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Blogging and Audience Insights

This week, we had our #AtomicChat with @irahaberman, Director of Marketing here at @Atomic_Reach. We discussed our newly launched platform Audience Insights will change the way you create content your audience!

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Blogging and Audience Insights

  1. 1. September 8, 2014 Blogging and Audience Insights Hosted By: special guest: @Atomic_reach @IRAHABERMAN What is the most important things for bloggers to consider when writing? Ira Haberman @irahaberman There are a few things, to consider, but mostly, it’s about your audience.... but it’s time to think about them differently. #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman Being able to write for your audience, to their knowledge level around a topic, humanizes your message. #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman That’s what it’s about. Connecting with audiences. Building a bond. Making them LOVE YOU, time and time again. #atomicchat How can bloggers make sure they are writing for their audience? Ira Haberman @irahaberman The truth is, there are very good tools to help you write better content. There hasn’t been one tool to help rule them all. #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman There has got to be a better way to match your audience’s level knowledge around a topic with your great content. #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman You learn about your audience, by understanding what they read and connect with. You win, by repeating what does well. #atomicchat How does Audience Insights help bloggers? Ira Haberman @irahaberman Atomic Insights helps you uncover what kind of content your audience responds to. #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman If you remove the difficult conversations and make data science about your audience. EVERYONE wins. #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman Knowing the knowledge of your audience level around your topic, is more powerful. Trust me. I’ve seen the results. #atomicchat How do bloggers know what their target audience is? Ira Haberman @irahaberman if you do regular auditing of your work, and how it connecting with your audience, you’ll begin to uncover patterns. #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman of course, if you use Atomic Insights, you’ll reveal those patterns in a more efficient way. #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman If you consider your audience, and write for them, you win. That’s the bottom line. #atomicchat In Atomic Insights, we provide an Atomic Score. What’s a good score? Ira Haberman @irahaberman Glad you asked. If you use Atomic Insights, and your Atomic Socre is 60 or above, you’re well on your way to connecting. #atomicchat What kind of results can bloggers/ content marketers see from using Audience Insights? Ira Haberman @irahaberman So Atomic Insights is NOT a magic elixir. You still have to do the heavy lifting. #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman But I’d suggest that if you understand what Atomic Insights tells you, and write content with Engager.... #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman a) your content will be better, b) you will achieve better connection with audience, c) you will win. #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman It’s a pretty simple formula that Atomic Insights helps with. Know your audience. Write content FOR THEM. ;) WIN. #atomicchat #AtomicChat Numbers 540 426.8K 15.9M Tweets REach IMPRESSIONS Chat stats provided by FREE trial code for our community: 30daygo Helping you create great content for Real People #ATOMICCHAT Insights Beta Today! EVERY MONDAY at 9PM EST/8pm CST/6pm pst #ATOMICCHAT Sign up for It Changes Everything