correlation/relationship project, programme or portfolio. New to from a capability to an the business area or organisation e.g. operational benefit Named New What we are buying for our investment? Capability The colour boxes highlight the contribution Unique identifier for Action led word of the operational benefit to strategic value each operational benefit describing the in the bottom row. It must reflect the A Operational organisation’s or group’s business plan or Benefit Benefit Type (1 of 5) strategy Operational, functional day to day benefits Five Types of Operational Benefit relevant to the organisation Five types of 1. Time – measured in hours, day, weeks etc. operational benefit to enable consistency and 2. Cost – measured in £ comparability. KEY LINK TO OPERATIONAL 3. Satisfaction/Assurance – measured by a before and after perception PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT survey showing a measurable improvement 4. Income – measured in £ A dashboard is developed for every 5. Disbenefit – the negative consequences of change - measured using operational benefit showing key performance one of the four types described above indicators, priority ranking and ownership Showing the contribution ofStrategic individual operational Value Strategic Strategic Strategic benefits to the business plan Objective Objective Objective or strategy. Two categories: Effectiveness Effectiveness Effectiveness 1. Efficiency 2. Effectiveness
  22. 22. New Capabilities What are we investing in? Example Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution AAA Wide CRM Integration with Single Holistic View Automated CRM CRM Analytics Suite Application Knowledgebase (Management Information) on Customer Contact workflow (Oracle Integration) (with history) Improved Satisfaction Improved Satisfaction Improved satisfaction Reduced Average Improved Assurance with Information on with Information to with quality of Time to Resolve A E G L Q How will it contribute to strategy? How will it change our performance? in the Management Customer Service Staff Drive Continuous information on Customer Contact Operational Benefits Performance Improvement of Customer Contact customer contact issues Satisfaction/Assurance Satisfaction/Assurance Satisfaction/Assurance Time Satisfaction/Assurance Improved Assurance Improved Assurance Improved client Contribution to Improved Satisfaction in the in the satisfaction with AAA Reduced Average B Interoperability of B Interoperability of H Account M Cost of Customer A with Information on Customer Service Staff AAA Applications AAA Applications Management Contact Performance Satisfaction/Assurance Satisfaction/Assurance Satisfaction/Assurance Cost Satisfaction/Assurance Increased Assurance in Increased assurance Increased Time to Input Improved Assurance Improved Satisfaction the use of appropriate in information on C Summary Details for Each Customer Contact F Customer Contact I in AAA Customer Governance N AAA Business R with AAA Customer Services/Operations Channels Development Teams Time Satisfaction/Assurance Satisfaction/Assurance Satisfaction/Assurance Satisfaction/Assurance Greater Assurance in Improved Assurance New CRM Application the Operation of D Support Costs J in Customer Services Training O Multi-Site Customer Contact Centres Cost Satisfaction/Assurance Satisfaction/Assurance Improved Satisfaction ImprovedStrategic Value with Targeted Product Satisfaction with K Marketing within the P Access to Customer AAA Contact Information Satisfaction/Assurance Satisfaction/Assurance Indicates a disbenefit Contributes to Improved Improved Increased Key Contribution Achieving Customer Management Assurance in XXX to AAA Business Reduced Cost Business Segmentation/ Information to Drive Customer Service Plan and Strategy Development Differentiation Decision Making Objectives Effectiveness Effectiveness Effectiveness Effectiveness Efficiency Effectiveness
  23. 23. High Speed TwoNew Capabilities What are we investing in? Example High Speed train Direct Rail link from New train facilities Leeds New Lane link to London and Leeds to the and improved ....... Train station other cities Continent passenger comfort IMPROVED RESIDENT A REDUCED AVERAGE B SATISFACTION WITH D REDUCED AVERAGE E F ? How will it change our performance? JOURNEY TIME FROM JOURNEY TIME FROM INCREASED RAIL FARES THE SOUTH BANK Operational Benefits LEEDS TO LONDON LEEDS TO PARIS AREA Time Satisfaction Satisfaction/Assurance Cost Satisfaction/Assurance INCREASED HOME C PRICE VALIES Income ? Indicates a disbenefit How will it contribute to strategy? What are the other benefits/dis-benefits? Strategic Value INCREASED INCREASED ECONOMIC INVESTMENT IN LEEDS Effectiveness PASSENGER SATISFACTION WITH SERVICES Effectiveness ? Effectiveness ? Effectiveness ? Efficiency ? Effectiveness
  24. 24. High Speed TwoCase Study Exercise
  25. 25. Some Other Useful Examples
  26. 26. Example Stakeholder and Benefits Impact Matrix Main Organisation Other Stakeholders Customer Customer Customer Org 1 Org 2 Org 3 Org 4 Org 5 Org 6 Group 1 Group 2 Group 3Operational BenefitA Greater assurance in the quality and integrity of returnsB Reduced staff costs on administration of customers hard copy financial accountsC Increased assurance in the accuracy of returns and statements being filedD Increased customer satisfaction with the filing of financial accountsE Increased assurance in debt management in Collector Generals Increased satisfaction with the qualityF and access to information on financial accountsG Increased confidence in the targeting of interventions based on risk profileH Increased confidence in the targeting of interventions based on risk profile The above table illustrates the impact of each benefit on the each stakeholder group. Benefits are in order of sequence only High Low
  27. 27. Sample Operational Benefit DashboardRef: A Benefit Description Impact Summary Current RAG Status Measurement Question Question to be asked to measure the benefit Exposure Rating 16 Director Owner AN Other How will the benefits be measured and what is the unit of Operational Owner AN Other Method and Unit of measurement. Alignment with organisational Measurement performance management including relevant KPIs End date to be realised TBC Baseline Actual Measurement to Measurement Benefit Dependency on other Target Value Value Values be done by Dates Category Benefits Time ? Baseline Cost? ? ? Actual(s) Satisfaction ? Income ? Profitability ? Likelihood Start End Priority Actions Required to Realise the Benefit Ownership of Failure Date Date 4 4 Risks Impacting Realisation of the Benefit Impact Probability Owner Mitigation
  28. 28. Questions and Answers